Which Country Is Better In Hair Transplantation, India Vs Turkey?

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the practice of adding hair follicles by microsurgical methods to patients with regional or complete baldness in areas where the hair follicles are no longer active.
The hair follicle to be added to the patient is usually applied together with the hair taken from the neck of the patient, which does not tend to fall out. Thus, the hair in the applied area grows healthier and more robust and loses the appearance of baldness, and a completely natural appearance is obtained when applied with natural hair.

Is Hair Transplantation A Healthy Procedure?

Hair transplantation is a very reliable and healthy procedure when applied correctly. However, the preferred clinic and doctor are very important for this, the correct application may not be made in every clinic, so the first control of the hair follicles is also very important.
Wrong clinic choice can cause huge problems, infection, pain and swelling in the transplanted areas can be experienced. For this reason, the clinic should be very sterile and the doctor should be an expert in his field.

Hair Transplant In India

India is not a developed country in the field of hair transplantation. In the country where the satisfaction rate of the patients is very low, hair transplantation prices also vary according to the number of grafts. Although its prices are affordable compared to many countries, it is a country that you should not choose for your health.

There are countries where you can get very high quality and guaranteed hair transplants at more affordable prices. For all these reasons, many Indian patients who want a hair transplant prefer other countries instead of getting this treatment in their own country. For all these reasons, many Indian patients who want a hair transplant prefer other countries instead of getting this treatment in their own country.

Is Hair Transplant Successful In India?

Unfortunately, hair transplantation in India is often unsuccessful. Many patients want their money back, but are turned down by the clinic. Considering all these problems, India should not be preferred because it is cheap.

Is It Risky To Have A Hair Transplant In India?

Unfortunately, hair transplant clinics in India only care for the patient for commercial purposes, and make the applications sloppy and of low quality. For this reason, yes, there are certain risks. Infection after hair transplantation and negative results of hair transplantation are among these risks. Another important issue is that instead of accepting and treating the mistake made, it is often claimed that the patient does not care after the application and therefore the application has a bad result and the money paid is not refunded at the same time.

Hair Transplantation Cost In India

Hair transplantation prices in India are around 1500 euros on average, there are some factors that play a role in this price change. Factors such as the total number of grafts required for transplantation, baldness area requiring treatment, the number of sessions required for complete transplantation, cause the prices to change, and in most clinics only the first consultation and The treatment process is included in the price, other controls and examinations are unfortunately not included in the price.

Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Turkey’s hair transplant is a very popular treatment method in recent years. Hair transplantation in Turkey is performed with high quality and state-of-the-art products. For this reason, many patients prefer to come to Turkey from their own country and receive this treatment.
It would not be wrong to say that Turkey is number one in hair transplantation in the world. The necessary controls before the application, the painless and painless application during the applicationand together with the guarantee make Turkey the most prominent in this application.

What Services Do Hair Transplant Packages Cover in Turkey ?

Hair transplantation in Turkey continues to increase its popularity thanks to permanent and natural-looking applications. At the same time, the services offered by Turkey in hair transplantation packages are more comprehensive than in many other countries.

  • Hair analysis
  • Hair transplant planning
  • Pre – operative blood tests
  • Two nights accommodation and breakfast in first class hotel
  • Transfer from hotel to clinic
  • Local anesthesia
  • Post-operative medications
  • Postoperative PRP application
  • High-quality products for special care for your scalp after the procedure
  • Post-operative check-ups and follow-ups

Is it Risky To Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Turkey may be the best choice for a hair transplant.
The patient’s request and expectation, post-procedure care, the guarantee of the procedure and the work of an experienced doctor, together with the sterile working environment, make Turkey the best location in the field of hair transplantation. for this reason, it will be an extremely right choice.

hair transplantation

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Clinic For Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

It is very important to choose a clinic for hair transplantation in Turkey, clinics that offer prices above or below average prices should not be preferred. Another item to be considered while choosing a clinic is the clinic’s social media comments and the before and after photos of the clinic’s past patients. However, if you can’t find anything about these, or if you are afraid of making the wrong choice, you can contact us as Curebboking, get treatment at the highest quality clinics with the average prices of the Turkish market and have a treatment guarantee.

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

There is no such thing as the best place to have a hair transplant in Turkey. Although there are clinics that use certified products and the devices are state-of-the-art, it is very important to have a Health tourism authorization certificate. Clinics with health tourism authorization certificates are controlled by the Turkish State, so it will be a very safe choice. If you also want to have a hair transplant, but find it difficult to find a reliable clinic, you can choose us as curebooking and get high quality and guaranteed hair transplant treatment at the most affordable prices.

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

As in many health fields, Turkey is the number one in hair transplantation and also stands out with the most appropriate treatment. It offers both treatment and vacation opportunities to its patients who want to have a holiday with its nature and sea.
At the same time, the low cost of living brings the cost of hair transplantation at a very low price. You can consult Curebooking for hair transplantation in Turkey and get information about our package prices.

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