Where is Antalya in Turkey?

It is Turkey’s 5th largest city in terms of surface area. The province of Antalya is located in the southwest of Turkey, in the west of the Mediterranean region. At the same time, it is a city very close to the most preferred holiday resorts in Turkey. On the other hand, Antalya has many touristic activities and places. For this reason, patients who want to be treated in Antalya can get treatment by having a fun time in Antalya.

Antalya Dental Holiday

Especially, it is a preferred city for dental treatments. Dental clinics in the city are mostly located in locations where tourists spend a lot of time. Dental clinics, located in regions preferred by tourists for accommodation, are preferred locations considering the ease of transportation of the patients. On the other hand, Antalya is a city with a strong transportation infrastructure. Patients who want to take a vacation while receiving dental treatment in Antalya can easily reach everywhere.

Antalya Dental Clinics

Dental clinics in Antalya work with people who are experienced in communicating with foreign patients. Nurses working in clinics in Antalya deal with thousands of foreign patients every year. This provides ease of communication for patients who want to have dental treatment in Antalya. On the other hand, clinics in Antalya provide treatment services in hygienic environments at all times. Both the air of the clinic and the devices and tools used are cleaned with great care. Thus, infection formation is prevented during the treatment of patients. The fact that the risk of infection formation is almost non-existent also greatly increases the success rate of the treatment.

Antalya Dentist

Antalya dentists are experienced in communicating with foreign patients, as are nurses and other clinical staff. On the other hand, dentists speak more than one foreign language. This ensures better communication with patients. Another advantage of the doctors working in the clinics in Antalya is that they are experienced surgeons, as in all of Turkey. Dentists consist of successful and experienced specialists in the field. Treatments received from experienced surgeons are very likely to be successful.

Historical Places to Visit in Antalya

  • Santa Claus church
  • Myra Ancient City
  • Termessos Ancient City
  • Historical Clock Tower
  • Olympos Ancient City
  • Apollon temple
  • Perge Ancient City
  • Aspendos theatre

Antalya Hair Transplantation Clinics

Hair transplantation centers in Antalya are successful clinics that treat thousands of patients every year. Antalya is the city that receives the highest number of hair transplant requests after Istanbul. This ensures that hair transplant specialists working in clinics in Antalya gain experience. Experienced and successful surgeons also give better quality treatment. The treatment success rate is much higher. If you want to get hair transplant treatment in Antalya, you can contact us.

Antalya Aesthetic Centers

The demands of many patients who prefer Turkey are usually hair transplant, dental treatments and aesthetic treatments. Antalya is a frequently preferred location as it offers both holiday and treatment services at the same time. There are many aesthetic clinics in Antalya. Antalya aesthetic centers provide treatment in sterile environments. At the same time, the doctors and nurses working in the clinic are very experienced. This situation greatly affects the success rate of the treatments received in the clinics in Antalya.

What to do in Antalya?

There are many activities to do in Antalya. You can see many touristic places by joining the daily tours we mentioned at the end of our content. On the other hand, Antalya’s beach is quite famous. You can sunbathe, swim. At the same time, you can enjoy your holiday by choosing sports such as skydiving.

Places to Visit in Antalya

  • Antalya museum
  • City Museum
  • Suna-İnan Kıraç Kaleici Museum
  • Ataturk House Museum
  • Perge
  • Termessos
  • Ariassos
  • Selcuklu Shipyard
  • Kırkgöz Han
  • House is Han
  • Konyaalti beach
  • Watermelon Lift Beach
  • Islands Beach
  • Marina
  • Duden Waterfalls
  • Kursunlu Waterfall
  • Karain Cave

Places to Shop in Antalya

There are many shopping malls in Antalya. These shopping malls both meet the shopping needs and offer many options. Some big shopping malls in Antalya;

  • The Land of Legends
  • MarkAntalya AVM
  • Agora Shopping Center
  • Antalya Migros Shopping Center
  • Erasta AVM Antalya
  • M1 Antalya Mall
  • Mall of Antalya
  • OzdilekPARK Antalya Mall
  • Kipa AVM
  • Istanbul Mall
  • Laura Mall
  • Shemall Shopping Center
  • Soguksu mall
  • Akkapark Mall

What To Eat In Antalya

Antalya, deniz kenarında bulanan bir şehirdir. Bu sebeple, deniz ürünleri ile ünlüdür. Bunlar dışında da tercih edebileceğiniz bazı yiyeceklere sahiptir;

Antalya is a city located by the sea. For this reason, it is famous for its seafood. Apart from these, it has some foods you can choose;

  • Antalya Piyaz
  • Seafood
  • Burnt Ice Cream
  • Hibesh
  • Arabian Kadayif

Antalya Nightlife

Antalya nightlife is a very lively city. There are many nightclubs and bars. On the other hand, it is full of street artists. It has a lively nightlife with many people on its streets. Boats make night tours. The most preferred entertainment by tourists is night venues with live music. Mostly, alcohol is taken with meals and music is listened to. There are dance shows and instrument shows on the streets of Antalya where events can be held.

Antalya Daily Tours

There are many agencies operating for tourists in Antalya. These agencies organize excursions to the touristic places of the city. Tours are organized not only to historical places, but also to forest areas where waterfalls are located. You can spend time by participating in these tours. You can enjoy your holiday by purchasing tours organized to different locations from many street agencies in Antalya.

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