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Getting a Crown? Are There Any Alternatives to Dental Crowns?

Dental Crown Alternatives May Vary According to Your Purpose

The alternatives of getting a crown are determined by the crown’s or crowns’ purpose.

If you are getting a single implant or a conventional dental bridge, you will need a crown – period.

If the aim is to protect a weak tooth, the following options are available:

Do not do something. Leave the tooth in its natural state. For years, the tooth may have had a huge filling kept in place by a small amount of tooth. If you decide to remove the filling, you can end up causing more problems than you solve, particularly if it is not technically defective. You will end up having to extract the bit of natural tooth that is keeping everything together; the tooth will then break off at gum level, necessitating a root canal post, core, and crown. Keep in mind that this might happen anyway, so it is sometimes wise to follow the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t repair it.”

Filling as an Alternative of Crown

 If a tooth is missing or decayed, immediate action is needed. Repairing the problem section of the tooth or replacing the filling is the easiest and more cost-effective option. This is not a long-term solution, nor is it always feasible or prudent. Every situation is unique and must be treated as such. The bigger a filling is, the more likely it is to cause complications in the future, and the safer an indirect reconstruction (made in the lab) will be. It involves determining whether a filling’s long-term success is in doubt and when the filling will be best used as a core for a crown to help protect the teeth.

A Full Coverage Filling as an Alternative of Crown

If the tooth has been root filled, this is an option (though not as good) to a crown. To be safe, the filling must cover the entire top surface of the tooth.

An Inlay or Onlay as an Alternative of Crown

An onlay/inlay could be a safer option in situations where filing down the centre for a crown preparation may remove any tooth holding in the filling or significantly weaken it.

Extraction of Tooth and Fill the Space as an Alternative of Crown

If your tooth’s prognosis is bad, it might be better to get it extracted and weigh your options for restoring the area.

If your aim is aesthetic:

Crowns are an alternative if you have a discoloured tooth or teeth that are crooked, but you can try to keep your healthy natural teeth as far as possible. Crowns are a permanent operation, but you can thoroughly weigh the other choices. It is crucial to think about how your mouth will look in 20 years. Your appearance may be the most important thing to you right now, but we guarantee that your ability to eat will become more important in the years ahead.

These are the alternatives to having dental crowns and there are other options for the appearance of your teeth.

Getting a Crown? Are There Any Alternatives to Dental Crowns?

Options for Improving the Appearance of Your Teeth

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Braces
  • Dental Veneers
  • Tooth Extraction and Fill the Space

These treatments can be used singly or in combination. Every situation is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits, as expectations, teeth, health, dentist experience, and other factors all play a role. Your professional dentist in Turkey for dental crowns will discuss with you the best treatment options according to your own needs and expectations.

For example, whitening your teeth as an alternative to crowns and carefully bonding white filling material (composite) to alter the shape of those teeth will provide a significant difference, giving you a bright and rewarding smile.

It is important to emphasize the importance of considering and investigating all possibilities that will impact your long-term wellbeing. It is also possible that dental crowns are the way to go for you; what matters is that you should think strategically!

If the goal is to be both aesthetic and safe, crowns are most valuable in this situation because they have excellent aesthetics and great support.

As dentists in Turkey who are experienced in dental crowns, we would be happy to answer your all questions. You can send us a high-quality picture of your mouth, or dental X-rays would be great. So, we can make a discussion and decide on your dental treatment as soon as possible.

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