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Is it Really Painful to Get Dental Crowns?

Dental Crown Tooth Pain Causes and Treatment

Do you have a problem with your crown? Many people are shocked to find that a dental crown will successfully cover and shield a missing tooth, but it cannot protect them from tooth pain.

A crowned tooth is just as vulnerable to problems as a natural tooth. You can experience pain, sensitivity, or strain where the crown stands. You may also have a chronic toothache.

There are many reasons why you may experience dental crown pain. You will read the causes of dental crown pain and how to treat it.

What Could Trigger Discomfort in a Dental Crown?

There might be Tooth Decay under the Crown

Since the tooth under the dental crown is still active, tooth decay or a new cavity may develop at the tooth-crown junction. This will result in chronic pain in the affected region.

A root canal operation may be required if a tooth cavity becomes deep enough to damage the nerve.

There might be an Infection in Tooth

If you did not have a root canal until getting the crown, the tooth always has nerves. When the crown presses against a traumatized nerve, an inflammation develops. Infections may also occur because of old fillings under the crown leaking bacteria that infects the nerve.

Infection symptoms may include swelling of the gums, hot or cold sensitivity, pain when you bite and fever.

Gums that have been inflamed as a result of a crown operation

Following the operation to place your crown, you can experience some pain. This discomfort can last no more than two weeks. If you are in a lot of pain after a crown surgery, or if the pain does not go away after two weeks, you should see a dentist.

A tooth or crown that has been fractured

Mild discomfort may be caused by a broken crown or a tooth beneath a crown. Because of the crack, you can be sensitive to ice, heat, or air. You will need to get your crown repaired whether it is bent, loose, or cracked.

Crown that is not Fitted Correctly

It is possible that your crown will cause you pain if it does not fit properly. A bad fit will also change your bite and smile. Biting down causes pain when the crown is too high on the tooth.

A dental crown should fit into your bite much like the rest of your teeth. It is possible that if the bite is “wrong,” you will experience jaw pain and headaches. However, this should not be the case in professional and experienced dentists.

Teeth grinding (bruxism), or recessed gums may be other reasons why you have pain on your dental crown.

Is it Really Painful to Get Dental Crowns?

How to Treat Your Dental Crown Pain and Sensitivity

The cause and severity of dental crown pain determine the course of treatment. The following are some basic steps that can help alleviate the discomfort:

Pain medications that are given by your dentist can be a solution for your dental crown pain and sensitivity. They will hopefully give immediate relief.

You can rinse your mouth with saltwater. Saltwater rinses can help to relieve inflammation and pain in the mouth. Using 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 30 seconds of warm water, swishing it around several times a day will help the pain.

Herbal remedies may also help relieve your pain, but the effectiveness of them is not scientifically proved. There are people saying that these herbals help if they are used correctly and properly such as clove, garlic, turmeric, ginger, and chamomile.

You should also avoid problematic foods such as sticky sweets, or hard foods after getting a crown in Turkey. Also, hot, and cold foods and drinks can cause dental crown sensitivity and discomfort.

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