Best Country for Hair Transplant Treatments – Hair Transplant Prices In USA

The very high prices of hair transplants in USA make it possible for patients to receive treatment in other countries. You can learn about the best cities in the USA for hair transplant treatments by reading our content. On the other hand, in which countries can you get good hair transplant treatments? You can learn.

Is USA Successful in Hair Transplantation?

There are 3 factors for a country to be successful in Hair Transplantation.

  1. To provide treatment with quality materials.
  2. Providing treatment with sterile instruments.
  3. Experienced Surgeons
    The USA successfully meets all three factors. However, he did not make a name for himself in hair transplantation treatments. For this reason, tourists do not enter the country for hair transplantation treatment, and those living in the USA do not receive hair transplantation treatment in the USA. So what is the reason for this?

Why Hair Transplantation Shouldn’t Be Taken in the USA?

Of course, you can have a hair transplant in America. This will ensure that you receive successful treatments. It would not be advantageous at all to receive world-class treatments that can be offered in the USA. If there was a very successful country in the world in hair transplant treatments, of course, these prices could be met normally. However, even people living in the USA do not receive hair transplant treatment in the USA, while the high prices cause patients to be treated in other countries.

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Best State in USA for Hair Transplantation – Hair Transplant In Los Angeles

Los Angeles would be the best place for a hair transplant in the USA. This place offers better treatment service than other locations. However, the prices are quite high. There are many hair transplant clinics in Los Angeles. Since hair transplantation procedures are frequently preferred worldwide, many hair transplantation clinics have been opened in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, only celebrities and the rich can go to these clinics. Because the prices are so high that almost a fortune is demanded. This does not allow the public to receive treatment in Los Angeles. People mostly travel to other countries to get hair transplant treatments.

The Most Affordable State in the USA for Hair Transplantation- UTAH

Prices in the USA are generally quite high. For this reason, patients often make an effort to find the most suitable states and cities. UTAH is one of these locations. This place, which looks like a small town, is still quite expensive, although it serves well below the US average prices. On the other hand, it is a mystery whether you can get hair transplants as successful as clinics in the USA.

For this reason, no matter which city you choose in the USA for hair transplant treatments, you will pay very high prices for successful treatments. Or you pay high prices for how successful it will be. This will be entirely your Choice. However, by reading our article and taking advantage of the advantages preferred by most patients, you can get both guaranteed, successful and affordable treatments.

Hair Transplant Prices In USA

USA offers treatments with graft limitations. Instead of giving a standard price for the graft as much as the patient needs, it puts very high prices on very few graft numbers. This requires patients to pay much more if they need more hair grafts. The average cost of hair transplantation in the USA starts from 5000 euros for 2400 grafts and can go up to 20.000 euros.

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Why Do People Go Abroad for Hair Transplant Treatments?

Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments

One of the biggest reasons is to get affordable hair transplant treatments. It is possible to get more successful treatments in another country with approximately 25% of the hair transplant prices that can be obtained in the USA. The fact that the prices are so high causes patients to seek other countries for treatment.

Successful Hair Transplant Treatments

In the USA, hair transplantation treatments can be given successfully in most clinics, but due to their prices, patients have to be treated in clinics that are not well known and are not good in their fields. This allows patients to receive treatment in other countries. The abundance of treatment clinics in other countries allows the patient to choose the best clinic for himself.

Thus, the patient can search for the best clinics in that country, by choosing the most affordable and most successful one among many countries, before receiving treatment. In recent years, almost all hair transplant clinics have websites. By looking at the patient photos on these internet sites, you can learn about successful surgeons. Thus, while receiving treatment from successful surgeons, it also receives affordable treatment.

Both Treatment and Holiday

Another factor to consider when choosing another country for a hair transplant may be whether it is suitable for a holiday. Maybe you will need to stay at least 4 days in the country you prefer for hair transplantation. This requires that there are beautiful places to visit and see at the end of the session for 4 days. Otherwise, you wait in a hotel room to spend time.

If you prefer a country with all these features, you can get the most advantageous treatments for yourself. The importance of it being an affordable country also applies here. In countries where the cost of living is low, your non-treatment needs will also be quite appropriate. You can get a one-week luxury vacation in the USA, hair transplant treatment and all your other needs for the price of a hair transplant treatment in another country. You even have money on it.

Which is the Best Country for Hair Transplantation ?

The first country that comes to mind when talking about hair transplantation is definitely Turkey. How is Turkey, a successful country that has made its name known to the whole world in hair transplantation, so successful in hair transplantation treatments?

In fact, hair transplant treatments come to mind when Turkey is mentioned. How did he achieve this success? You can continue reading our content to learn the answers to all these questions. On the other hand, you can have information about hair transplant treatments in Turkey and the advantages of getting hair transplant treatment in Turkey.

Hygienic Hair Transplant Treatments In Turkey

One of the most important factors for successful hair transplantation is hygienic treatments. Turkey is very successful in this regard.

We can say that Turkey has gained a reputation for hair transplantation with its hygienic treatments. Turkish people are a people who give importance to cleanliness and hygiene. This of course is reflected in clinics and treatments as well. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are always sterile and hygienic.

This ensures that patients receive the most hygienic treatment. Hygienic hair transplant treatments are also directly proportional to successful hair transplant results. The more hygienic the hair transplant procedure is, the less risk of infection will be. This is important so that the transplanted hair does not fall out.

Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments In Turkey

In addition to the success of hair transplant treatments, their prices are among the factors that make Turkey stand out. The presence of many hair transplant clinics in Turkey ensures that the prices are competitive. For this reason, patients who want to be treated in Turkey can receive treatment services at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, the affordable cost of living and the high dollar rate enable patients to receive treatment at a very affordable price. It would not be a lie if we say that it is impossible to find a treatment of this quality at such an affordable price in another country.

Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons

Another important factor required for successful hair transplant treatments is the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant. The more experienced a surgeon is, the more successful the hair transplant will be. The experience of the surgeon is even more important, especially in transplants to the anterior hairline. For a natural hair transplant to happen, the Surgeon must be able to do it.

On the other hand, it must be able to communicate with foreign patients. The patient’s ability to communicate with his doctor throughout the treatment is one of the essential elements for healthy treatments. Turkey also provides an advantage in this regard. Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are experienced in the treatment of foreign patients. Therefore, he can communicate easily. At the same time, Doctors usually know 1 extra language. You can easily communicate with them by speaking English.

In which Cities I can Get Hair Transplant in Turkey

It is possible to get successful hair transplant treatments in almost every city in Turkey. However, the most preferred cities are as follows;

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul is the city preferred by many patients. There are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, the most populated city in Turkey. On the other hand, this place, which has a bridge connecting the Anatolian and European sides, is a city preferred by tourists for holiday purposes. There are 2 airports in Istanbul.

This city, which has direct flights from many countries, is easy to reach and has a good infrastructure for urban transportation. It is one of the cities with the strongest underground transportation network. On the other hand, when you choose us, you can make your inner city transportation free of charge. You can return to your country with happy memories by having a successful hair transplant in Istanbul and having a perfect holiday at the same time.

Hair Transplant in Antalya

Antalya is one of the cities that receive the most tourists in the summer months. The beaches and entertainment venues in Antalya attract the attention of many tourists. On the other hand, the hair transplant clinics in this perfect holiday city also come to the fore with their success.

Antalya, which is one of the most preferred countries for hair transplant treatments, operates in places close to the hotel locations, providing easy transportation for the patient. On the other hand, like the clinics in Istanbul, the hair transplant surgeons in Antalya are made up of idiosyncratic surgeons who can easily communicate with foreign patients. You can get successful hair transplant treatments by choosing Antalya.

Hair Transplant in Izmir

Izmir is one of the most preferred cities for hair transplant treatments. It is preferred by many tourists thanks to its proximity to small holiday resorts. There are many small districts in this city with many clinics in its center. These districts are suitable for patients who want to spend a quieter and more peaceful holiday. While the patients come to the clinic for a few hours for hair transplantation, they can continue their holidays in quiet locations when the procedure is over. Since Izmir is a city by the sea, it is a good holiday location for sunbathing and swimming.

What Makes Turkey Different From Other Countries in Hair Transplantation?

The answer to this is the features given above. To put it briefly, Turkey offers treatment in hygienic environments with its experienced surgeons. These treatments are competitive as there are many clinics. Each clinic strives to provide treatment more affordable than the other.

This ensures that prices are as low as possible. On the other hand, the cost of living is also cheap and the dollar rate is high. Patients know that by combining their treatment with their holidays, they will return home with a good treatment and a nice holiday. This increases the number of patients who want to be treated in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Package Prices In Turkey

Patients receiving treatment in Turkey mostly prefer package services. Package prices include services created for the patient to complete their treatment with minimum non-treatment costs. Since Turkey is a very preferred country for hair transplant treatments, we, as Curebooking, have prepared package services. In many countries, you can get all accommodation, transfer and treatment for a price that you can’t even get treatment.Package prices are 1650 euros. The package includes;

  • 3 Day Hotel Accommodation during the treatment
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR test
  • All tests to be done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Advantages of Getting Hair Transplantation Treatment in Turkey

The explanations we made about prices and benefits are among the advantages provided by Turkey. On the other hand, the fact that it offers guaranteed treatments is another advantage. Most of the hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide guarantees for hair transplant treatments. If the patient has any problems in the transplanted area, he can apply to the clinic for a new treatment. Otherwise, he may seek his legal rights in Turkey. Because in Turkey, clinics issue invoices for patients after they are treated. This invoice is important for patient to use all his rights.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

In addition to being the best hair transplant country in the world, its affordable prices make it very advantageous to be treated in Turkey. Compared to many countries, Turkey saves up to 80%. You can get treatment with the best price guarantee by choosing Curebooking for hair transplant treatments in Turkey. We provide treatment services with prices below the general prices. It is possible to receive hair transplantation treatment for 1100 euros without graft limitation in hair transplantation.

Why Curebooking?

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