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Dental Tourism Turkey Prices

What is Dental Tourism?

Before explaining dental tourism, it is important to clarify health tourism/medical Tourism. Because dental tourism is also included in health tourism. Health tourism is the treatment that a person plans to receive in different countries. Patients receive treatment in different countries, sometimes for financial reasons and sometimes because they live in a country that does not have sufficient equipment. The fact that these treatments are aimed at oral and dental health also explains dental tourism. Dental tourism is the visit of patients to different countries to get dental treatment at affordable costs or to get better treatments.

Dental Tourism Turkey

Turkey is a very important destination in health tourism. It is often preferred for dental tourism with its geographical location, climate, success in the field of health and affordable living costs. Dental tourism in Turkey results in most of the times, hatsas have their vacations together with their dental treatments at the same time. This means Turkey dental holiday. Thus, patients receive affordable and quality dental treatments in Turkey and return to their homes completely renewed with a unique holiday.

Alanya Dental Clinics

Antalya Dental Tourism

Antalya dental tourism is a city that attracts the same attention as Istanbul Dental Tourism in Turkey. Antalya is a famous holiday city known not only in Turkey but all over the world. This, of course, makes it often preferred for dental treatments as well. Just like in other Turkish cities, Antalya has well-equipped and successful clinics to serve with innovative technologies. In addition, Antalya dental centers have been designed accordingly, as they mostly serve foreign patients.

If patients need to wait in Antalya dental clinics, there are books in many languages, beverages and snacks preferred for many countries. This is important for making patients feel at home. On the other hand, with the use of innovative treatments, patients do not spend long hours in the clinic and continue their vacation uninterruptedly, only one or two hours a day in the clinic. Would you like to be in Antalya for your dental holiday?

Antalya Dental Tourism Turkey Prices and Packages

You should know that the prices of dental treatments are highly variable. Therefore, a clear price information will not be correct. However, to give an example of the most frequently preferred dental treatments, it is possible to get Antalya dental implant prices starting from 210 €.
You will be able to find prices starting from 125€ for Antalya dental veneer prices. Finally, you should know that Antalya Dental crown prices have a starting price of 140€.

If you need to look at the Antalya Dental Treatment Package prices, there are packages suitable for patients who need more than one treatment or who want full mouth dental treatment. This package often includes:

  • 3 Days Hotel Accommodation
  • VIP transportation
  • Morning Breakfast
  • Dental Clinic Consultation
  • x-ray
  • Local anesthesia

Istanbul Dental Tourism

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most populous city. For this reason, the number of dental clinics in Istanbul is extremely high. Considering that it is a country that is often preferred for holiday purposes, all these are quite sufficient reasons to have dental treatment in Istanbul. On the other hand, competition due to the large number of dental clinics in Istanbul leads to extremely good prices. Due to the competition between clinics, dental treatment prices in Istanbul are reduced to minimum levels. Thus, foreign patients can receive treatment at the best prices.

Istanbul Dental Tourism Turkey Prices and Packages

Prices in Istanbul dental clinics are variable, as elsewhere. If it is necessary to examine the dental treatment prices in Istanbul closely, the following prices will be possible with a few examples; Istanbul dental implant prices are 199€, Istanbul dental veneer prices are 85€ and finally Istanbul dental crown prices are 125€. For this, you can find out detailed price information by calling us.

You can get more information about the treatment prices from the price list in the continuation of our content. If you need to examine the Istanbul dental treatment package prices, it will be the same as in Antalya dental treatment prices. Although package prices vary, services included in the Prices will often include;

  • 3 Days Hotel Accommodation
  • VIP transportation
  • Morning Breakfast
  • Dental Clinic Consultation
  • x-ray
  • Local anesthesia

How Many Days Do I Need For Dental Holiday in Turkey ?

It is perfectly natural to wonder how much time you need in Turkey dental treatments. However, it would not be correct to give a precise time for this. Because many factors such as the speed of the dental clinic you prefer and the treatment you prefer will change how much time you need for dental treatment Turkey. Although there are many factors such as filing the teeth for veneers, taking measurements, sending them to the laboratory, this process can take 5 or 7 days.

It may be sufficient to stay in Turkey for 1 day for dental implant treatments. You can also send us a message to find out what treatments you need and how many days it will be enough for you to stay in Turkey. Just send us photos of your teeth to get a clear answer. After this photo you can find out the exact price, exact duration and all necessary treatments.

Why choose Turkey for dental treatment?

  • Internationally accredited clinics and hospitals in Istanbul and other major cities are world-class centers in medicine. Many hospitals have the technological equipment to apply innovative treatments. In addition to this, Turkey has Hospitals known by the whole world. For this reason, it provides services for you to receive highly successful and quality dental treatments.
  • The modern infrastructure and advanced technology in hospitals and clinics provide effective treatment of the patient’s oral health condition. The clinics are equipped with the latest devices and instruments used by the dentist. This, in turn, ensures treatments with the least margin of error. In short, patients can receive the most appropriate treatment for them with personalized treatments.
  • Team of experienced doctors who have completed their dental education and training from recognized institutions. Dentists in Turkey are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in their fields of expertise and provide a variety of services to patients. Not only are they proficient in dental procedures, they are also known for their caring and patient-friendly attitudes. Doctors explain, guide and recommend the most appropriate treatment after careful consideration during the consultation. This is important both for the patient to feel safe and for getting a good treatment.
  • The low cost of treatment is one of the biggest benefits of traveling for a medical procedure. Affordable dental tourism prices in Turkey allow foreign patients to save a significant amount on general treatment without sacrificing quality. The best dental hospitals in Istanbul, Antalya and other cities offer a full range of services included in the package. This is related to the extremely high exchange rate in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a famous travel destination worldwide. The country’s reputation is primarily attributed to its favorable geographical location as the only country located on two continents, Asia and Europe, and its proximity to the Middle East, along with its rich cultural heritage, ethnic background and beautiful natural hotspots. There are many museums, mosques, churches and many places to see. Accommodation options range from budget-friendly guestrooms to five-star hotels. Turkey has a rich cultural influence on the cruise with its Central Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Balkan dishes. This also ensures that the lines coming for dental treatment receive a unique holiday service.
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Turkey All Inclusive Dental Treatment

Isn’t Turkey perfect for dental tourism? What about all-inclusive dental holiday packages? All you have to do is send us a photo of your teeth. What procedures do you need for your teeth after this photo? You can find answers to many questions such as how many days you should be in Turkey. Then you can examine the all-inclusive packages and choose the one that suits you.

However, you should know that getting all-inclusive dental treatment will be more advantageous than getting dental treatment alone. Therefore, do not forget to evaluate the options. Finally, you should know that you do not have to pay high prices for dental treatments in Turkey. Because Turkey is a country with a very cheap cost of living. This makes extremely affordable prices possible, even for quality dental treatments.

dental tourism turkey reviews

It’s better than anything I’ve seen in London” – Luis / A Patient Coming to Turkey for Dental Tourism

Luis decided to get veneers because he was unhappy with how they looked and whitening his teeth only helped temporarily.

He found a dental clinic in Antalya that had a lot of celebrity endorsements, which made him skeptical at first. But after doing his own research and asking lots of questions over email he went ahead with getting 10 upper and 10 lower veneers. He paid €2,450 in total for his treatment – a great saving on the €20,000 – €24,000 he was quoted back in London.

He was impressed with the customer service he received, particularly the friendliness of the staff. The fact that the clinic provided all transport to and from his hotel was a great stress reliever.

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“Dentists in Turkey are insanely cheap” – Roger/A Patient Coming to Turkey for Dental Tourism

Roger spent a year living in the small Turkish town of Kas, and while he was there he took advantage of the “insanely” cheap dentistry. He needed a crown and the entire procedure cost him around $200.

In his review of getting dental work in Turkey he explains how professional and modern the clinic was, despite the fact that there were only two dentists to choose from in Kas.

He also notes that in places like Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum, prices might be much higher because residents are able to afford more expensive treatment and there is a year-round medical tourism industry.

Here are some other things Roger notes:

  • The dental assistant spoke limited English but both dentists were fluent
  • If something goes wrong when you have dental work abroad, you probably won’t have the same protection as in the US
  • Turkey dental prices were even much cheaper than he found in Southeast Asia
  • It took three days to have the crown made and fitted
  • If you want to visit a dentist in Turkey you should research your options before you go or as soon as you arrive

If this Turkey dental review has inspired you to go abroad for dental work, you can get help finding the right clinic for you with the Medical Tourism Corporation. They have years of experience helping patients find reputable clinics abroad. Just fill in your details below to get started with a free quote.

Turkey Dental Tourism – Dental Treatment Prices

Treatment Types£GBP€EURO $USD
Dental Implant£170€199$210
Metal Porcelain Veneers£70€85$90
Zirconium Crowns / Veneers£110€130$140
Monolithic Crowns /
Full Veneers
E-Max Crowns Full Veneers£245€290$300
E-Max Laminate Veneers£190€225$240
Composite Veneers£115€135$140
Tooth Extraction£30€35$40
Surgical Tooth Extraction£70€80$85
White Filling£40€50$55
Dental Post£50€55$65
Root Canal Treatment
For Single-Rooted Tooth
Root Canal Treatment
For Double-Rooted Tooth
Teeth Cleaning£45€55$60
Deep Cleaning£70€80$85
Laser Gum Treatment£235€280$300
Mould Guard£50€55$60
Laser Teeth Whitening
– Full Mouth
Full Mouth Treatments
E-Max Crowns
20 Unit Fees
E-Max Crowns
16 Unit Fees
Zirconium Veneers
16 Unit Fees
Zirconium Veneers
20 Unit Fees
All on 4 Treatment
4 Implants / 14 Crowns
All on 6 Treatment
6 Implants / 14 Crowns
Full Mouth Dental Implant