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Dental Implants Antalya Best Price 199€

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatments are the treatments preferred by people who are missing their teeth. Dental implants are a prosthetic dental treatment that has a root as in real teeth and can be used very comfortably. Since removable prosthetic teeth are not suitable for comfortable use of patients most of the time, patients often choose dental implants, which are durable and easy to use, by taking dental implant treatments.

Dental implant treatments involve placing a surgical screw in the jawbone of patients and fixing dental prostheses on this screw. But of course, their price is high because they are as good as natural teeth. This allows patients to choose different countries for dental treatment. By continuing to read our content, you can have more information about dental implant prices in Turkey and dental implants in Antalya.

Are Dental Implants Treatments Risky?

Dental implant treatments involve surgery on the jawbone. The jawbone is opened and an implant is placed in it. Then the opened gingiva is closed. Thus, the patients wait for the healing process. There are potentially no possible risks with dental implant treatments. Unfortunately, there is of course the potential for risk in unhygienic environments or treatments you receive from inexperienced dentists.

For this reason, the dental implant brand your dentist uses and the prosthetic teeth are very important. Otherwise, you may experience bleeding and infection risk with dental prostheses that are incompatible with your tooth color and implants that do not fit properly. This can cause both a painful healing process and permanent nerve damage.

Antalya Dental Clinics

Implant Treatment Stages

  1. Diagnostic stage. During this phase, our professional dentists examine the patient, ask questions concerning his or her state of health and preferences, make a dental panoramic X-ray, and formulate the diagnosis. An additional medical examination may be performed if necessary. Then doctors draw up a treatment plan, select the most suitable implant brand, and decide on the implantation system.
  2. Preparatory stage. At this point, our dentists conduct a thorough examination: they perform a CT, take lab tests, make sure there are no contraindications, and, if necessary, consult with allied specialists. During this phase, doctors also perform oral cavity sanitation, and, if necessary, treat the gum and mucous membrane diseases.
  3. Dental implant surgery. Implants get installed in the presence of local anesthesia, the whole procedure taking 1-2 hours. The implantation can be combined with tooth extraction (both procedures are performed on the same day).
  4. Impression pickup. Once the artificial roots are installed, they get covered by transition elements called abutments. Later on, such elements will be used to hold the implants.
  5. Implantation. Placing implants generally takes 1-1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the case). Implants get immediately loaded with a temporary acrylic denture that perfectly imitates the aesthetics of the natural teeth.
  6. Osseointegration. The implants should establish well in the bone, and this process takes 6 months on average.
  7. Installation of permanent dental implants. After the osseointegration is completed, the temporary acrylic denture gets replaced with a permanent ceramic or zirconium prosthesis. It is absolutely painless, serves for many years, features stunning aesthetics, and enables you to eat any food you wish.

Why Do People Get Dental Implants Treatments In Turkey?

The cost of dental implant treatments in Turkey, the success rates of dental implants in Turkey and guaranteed implant treatments are the factors that enable many countries around the world to receive treatment in Turkey. If you look at the dental implant prices of UK dental clinics, Germany dental clinics or many other countries, you will see how high they are.

However, dental implant prices in Turkey are quite cheap. The cheap cost of living in Turkey and the extremely high exchange rate have increased the purchasing power of foreign patients. This, of course, ensures that they receive dental implant treatments at the best prices.

Turkey Dental Implants Prices

Of course, dental implant prices are variable in Turkey, as in every country. Dental implant treatments vary according to many factors, depending on how many dental implants patients need, whether there is enough jawbone, how expert the dentist is in his field, and the location of the dental clinic. For this reason, patients should of course send us a message for a clear price. Another factor affecting the price in dental implant treatments is the preferred dental implant brand. You can also ask your preferred clinic which dental implant brand it recommends. Prices will also vary according to these brands.

Antalya Dental Implants

Antalya is one of the best cities in Turkey to get dental implant treatments. Turkey is a very successful country in our holiday tourism. The most preferred country for holiday is Antalya. You should know that Antalya is highly preferred for dental implant treatments, except for holiday purposes. Since dental implant treatments require a long process, most of the time, patients plan to take a vacation in Antalya for a week and receive dental treatment. Thus, they will both have a good holiday and receive successful dental implant treatment at very affordable prices.

Antalya Dental Clinics

Antalya dental clinics are highly equipped and successful clinics. Nurses and all other staff can speak English, as Antalya dental clinics mostly serve foreign patients. In addition, almost all Antalya dental clinics have translation offices. This is important for patients who do not speak English so that they can communicate comfortably. Because in dental implant treatments, it is of course important that the patient-dentist relationship progresses without interruption.

On the other hand, Antalya dental clinics are equipped with innovative technologies to provide dental implant treatments. You can continue reading our content to get detailed information about innovative treatments.

Dental Crown in Turkey

Innovative Methods Of Dental Implantation In Antalya

Unfortunately, dental implants treatments are of two types, the traditional method and the innovative method. The traditional method usually requires 3 visits to the dentist. The first visit is for the consultation and placement of the implant, the second for the abutment placement, and the last visit for the placement of the dental prosthesis. However, with the new technology, it is possible to receive dental implants treatments on the same day.

Antalya How about implantation on the same day? Dental implants treatments allow patients to gradually receive the treatments they receive in a single day. In short, the reason why patients wait for a long time between 3 visits is the recovery process. However, innovative technologies used in some clinics allow patients to receive treatment without waiting. You can also contact us on the same day for dental implant treatments in Antalya.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants In Antalya?

While there are many answers to this, getting a dental implant in Antalya is definitely a good option if you are looking for quality and value for money prices. It is not because the prices are low, the quality is low, or the dental standards are low, but because the cost of living in Turkey is quite low. This means less office rental, supplies, fees and utility bills, which means those savings are passed on to you. In addition, the fact that the exchange rate is quite high, of course, is a situation that increases the purchasing power of foreign patients.

Dentists in Turkey are well-trained and you don’t have to worry that they don’t have the necessary skills. Because a large number of foreign patients receive treatment in Antalya dental centers. Thus, dentists gain a lot of experience. Therefore, having a dental implant in Antalya will result in a very successful and good treatment.

You will also find that dental clinics are ultra-modern and well-equipped with the latest technologies, including CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing), digital x-rays and 3D/CT scans.

Antalya Dental Implants Prices

You should know that dental implant prices are highly variable. The implant brand you prefer, how many dental implants you need, and the dentist’s expertise will all affect prices. For this reason, it is important to get a consultation to get a clear price. As Curebooking, we can provide quick price information with online consultation. All you have to do is to send us your intraoral photos. Thus, it is possible to get dental implant treatments at prices starting from € 199!

Antalya Dental Implants Package Prices

If you are planning to receive dental implant treatments in Antalya and do not want to pay extra for accommodation, transportation and other non-treatment expenses, Antalya dental implant package prices will be a very good offer for you! Especially if you need more than one dental implant, you can get a price by contacting us. Thus, you can benefit from special prices and get free accommodation, VIP transportation and breakfast.

Because although Turkey is the best place for cheap dental implant treatments, of course, it will cost a little extra for you to stay here during the treatment and for your transportation between the clinic and the hotel. But with Curebooking, you can get treatment without paying for them! All you have to do is contact us for more detailed information!

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