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Turkey Dental Implant Package Prices

Dental Implant In Turkey

Dental implants that are placed all at once and are immediately loaded include All-on-8 implants (Basal Complex). This method works best when there is complete dentia (loss of all the teeth). 8 to 12–14 dental implants are required for one dental arch.

The main benefit of this implant placement approach is that it does not need bone grafting; in 90% of instances, placing implants may be done without first correcting the density of the jawbone. Additionally, the prosthesis are put in place right away, allowing the patient to resume their normal activities a few days following the treatment.

How Is a Dental Implant Made?

Dental implant treatments involve placing implants in patients’ jaws. Placed implants act as roots in the teeth of patients. Thus, permanent and solid teeth are obtained. During the procedure, the patient’s jawbone is opened and implants are placed. Then, this implant is closed with small stitches. For the recovery process, the patient is given an appointment for 3 months later. At the end of this process, dental prostheses are attached to the patient and the procedure is completed.

Dental Implant

Why Implant Treatment Prices Are Expensive

Dental implant treatments are permanent treatments and special treatments compared to other dental treatments. While dental bridges or dental crowns that can be preferred instead of implants are cheaper, they are permanent dental implants. In addition, these treatments, which include a surgical screw, are not covered by the patients’ health insurance. Therefore, it can be quite costly. You can also read our content for affordable dental implant treatments.

Is It Possible to Get Free Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant treatments are unfortunately not a free treatment. For this reason, patients prefer to receive treatments in Turkey to be more cost-effective. You can also contact us to get dental implant treatment in Turkey. Thus, you can get dental implant treatment at a much more affordable cost than the dental implant prices in your country.

Turkey Dental Implant Prices

You should be aware that dental implant treatment costs in Turkey vary, however they are frequently reasonable. The cost will vary based on the location of the dental offices in Turkey, the brand of implants you select, and the number of implants you require. Therefore, you must have chosen a clinic in order to receive precise price information.

They will invite you to the dentist clinic and charge you for the consultation because the majority of clinics don’t post pricing online. You may benefit from the services we offer like Curebooking to prevent this. We provide a free online consultation option in addition to our 299€ dental implant treatment starting pricing. So, it is feasible to obtain accurate information and a price without physically visiting the dental clinic

Turkey Dental Implant Package Prices

Prices for turkey implant packages might vary. Because the cost of dental implant procedures depends on how many implants a patient needs, so too does the length of time the patient must stay in Turkey. In this situation, it is obviously crucial that the patients’ package services be organized individually and that rates be established in accordance with that. Although most clinics set their rates in this manner, curebooking offers dental implant packages in Turkey with prices beginning at 230€.

Why is Dental Implant Cheap in Turkey?

To begin with, you should be aware that there are several reasons for this. The astronomically high exchange rate is the first reason. Although dental implant procedures are known as expensive treatments, the high exchange rate in Turkey is a factor that increases the purchasing power of patients abroad. Naturally, this reduces the cost of dental implant procedures in Turkey for international patients. On the other hand, patients abroad are frequently treated in dental clinics in Turkey. As a result, dental practice in Turkey has to compete. This, of course, means that dental practices charge the most competitive prices possible to attract clients.

Is Turkey Successful in Dental Implant Treatments?

The dental procedure that most closely resembles a natural tooth is dental implant therapy. Therefore, it is only reasonable for people who chose Turkey for their dental care to wonder if they can get successful dental implant procedures at these low dental implant prices. However, you should be aware that the price of dental implant procedures is highly correlated with the cost of living in the nation. Take dental implant brand X, for instance;

If the cost of an X implant brand is 10 euros in Turkish dental clinics, it is also 10 euros in British dental clinics, but if monthly costs in British dental clinics are 10.000 euros, the price will be 1.000 euros in Turkey dental clinics. Of course, prices fluctuate in order for dental clinics to make money. In this case, dental implants with the same cost are more expensive in UK dental clinics, but cheaper in Turkey dental clinics. In short, you get treatments with the same success rate in both countries.

What Happens If The Dental Treatment I Get In Turkey Fails?

Of course, what if I have any issues if you intend to have a dental implant in Turkey? You might think about it. You should be aware of your protection as a health traveler in this situation. The Turkish government upholds all the rights of patients who go to Turkey for medical treatment since Turkey is a very successful nation in the sector of health tourism.

The dental clinic is required to make up for any problems you have with whatever treatment you receive, not only dental implant procedures, in this instance. If not, you can use your privilege with the Turkish government to demand all of your legal rights. You should be aware that every dentist office will seek to make up for unsuccessful treatments even if you don’t need any of these. Because the dental implant clinic where you receive care likely has a solid medical aim rather than a business one.

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