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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in Turkey?

Getting Teeth Done in Turkey

Implant application, which is one of the most popular techniques of oral and dental treatments, is preferred in cases such as loss of a single tooth, multiple teeth and missing all teeth. The implant applied to the jawbone is artificial tooth roots made of titanium.

Teeth implants can easily be applied to people who have completed bone development, are over the age of 18 and do not have any health problems to fly to Turkey for implants or get dental treatment in Turkey.

Teeth implants in Turkey have both a certain length and a certain amount of thickness. The dental implant to be applied to the jawbone must have sufficient thickness and height volume.

Especially in patients using blood thinners, the drugs are stopped before treatment. Those with bone resorption problems can receive implant treatment with the recommendation of the dentist after appropriate treatment.

Who can have an implant in Turkey?

Patients with single tooth deficiency,

Patients with complete or partial edentulous,

Tooth loss due to various reasons or trauma,

Patients with jaw and facial defects,

Patients with melted jaw bone problems,

Patients who do not want to use removable prostheses.

Getting Teeth done in Turkey- Dental implants

Who Cannot Have Implants in Turkey?

Implant treatment may pose a risk for patients who smoke too much.

Smoking prepares the ground for the bacterial plaque that forms in the tissues in the mouth. It gradually increases the risk of infection. Due to the carbon monoxide and toxic factors it contains, the fusion phase of the implant with the bone results in negativity. Smoking affects the healing process. In this case, with the follow-up of your professional Turkish dentist, it can be contributed to the treatment by reducing smoking before and after implant application.

Implant treatment may pose a risk in diabetic patients.

Implant application is risky in patients with uncontrolled diabetes because the tissue healing process is late in diabetics. If the amount of sugar in the blood can be controlled, implant application can be performed. After implant treatment in Turkey, diabetics should pay special attention to oral hygiene.

Implant application may pose a risk for patients with heart disease.

Individuals with heart disease can carry out the treatment process in communication with the heart doctor and your dentist in Kusadasi, if they decide on tooth implant treatment in Turkey.

Implant application may pose a risk for those with hypertension problems.

Overreaction is possible in hypertensive patients when faced with situations such as pain or stress. During dental treatment, blood pressure may increase acutely or complications such as bleeding may occur as well as conditions such as congestive heart failure. Therefore; before starting the implant application of hypertensive patients, blood pressure measurements should be made.

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