Where is Kusadasi in Turkey?

Kuşadası is the county of Aydınwhich is located in the westernmost part of Turkey and has a maritime border with Greece. At the same time, it is located 1 hour away from Izmir, which hosts a lot of tourists. It is a small location that hosts many tourists in the summer months and makes the summer months perfect with its nature, history and sea.

Kusadasi Dental Holiday

Many tourists turn their treatments into vacations and return home with happy memories. With the potential to meet every entertainment need of Kuşadası and its successful dental clinics, tourists even travel to Kuşadası to have their teeth done. You can get information about everything you need to see in Kuşadası by reading the Kuşadası guide we have prepared for people traveling to Kuşadası for health purposes.

You can also get information about equipped dental clinics and aesthetic centers. Kusadasi is a perfect holiday resort in all respects. It can meet your entertainment needs such as history, nature, sea, nightlife. You can return to your country with new memories by turning your dental treatments in Kuşadası into a holiday. For this, you can get detailed information by calling Curebooking. In Kusadasi, you can meet your needs such as accommodation, transportation and food at a very affordable price. You can have a perfect holiday with an all-inclusive check-in at luxury hotels in Kusadasi.


Historical Places to Visit in Kusadasi

Ephesus Ancient City: The ancient city of Ephesus, one of the largest capitals in history, was a very important settlement with its port connecting the East and the West of the World. This city, which has hosted many civilizations in history, is an ancient metropolis that many history lovers should see. Transportation from Kusadasi is only 25 minutes. It is enough to spare 3 hours to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. You can have an informative and entertaining history tour by seeing many historical artifacts in the ancient city and reading its history.

The Church of the Virgin Mary: one of the crossing points of Christians, is near Ephesus. You can continue your historical tour by making this place, where many Christians come for pilgrimage, a part of your trip. At the same time, the House of Virgin Mary is located next to the Ancient City of Ephesus. Kusadasi is a great opportunity to turn your Dental Holiday into a perfect History holiday.

Guvercinada Castle: Located in the center of Kuşadası, this castle was built in ancient times to protect Kuşadası Bay from attacks. In the first periods, it was not possible to reach the castle by land. But over time, with the increase of its visitors, it became a port, and joined by a road by land, it began to welcome its visitors.

Sirince: Sirince is an old village settlement that has preserved its naturalness very well. Şirince, which is one of the most frequented points of daily tours, has wine cellars and wine houses. In these wine houses, you can drink wine and visit the cellars.

National Parks to Visit in Kusadasi

You can perfect your dental holiday by going to the national parks located in Güzelçamlı, a district of Kuşadası. You can swim in the clear sea while watching the forest view with daily boat tours departing from the center of Kusadasi. National park tours combined with the scorching heat of summer are a popular tour for tourists. You can also choose these tours to swim among the greenery during your dental holiday.

Activities to Do in Kusadasi

  • There are many beach clubs in Kuşadası where you can spend time by going to concerts.
  • You can choose boat tours.
  • You can have a beer while sunbathing on the beach.
  • You can have fun by going to aqua parks.
  • You can take advantage of the activities there by going to water sports.
  • You can go to Sirince and explore the wine cellars and drink wine at the wineries.
  • You can go to the nightclub.

Places to Shop in Kusadasi

There are many places to shop in Kusadasi. You can choose shopping malls if you want, or you can shop at the stores in Kaleici. There are many brands in the malls. You can do your shopping from anywhere you want.

Kusadasi Nightlife

Kusadasi nightlife is quite active. While walking on the beach at night, you will hear the sounds of music rising from everywhere. There are concerts of several celebrities in Kusadasi almost every day. You can attend these concerts. You can spend a night trying the Turkish drink Raki. You can join the Raki programs by making a reservation at the Raki Fish restaurants in Kusadasi.

Kusadasi Daily Tours

You can join many tours organized in Kusadasi. Day trips are organized to touristic places in the provinces of Kusadasi. By participating in these trips, you can turn dental treatments into a vacation. You can buy tickets from many street agencies to join daily tours. Tickets are usually sold all inclusive. Thus, your food needs are also met by the agency.

Kusadasi Dental Clinics

Kusadasi dental clinics provide quality treatments, equipped with state-of-the-art devices. For this reason, it is a location preferred by many patients for dental treatments. At the same time, great importance is given to hygiene in clinics. There are shoe covers and disinfectants at the entrance of the clinics. On the other hand, great care is taken to ensure that the devices used are sterile.

Thus, patients do not experience any infection from the dental treatments they receive. Thus, the recovery times are shorter. On the other hand, the devices used in the laboratories of the clinics are the best devices used in the field. This ensures that the prostheses produced have the highest possible compatibility for the patient.

Kusadasi Dentist

Dentists in Kuşadası are successful and experienced people in their field. In addition to being doctors with successful results in many dental treatments, he is also experienced in treating foreign patients. This is an important factor for not experiencing a disconnection in the patient-doctor relationship and for the correct progress of the treatment.

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