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Hollywood Smile Pakpage ISTANBUL

4**** hotel

€6500    €4000

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Hollywood smile is created with personalized designs. For this reason, the treatments that patients will receive will also differ. Judging by its suitability for everyone, it is suitable for everyone except age restrictions. For patients who are not 16 years of age or older, being in the dental clinic with their parents can enable them to receive treatment.

While the Hollywood smile is extremely tempting, patients often wonder if it’s painful. But there is nothing to worry about. As in every dental treatment, local anesthesia is used in hollywood smile treatments. After anesthesia, patients do not feel pain thanks to the drugs used. You should also know that there are sedation and general anesthesia options.

  • -The person must have a deep laugh line. With the smile of the person, all teeth should be visible, up to the upper molars.
  • -Upper front teeth should be straight.
  • -Applications such as fillings on the upper teeth of the person should not be visible.
  • -The upper incisors should be more prominent and ahead than the other teeth.
  • -The lower incisors of the person should be visible during the smile.
  • -During the smile, the upper gums should show a maximum of 2 mm.
  • -Lips should be symmetrical.
  • -The width of the lips should be half the width of the face.

Of course, every dentist can do the treatments that include hollywood smile. However, getting treatment from cosmetic dentistry experienced in Hollywood smile treatments will make the treatments better. Your teeth are an issue that should be taken seriously. Therefore, instead of leaving your job to chance, you should make sure that you receive treatment from cosmetic dentists and experienced dentists.

Hollywood Smile are treatments that can treat teeth and gums. Many treatments can be applied to patients so that they can have smiles that meet standards. Each patient needs a different design. Therefore, the treatments used for each patient also differ. However, the treatments that hollywood smile may include are;

-Dental veneers

-Dental implants

-Dental bridges

-Dental Crowns

-Teeth whitening

-Lip lift and lip filling

We are a Europe-based company engaged in health tourism with contracted clinics in Turkey and 18 different countries of the world. With over 30,000 happy guests from more than 80 countries, we continue to provide quality medical services at local prices. We are also proud to be a company that provides treatment with the best price guarantee in Turkey.

We, as Curebooking, do not incur any additional cost to you. You will definitely not encounter hidden additional fees. We continue to offer you local prices with special agreements with clinics.

What ıs ınclued

Minimum 20 Crowns And Up

Free Consultation (video Or Message Consultation With The Dentist)

Free Teeth Cleaning

VIP Transfer (from Airport To Hotel And Clinic)

Panoramic X-ray

4* Hotel Accommodation (bed And Breakfast) 5 days

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Hollywood smile, smile design are the treatments that can be preferred by those who have dental problems or just want a better smile. While Hollywood smile provides treatment with at least 20 veneers, it also provides a unique smile by using different procedures for other problems in teeth. Although it is a different design for each patient, different treatments may be required for each patient. For this reason, the patient who plans to receive Hollywood smile treatment should definitely talk to a cosmetic dentist and get consultation. Thus, the first step towards a perfect smile is taken.