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How Long Does It Take to See Results After Hair Transplant Treatment?

When do patients see results from a hair transplant?

It will not take long to see results after surgery. However, the time it takes to see results for each patient will vary. First of all, you should know that the hair transplanted in the first two weeks of hair transplant treatments will experience shock loss. Then your hair will grow back. Net results are seen in most patients six to nine months after surgery, while in some patients it takes 12 months.

Medicine can help you keep the results

After hair transplant treatments, you should use the shampoos and creams provided by the clinic where you received the hair transplant. In addition, for best results, your dermatologist may recommend a medication that treats hair loss. The drug helps because hair loss and thinning may continue even after hair transplant. It would be correct to use some drugs for this. Thus, your hair can regain its health faster. Medication can prevent or slow new hair loss and thinning. By doing this, you can maintain your natural-looking results for years.

What should hair transplant look like after 10 days?

On the underside of the transplanted hair follicles in the donor locations as well as the transplanted area, there will be dotted red crusts that are visible for around 7 to 10 days. Usually, within 10 to 15 days of operation, the patient regains his usual appearance. Only a minor redness remains beyond this point.

What happens after 3 months of hair transplant?

The lost hair starts to grow again three to four months following the hair transplant procedure. Your hair will grow 1 cm every month once the first shock loss phase is over. While the hair in the donor areas ought to have totally recovered by now as well. Give your hair a few more weeks to develop if you haven’t seen any growth in the recipient area after three months because everyone’s hair growth cycle is different. The new hair could seem thin at first due to a lack of strength, but it will thicken over the course of the following few months.

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