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Dental Implant Brands – Which Dental Implant Brand I Should Choose?

We wanted to share some of the most popular dental implant brands with you. Also, although we did not add it to the list, brands such as Bego and Medentica are extremely popular and successful brands.

Straumann: Established in 1954, Straumann is a widely recognized Swiss company known for its exceptional dental implant systems. Its implants are characterized by advanced technology and reliable performance.

Nobel Biocare: Nobel Biocare was among the first to introduce dental implants and has revolutionized the field. It offers innovative implant solutions such as multiple replacement teeth, implant bridges, and digital solutions.

Dentsply Sirona: Dentsply Sirona has developed a wide range of dental implants, from single tooth replacements to bridges. It is distinguished by its unmatched reliability, quality, and design.

3i Implant Innovation: 3i was the first to introduce screw-retained implant-supported bridges and is renowned for its advanced digital solutions. Its implants offer customization options and superior performance.

Zimmer Biomet: Zimmer Biomet is a leading name in the dental implant industry, with patented technologies allowing for the most natural restoration of missing teeth. Its implants come with innovative features and are designed to last a lifetime.

CAMLOG: CAMLOG is renowned for its surgical excellence and has taken dental implants to unprecedented new heights of innovation and reliability. Its implants are reliable and easy-to-place.

Astra: Aster has developed some of the most advanced dental implant solutions in the world, with superior design and materials. Their implants offer superior strength and stability.

Osstem: Osstem has become one of the most trusted names in the dental implant industry in just two decades. Its implants are reliable and are designed to provide an excellent fit.

BioHorizons: BioHorizons has developed an extensive range of dental implant solutions, providing a comprehensive selection of products. From single tooth replacements to bridges, its implants are designed for long-term stability and comfort.

MIS Implants: MIS Implants are used in more than 57 countries and are renowned for their superior design and advanced clinical advantages. Their implants feature advanced design features and superior durability.

Which dental implant brand should I choose?

If you are stuck between many implant brands, you should listen to your doctor about this. Your doctor will guide you according to your bone structure, jaw structure and the treatment to be performed. If you would like to receive a treatment plan for free, contact us. Our specialist doctors will prepare a free treatment plan for you.

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