Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a dental treatment that is used in the treatment of many problems in the teeth and also designs your smile. Since teeth have a form that can deteriorate over time, people want to get rid of teeth that are worn or discolored over time. This is very important. Because worn teeth endanger the oral health of the person, but unfortunately also cause an aesthetically bad appearance. This explains the emergence of the need for a Hollywood smile. A patient who wants to get Hollywood smile treatment can expect all the problems in his teeth to be treated. Hollywood smile can include treating broken, yellow, stained, cracked or even missing teeth. You should also know that each requires a different procedure. You can continue reading our plum to get more detailed information about Hollywood Smile treatments.

What Treatments Does Hollywood Smile Include?

Hollywood Smile can involve many treatments. It depends on what kind of problems the patient has. If the patients are in good oral health and only have a color change in their teeth, teeth whitening and dental veneers are preferred, while if there are fractures or missing, implants and canal treatments can also be preferred. For this reason, patients should first see a dentist to find out what treatment they need. However, in any context, the hollywood smile can include the following treatments;

Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are the most necessary treatment for Hollywood smile, although it is preferred in cases where patients have broken teeth, cracks, stains, or gaps between two teeth. In Hollywood smile treatments, coatings are used for a unique smile. In fact, since it is the most important treatment, pricing is made on the veneers, and then an extra fee is added for the necessary procedures.

Dental implants: Dental implants are preferred if patients have missing teeth. Or, implant treatments are applied instead of the extraction of teeth whose roots are too bad to be saved. Implant treatments are performed by fixing the screws fixed in the jaw to the prosthetic teeth. Patients can use these treatments throughout their life.

Dental Bridges: Dental Bridges are also used in the treatment of missing teeth, just like implants. However, while the implants can be fixed to the jawbone, dental bridges should be made between two healthy teeth and support is taken from the healthy teeth on the side so that the dental bridge can hold there. Thus, patients can easily have a new tooth.

Dental Crowns: Dental crowns can be thought of as veneers. While dental veneers are used to cover the problems on the front of the teeth, dental veneers cover the entire tooth. It is used if the patients’ tooth roots are healthy, but if there are fractures or cracks on the surface of their teeth. Thus, the tooth is not damaged any more, dental crowns protect the damaged teeth and the patients do not lose their own teeth.

Root Root Canal Treatment: Even though the teeth look healthy, unfortunately, root canal treatment is required in some cases. While these treatments, which are required as a result of the inflammation of the canals, are important for a better oral hygiene of the patients, they can sometimes be necessary when tooth extraction is needed.

Teeth Whitening: You know the changes in the form of teeth over time. Color changes are also the most common and can be extremely irritating. These teeth whitening processes, which are used in Hollywood smile treatments, ensure that patients have white and bright teeth.

How Long Does a Hollywood Smile Last?

Hollywood Smile teasers have a different plan for each patient, as mentioned at the beginning of the content. For this reason, it would not be correct to give a clear time. It is necessary to determine the problems in the teeth of the patients, to decide on the necessary procedures, and then to give a period of time. For this, you need to visit the nearest dental clinic you are in. Or you can contact us by sending a request to our specialist doctors. Thus, your photos for the mouth are requested and a time is given to the middle. However, to give some details, at least 4 days will be sufficient for the coatings. For other treatments, it will be sufficient to be in Turkey for a total of 10 days. This is the maximum time. You shouldn’t expect more. In fact, if you choose a good clinic, it is possible to get treatment in a much shorter time.

Who is Hollywood Smile Suitable for?

Hollywood smile is the preferred treatments for a good smile. Therefore, it does not require any damage to the teeth. Patients can choose treatment after the age of 18. However, treatment may be possible for patients younger than 18 years of age, in consultation with their parents and dentists. If you meet with the dentist, he will ask you the necessary questions and decide whether you are suitable for treatment.

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

Hollywood Smile treatments do not require special care. But of course, you should still do your daily oral care routine. You should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Your teeth will be slightly sensitive right after Hollywood Smile treatments.

Therefore, you should be careful not to eat hot or cold food. Immediately after the treatment, you should not be able to consume hard foods and you should take soft and liquid foods. While this will not harm your dental treatments most of the time, it can cause pain.

Is Hollywood Smile A Painful Treatment?

Dental treatments can always be a concern for many people. One of the most frequently asked questions by many patients with fear of dentists is whether it will be painful. But you don’t have to worry. If you are planning to receive Hollywood Smile treatment, you can consult your doctor and benefit from anesthesia types. Although local anesthesia is often used in dental treatments, patients can also benefit from general anesthesia and sedation options.