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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment – Painless Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment

By reading our content, you can get detailed information about hemorrhoid treatments. Hemorrhoids are diseases that make daily life difficult and are often painful. At the same time, it is very important to treat this disease, which has side effects such as bleeding.

What is hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum that resemble varicose veins. Hemorrhoids can occur inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids). Although hemorrhoids can develop due to nutritional and life habits, most of the time the cause is unknown. Hemorrhoids are painful diseases that often reduce the quality of life.

This is why it requires treatment. There are several treatment methods for these diseases, which have more than one type. You can continue reading the content to get detailed information about these treatment methods.


What are the Types of Hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids : Swollen veins form under the skin around the anus. This type, which is formed in the canal where defecation is made, may be itchy and painful, and may bleed in some cases. In some cases, it does not bleed and the blood clots. This condition is not dangerous, but it can be painful and swell more.
Internal Hemorrhoids: It is a type of hemorrhoids that develops inside the rectum. While they may bleed in some cases, they are mostly painless.
Prolapsed hemorrhoids: Both internal and external hemorrhoids can protrude, they form in the anus, and can often bleed and be painful.

Why Does Hemorrhoid Occur?

Although rare in children, they are diseases that can occur in individuals of any age. This disease is more likely to occur in the following situations.

  • Overweight or obese
  • in pregnant women
  • In people on a low fiber diet.
  • Those with chronic constipation or diarrhea defecation problems
  • Frequent straining, such as lifting heavy objects
  • People spending time in the toilet

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

  • blood after poop
  • itchy anus
  • feeling like you still have poop after stool
  • Slimy mucus on underwear or toilet paper
  • lumps around your anus
  • pain around the anus

Is Hemorrhoid Treatment Possible?

Hemorrhoids are diseases that often bleed and cause pain. This greatly reduces the quality of life of the patients. In such cases, patients can try home treatment options. In cases where home treatments fail, they have to resort to surgical treatments. The variety of surgical treatments can be decided by the doctor and the patient’s treatment plan. Thus, the patient can choose a comfortable and painless treatment. The treatment options are as listed below. Apart from these, there are laser hemorrhoid treatments that are highly preferred. You can continue reading the content for detailed information about Hemorrhoid laser treatments, which is one of the most preferred treatment methods in recent years.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

Rubber band ligation; Often used in internal hemorrhoid treatments, this technique involves the Doctor placing one or two small rubber bands at the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off circulation. Hemorrhoids fade and fall off within a week. While taping hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable, it can cause bleeding, which is rarely severe, which can start up to six days after the procedure.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids by Injection: It involves injecting a chemical solution to shrink the hemorrhoid. The injection may cause little or no pain, making it less effective than rubber band ligation.
Coagulation: Used in the Treatment of internal hemorrhoids. It uses laser or infrared light. They cause small, bleeding hemorrhoids to harden and shrink. Clotting has few side effects and usually causes little discomfort.


It involves removing excess hemorrhoid tissue that is causing bleeding. Surgery can be performed with many types of anesthesia (local anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, sedation, general anesthesia). It has some complications such as difficulty emptying your bladder, these difficulties which can cause urinary tract infection are temporary. These complications usually occur in patients treated with spinal anesthesia. Although it is possible to experience some pain after the surgery, these pains can be alleviated with a warm bath at home or can be stopped with some painkillers.

Hemorrhoid treatments

Hemorrhoid stapling

This method, which is generally used in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, involves cutting the blood that reaches the hemorrhoid instead of removing the hemorrhoid. This method, which is easier and painless than the removal of hemorrhoids, can be applied with many anesthesia techniques. It is mostly painless. It allows you to get to work or school earlier. It has rare complications such as bleeding, urinary retention and pain.

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid treatment with laser is a very easy and painless method compared to other treatment options. These treatments, which provide ease of return to daily life on the same day, are one of the most preferred treatment options in hemorrhoid treatments. The absence of pain and side effects provides excellent comfort for the patient. For detailed information about laser hemorrhoid treatment, you can continue reading our content.

How Does Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment Work?

This method, which offers painless treatments that do not require incisions or stitches, includes applying laser energy to the inputs with a special needle probe or blunt hot tip fiber to the hemorrhoid during the treatment. This restricts the blood flow to the hemorrhoid so that the hemorrhoidal mass closes and separates.

How Long Does Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment Take?

While this treatment can be performed mostly under local anesthesia, it does not require the patient to stay in the hospital. Mostly, the process takes 15 minutes. After the procedure, the patient can be discharged and return to work or school. These treatments, which are quite painless and easy, are often preferred by many patients.

Is Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment Painful?

The procedure does not require any incisions or stitches. For this reason, it is an extremely painless procedure. After the procedure, it is possible for the patient to feel some discomfort or pain. But these pains are just irritating pains. It does not cause pain to the patient. For this reason, the patient can return to his normal life in a short time.

Why Should I Prefer Hemorrhoid Treatment With Laser?

It is much easier than other hemorrhoid treatments. At the same time, they are painless treatments. For this reason, it is not a difficult process for patients. On the other hand, there is no need for the patient to listen, as it is painless. The fact that incisions and stitches are not required also ensures that the patient is comfortable during the treatment process. This allows the patient to return to his daily life easily.

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