Thermal Tourism In Turkey

What is Thermal Tourism?

Thermal tourism is a form of tourism that aims to relax and have fun in thermomineral waters together with thermomineral water bath, breathing air moistened with thermomineral water, drinking thermomineral water, mud bath with this water, physical therapy, exercise, rehabilitation, diet, psychotherapy. Thermal Tourism is gaining more importance every year with the increase in the elderly population in the world. It is also a type of tourism that many disabled people can benefit from. This tourism activity, which is completely natural and beneficial, is among the most important tourism types of the future. In addition to being beneficial for disabled and elderly individuals, Thermal Tourism includes treatments that can solve many health problems. It offers treatments for all sorts of ailments, such as many lung problems, skin problems, bone problems and stomach problems.

Diseases That Can Be Treated With Thermal Tourism

Thermal tourism is a type of tourism that can function all year round. One of its biggest advantages is that it can be reached at any time in summer and winter. On the other hand, there are many diseases that the service you receive in thermal enterprises treats.
• Cardiovascular diseases,
• Joint diseases,
• Kidney and liver problems,
• Respiratory tract complaints,
• Eczema, varicose veins and skin diseases,
• polio,
• Chronic bronchitis disorders,
• Neurological diseases,
• Inflammatory disorders,
• Gynecological diseases,
• Diabetes and blood pressure diseases,
• Skin disorders,
• Digestion,
• Sports injuries,
• Those with obesity diseases
• Beauty and healthy life
For all these problems, it will be enough to visit the thermal enterprises, which are completely natural.

Services Available in Thermal Facilities in Turkey

Exercise Therapy

These exercises are usually done in mineral waters. These exercises especially relieve the load of the back and lower musculoskeletal system. Thus, the neural load in these regions is also reduced and the patient feels better. Exercises performed outside of water tire the moving limbs due to gravity. Exercises done in water can treat many neurological diseases. It also makes it possible for individuals with walking difficulties to exercise. Exercises done in water have more effects on the body due to physical reasons.


Classical massage is applied to the skin and indirectly to the muscles under the skin. The place of massage in cure centers is quite wide. Massage has not only a physical but also a spiritual effect on the human body. Massage makes the patient feel positive thoughts and makes the patient happier. Thus, the patient regains his confidence in his body, provides more effective and successful results in active rehabilitation, and solves many neurological problems.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Physical therapy is the unit of musculoskeletal diseases that treat the following conditions. It is possible to receive these treatments in the facilities accompanied by specialist doctors. When applied together with other treatment methods in thermal facilities, the treatment gives faster results.This treatment method, which includes many types, is carried out with the method decided by the specialist doctor.

  • Orthopedic Diseases and injuries
  • Neurological and neuromuscular diseases and injuries
  • acute and chronic pain management
  • rheumatic diseases
  • pediatric rehabilitation
  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation (heart-lung rehabilitation)
  • Congenital or acquired joint and bone disorders
  • Rehabilitation after burn
  • Geriatric (elderly) rehabilitation
  • Metabolic diseases (diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.)
  • sports injuries
  • Preventive treatment approaches


This method, which is performed in water, allows the patient to exercise more comfortably, with less gravitational effect. It plays a very important role in the treatment of the following diseases.

  • Low back pain
  • Humpback
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle and joint injuries
  • Hip-knee problems
  • Joint calcifications
  • Shoulder limitation
  • Joint and soft tissue problems
  • Paralysis


It is a stimulation-adaptation treatment method applied in the form of bathing, drinking and breathing. Water, mud, gas and climate effects are very important in this treatment. This method is applied in doses at regular intervals. This treatment, which has many types, includes the following methods. It is a stimulus-adaptive treatment method applied in the form of bathing, drinking and breathing.

Mineral Waters

  • Thermal Waters: Their natural temperature is above 20°C.
  • Mineral Waters: Each liter contains more than 1 gram of dissolved minerals.
  • Thermomineral Waters: Both at natural temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, there is more than 1 gram of dissolved minerals per liter.
  • Carbon Dioxide Water: It contains more than 1 gram of dissolved free carbon dioxide per liter.
  • Sulfur Waters: Each liter contains more than 1 gram of -2 valuable sulfur.
  • Waters with Radon: Contains radon radiation.
  • Saline: Each liter contains more than 14 grams of sodium chloride.
  • Iodized Water: It contains more than 1 gram of iodine per liter.
  • Fluoridated Waters: Waters containing more than 1 gram of fluoride per liter,
  • Acratothermal waters: Their total mineralization is less than 1 gram per liter. However, their natural temperature is above 20°C.


These are the treatment methods specific to spa cures. They are mud formed by mineral waters and soils. When the appropriate intensity and temperature is reached, it can be applied to many parts of the body.


Baths are divided into 4 types as hypothermal, isothermal, thermal and hyperthermal. The difference between them is their temperature. Hypothermal baths are below 34 degrees. Isothermal waters have temperatures in the range of 34-36 degrees. Thermal waters have a temperature between 36-40 degrees. Waters with a temperature of 40 degrees and above are called hyperthermal waters. The average time in the baths is 20 minutes. This treatment, together with the specialist doctor, varies according to the desired disease. They are applied at certain time intervals between 2 and 4 weeks.

Drinking Cures

Drinking cures are the most common treatment methods after thermomineral baths. These waters are drunk in certain amounts at certain intervals during the day. Thus, it has a direct effect on the kidney and urinary tract. It is used quite often in the treatment of internal diseases.


It is a treatment method performed by inhaling mineral water particles. It has an effect on the regulation of blood values, as well as in the treatment of lung problems.

Location Advantage of Thermal Tourism in Turkey

Due to its geographical location, Turkey is located on the largest geothermal belt. Turkey is the first country in Europe and the second country in the world in terms of natural thermal water resource richness. There are approximately 1500 natural thermal water resources in Turkey. Another important feature of Turkey in terms of thermal tourism is the flow, temperature, physical and chemical properties of these waters, rather than the number of natural water resources. According to scientific researches, temperatures in Turkey vary between 22 Celsius and 11 Celsius, and the flow rate per second can vary between 2 and 500 liters. Many thermal springs in Turkey are of natural origin. This means that the rate of gastric, sulfur, radon and salt required for cure treatment is very high. These values also explain Turkey’s advantageous position compared to many other countries.

Why Should I Prefer Turkey?

Turkey is a highly developed country in the field of health. Besides, there are many natural resources required for thermal facilities in Turkey. As a result of the resource evaluation, it is the first country in Europe and the 7th country in the world. This provides a wide range of location options for the patient. Another advantage is that it is quite affordable financially. The cost of living in Turkey is quite low. The fact that the exchange rate is also very high allows foreign patients to receive treatment very cheaply. Doctors and health workers in thermal facilities are the most experienced and successful people in their field. This ensures that the success rate of the treatment is quite high. Another advantage is that Turkey has both summer and winter tourism potential. You can benefit from this service every month in Turkey, and get treatment while on vacation.

What Should I Do To Get Treatment In Thermal Facilities In Turkey?

You can contact us to be treated in thermal tourism facilities in Turkey. We serve you to get the best and highest quality treatment in thermal tourism facilities. In the field of thermal tourism in Turkey, we bring together the best facilities for you and ensure that you receive treatment at the location you want. Whether you want to receive treatment in winter or summer, in locations where tourism is at its busiest, or in quieter locations, you can contact us to get treatment at local prices.

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