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Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey

You can find answers to many questions by reading your content about Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey. First of all, the country where you will have the implant is important. For many reasons, you may want to have dental treatment in a country other than your own. Sometimes for Dental Holidays, sometimes for better dental implants, sometimes for more affordable dental implants. However, regardless of the reason, the countries you will choose should have some features.

Dental Implants are Affordable in Turkey

Some countries offer implant treatments at very high prices. This creates the need for patients to be treated in different countries. Turkey ranks first among these countries. Turkey saves more than many countries. By examining the table below, you can easily see the price difference between Turkey and other countries. On the other hand, there are several reasons for this.

1- The cost of living in Turkey is low. Compared to many countries, if it is necessary to calculate the cost of all monthly expenses of a clinic, monthly expenses that can reach 10,000 euros in many countries can reach 1,000 euros in Turkey. Of course, this price difference is also reflected in the treatments.
2- The dollar dries up, which is very high in Turkey. For this reason, it affects the purchasing power of foreign patients. 1 euro is 16 TL in Turkey. This gives a great advantage to foreign patients.

Dental Implants in Turkey are Made by Experienced Surgeons

Dental implants are very important procedures. It involves creating a gap from the cavity where the tooth cavity is located to the jawbone. Performing this operation by experienced and successful surgeons greatly affects the success rate of the treatment. Treatments performed by an inexperienced surgeon will probably not relieve the patient and will be a painful procedure. However, there are very experienced surgeons in this field in Turkey. This ensures that foreign patients can safely receive dental implants in Turkey.

Dental Implants in Turkey are High Quality

The quality of the clinic where you will get a dental implant is another factor that greatly affects the results of successful dental implants. Dental Implants are Treatments Requiring Good Impression and Successful Technological Devices. For this reason, the dental clinic you choose should serve with state-of-the-art equipment. Making the closest prosthesis to your original tooth depends on technological devices. This Affects Your Comfort in Dental Use After Treatment.

Dental Clinics in Turkey Operate with State-of-the-Art Equipment, Patients Get Perfect Dental Health After Implant Treatment.

Dental Implants in Turkey Are Made in Hygienic Dental Clinics

Another feature that should be present in clinics where dental implants will be received is hygiene. They are important factors that must be present for every treatment, whether in dental treatments or in any other field. The hygiene of the clinic where you will receive dental implants affects the success rate of the treatment. Hygienic treatments prevent the treated tooth from forming an infection. Thus, the patient can get the treatment painlessly and successfully.

Dental Implant Treatment In Turkey

If you have a missing tooth, would you consider having a dental implant? Are dental implants the best option for you? Are dental implants high cost in Turkey? Are you a suitable candidate for dental implants? Will your dental implants look natural? We are here to answer your questions such as: To answer these questions and tell you more about the benefits of dental implants in Turkey, let’s take a closer look at them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants In Turkey

Dental implants are permanent treatments. For this reason, patients should do a good research before starting treatment and get answers to every question they think. You can get detailed information about dental implants by continuing to read our content in the FAQ section about dental implant information.

Dental Implants Look Like Your Natural Teeth

They are becoming more and more popular all over the world as they look like your real teeth. The prosthesis used is produced according to your natural tooth color and natural tooth size. Therefore, it is no different from your other teeth. No one will notice dental implants unless you tell them. Dental Implants are completely fixed to your gums, so no one will know that you have a prosthesis. On the other hand, dental implants are a permanent solution as they integrate with your jawbone and make your teeth look healthier and stronger.

Is Dental Implant Easy to Use? – Does It Require Special Care?

Dental Implants will be no different from your own teeth as long as you get a successful clinic. Dental implants involve fixing dentures on top of screws fixed to the jawbone. For this reason, it will be no different from your own teeth. However, for this, you need to get treatment from successful clinics. Otherwise, the dental treatments you receive do not provide comfort at all and may involve more than one treatment, and these treatments can be quite painful.

Special tooth measurement should be made for dental implants. As a result of these measurements, the most suitable prosthetic teeth for your mouth should be produced. This explains the importance of choosing a dental clinic. The result of a successful dental implant treatment is very comfortable and does not require special care. You can use your dental implants for life as long as you show the hygiene you show to your original teeth and go to routine dental checkups.

Am I a Suitable Candidate to Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

There are several criteria for getting dental implants in Turkey. As long as you comply with these criteria, you can easily get dental implant treatment. By continuing to read our content, you can learn more about dental implants.

If there is enough bone in your jaws: If the patient does not have enough jawbone, bone grafting can be performed on the patient. In this way, patients can have dental implants.
Being 18 years old: Bone development continues until the age of 18, so after the age of 18, all ages are suitable for dental implants. Otherwise, if there is not enough bone development, the above-mentioned procedure is applied to the patient. Whether this is necessary will be determined when the patient reaches 18 years of age.

dental implant

Can a Patient With Osteoporosis Get a Dental Implant?

If you lose a tooth, the side effect can be bone loss around the area of the missing tooth. When you have a missing tooth, that is, you do not have a root, there is no ossification/strengthening of the bone. It induces new bone formation by placing a dental implant in your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This will help prevent possible deterioration of the bone. They can even strengthen the jawbone. Thus, patients with osteoporosis can receive dental implants.

Unlike dentures and dental bridges, chewing forces are transferred directly through the jaw by dental implants. Not only that, the robust titanium system of the implant permanently bonds to the bone and jaw tissue, further healing the tissue. That’s why you should consider getting dental implants in Turkey.

How Long Can I Use a Dental Implant?

The answer is, if you get your implants done by the right dentist and quality dentistry, their lifespan is 25 years or more. Traveling to Turkey for dental implants will provide you with many advantages, as our contracted dental clinics use the world’s best implant brands. Your dental implants tend to last longer because you get a qualified and well-known brand of implant with a professional dentist. One of the most important factors throughout its life is that it requires proper oral care and hygiene. If you don’t take care of them regularly, their lifespan will be shortened in ways no one wants.

What is the Average Cost of a Dental Implant in Turkey?

Dental implants are one of the most expensive treatments in dental treatment. However, this is not the case in Turkey. Dental implants in Turkey, like other dental treatments, are quite affordable. The low cost of living and the very high dollar exchange rate directly affect the price of dental implants. For this reason, patients from many parts of the world come to Turkey to receive dental implant treatments. Turkey meets many needs of tourists with its well-equipped dental clinics as well as highly developed dental treatments and cultural facilities.

Patients who come to Turkey for dental implants mostly take a luxury holiday in locations such as İzmir, İstanbul, Antalya and Kuşadası, in addition to implant treatment. The sum of the cost of this vacation and treatment is equivalent to the price of just getting an implant treatment in another country. For this reason, a patient who chooses Turkey will have the smile he has long dreamed of and will pay much less money.

What Is the Price of a Dental Implant in Turkey?

It is not difficult at all to receive successful treatments at world standards in Turkey. In addition, getting very affordable treatments compared to other countries provides a great advantage to the patients. Although dental implant prices in Turkey are very affordable on average, as Curebooking, you can get treatment from us with the best price guarantee. We work with many successful dental clinics. Thanks to the many patients we send to the clinics and the discounts we receive from the clinics, we provide treatment to patients at prices below the general average. You can also contact us to take advantage of this advantage.

As Curebooking, our best price is 290 Euros. The best implant brands are used in the clinics we work with. You can get successful implant treatment with original products for 290 Euros by contacting us.

Why Is Dental Work So Cheap in Turkey?

Patients in England and Europe prefer Turkey for implant treatment because they are tired of waiting so long for their dental appointments in their country. Your dentistry holiday to Turkey for implants will not take more than 2 visits. If your jawbone is suitable for dental implants, the procedure can be done in one day. We will plan your perfect dental trip to Turkey in easy steps. Coming here does not mean that you will never take a break from your dental treatment.

What is included in the dental holiday package; Meeting with the dentist for the preparation of your dental treatment, dental X-ray, volumetric tomography, welcome services (transport from the airport-clinic-hotel), hotel accommodation (valid for the full package). During your treatment, crowns and needle-free injection anesthesia. If you want to learn more about the cost and advantages of having a dental implant in Turkey, you can contact us on our website.

What Makes Turkey Different From Other Countries?

In addition to affordable, quality and successful treatments, guaranteed dental treatments make Turkey different from other countries. If you get dental implants for thousands of euros from many countries, the clinic will not take care of you at the end of the treatment process. However, the situation in Turkey is not like that at all. The treatments you receive in Turkey are under warranty.

If you have problems with the implants you have received, the dental clinic will recommend the treatment of the problem. Even if they cannot do this, you can seek your legal right with the invoice you received for the treatment. The most important feature that distinguishes Turkey from other countries is that the communication with the patient does not end even after the treatment and the importance given to patient satisfaction.

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