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What Is the Dental Implant Procedure in Turkey?

Dental Implant Procedures in Turkey

For replacing missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are the most modern and long lasting way to bring your smile and self confidence back. Having missing teeth can cause difficulty in eating, speaking or even socializing. Tooth implants are one of the most effective solutions for restoring your smile. If you really consider getting implants, you should read dental implant procedure steps to understand all processes and you should also consult your dentist in Turkey about the suitability of dental implants. 

Not everyone can have teeth implants because of the condition of jawbone, mouth or teeth, so you should first go to your dentist and talk about it. Now, let’s explain the tooth implant procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure step by step in Turkey

1- Initial Consultation

Before having dental implants, you should find a professional dentist that uses high quality equipment and tools as well as the best brands for implant. You can make sure that we care for our patients in all ways such as hygiene, dental work, dental procedure, communication, affordable prices and more. In your first consultation, your dentist in Turkey will answer any question in your mind so that you will feel comfortable having tooth implants. The dentist will determine if you are suitable for the dental treatment by using dental x-rays, scans or medical examination.

2- Treatment Plan

You and your Turkish dentist will decide together on your dental treatment plan. You will discuss anything about tooth implant processes like before, after or during applications. You can also write your questions down so that you will not forget them. If you decide to get your dental implant, you will sign a consent form.

The implant treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months which depends on your complex condition or other dental procedures needed. Your Turkish dentist will give you a treatment plan that includes costs of dental implant in Turkey which is the most affordable price in Turkey. You can also discuss your dental implant alternatives such as bridges or dentures, but they will not provide you a long term solution and natural looking teeth. Your implants will last long if you maintain good oral hygiene.

Dental implant procedures in Turkey

3- Preparing for the implant

Depending on the condition of your mouth, you may need additional dental treatments such as tooth removal or bone graft. Let’s say you have a problem in one of your teeth that needs removal, or you do not have enough bone in your jaw to support your implant. In that case, your dentist in Turkey should increase the volume of your bone which is called bone grafting. This can be done by surgically grafting from another part of the body or artificially depending on the extent of the bone loss. Do not forget that bone grafting is a very rare treatment which is not required for every person who needs an implant teeth.

If your teeth need one or two of these, your dentist will explain how this may affect the timescale of the treatment.

4- Placement of the implant

Let’s answer the question of ‘How are dental implants done?’. You will be under local anesthesia during the implant procedure. Your mouth will be numbed so that you will not feel any pain, but you will be awake during the procedure.

To place the metal implant, your dentist will cut your gum and open a hole. The screw that is also called an abutment will fit into the hole. If you feel anxious about the tooth implant procedure, we offer the option of sedation.

5- Fusion of the implant with your jaw

Implants are usually placed in two separate procedures. This is often because the jawbone must heal round the base of the implant before the new tooth (also called a crown) is fitted onto it. Once it is fitted, it acts like a natural tooth.

Fusion of a replacement implant with the encompassing bone usually takes a couple of months. You may have a gap that is visible while your mouth heals. To eliminate this, your best dentist in Turkey  may offer options like bridges or dentures.

6- Building and fitting your new tooth

Once the abutment has been fitted, your dentist in Turkey will take a bearing of your mouth and send it to a dental technician. The technician will build your new tooth that matches with the form, size and colour of your surrounding teeth. You will come back after 3 months to have your new tooth.

7- After your tooth has been fitted

After your implant tooth and crown is successfully fitted without a problem, your dental hospital in Turkey will give you appointments to see the healing process or give you information on dental implant aftercare. You may have some discomfort or swelling in the area after the implant procedure. You can have pain killers to prevent the pain that is prescribed by your dentist. 

Do not forget that teeth implants provide more aesthetic and natural looking teeth that can be used for lifetime if cared properly. If you need more information about costs of dental implants in Turkey or other dental treatments, you can contact us.