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Dental Implant Brands To Avoid In Turkey And Tips For Getting Implants

Dental Implant Brands Used In Turkey

  • Straumann
  • Nobel
  • Zimmer
  • MIS
  • Implance
  • Swiss
  • Bego

Which Dental Implant Brands Should Not Be Preferred?

“This company’s products are safe, others are not” However, in line with the experiences and comments of the patients, there are of course dental implant brands that the patients who receive treatment are not satisfied with.

Instead of offering you hundreds of brands, we have prepared the dental implant brands you can choose for you. It should not be forgotten. No matter how good the dental implant brand is, the preferred clinic and the experience of the doctor is the most important factor in the treatment. Clinic and doctor selections should be made very well. Otherwise, even if you choose the best dental implant brand, the wrong treatment of the doctor will cause your dental implants to be problematic.

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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Dentist When Getting A Dental Implant

Dental Implants are important dental procedures that are sometimes performed under general anesthesia and sometimes under local anesthesia. It is very important that these are done by experienced clinics and dentist. Screws that are fixed to the gap opened in the gingiva and jawbone sound pretty scary, of course, but it is a very easy application in choosing the right doctor and clinic.

Inexperienced and poor quality treatments can cause you to have a very painful dental treatment. In the post-treatment period, tooth sensitivity and tooth root problems will be inevitable. For this reason, the importance of the dentist in treatments is very important. We work with the best clinics and the most experienced dentists where you can get dental implants for you. If you want dental implant with high quality products, which you are more satisfied with. You can contact us and make your choice among the best dental clinics in Turkey.

Why Is It Important to Choose Dental Implant Brands Well?

Extensive research has been done on the surface properties of dental implants. When the dental implant is first placed in the body, there is a biological link at the point of contact that leads to the exchange of information between cells and biomaterials. This incorporation causes acceptance or rejection of the dental implant and determines how many cells will be present on it. Dental implant surface. It turns out that osteoblastic cells can adhere faster to rough surfaces: this is a common quality standard that top companies focus on to achieve a better tooth fit.

Best Dental Implant Brands

Straumann: It was established in 1954 in Switzerland. It is one of the best brands. They continue to produce Dental implants with a wide range of researches. They continue to design the best tissue regeneration products orally.

Bego : BEGO and its staff are committed to the well-being and health of the patient. In this direction, their further work enables them to give patients the most robust dental implants. It is one of the brands with the best compatibility with teeth. No negative comments were received from any of the patients who used it.

Osstem: It is the company that produces the most efficient dental implant parts used so far. It goes through many trials before it is released to the market, then it is offered to patients. It is very important to introduce such dental products to the market together with trials in this way. It is a highly preferred brand in terms of price and performance.

These are the brands that patients do not have any problems with after the treatment, have the highest oral compatibility and are the most preferred. As mentioned above, even if you prefer the best brands, the clinic and doctor chosen are important for you to be satisfied with your implant treatment and not have any problems.

Dental Implants In Turkey

Tips For Choosing A Clinic In Turkey For Dental Implants

Implant treatment in Turkey, as in every country, requires the right choice of clinic and dentist. There are tricks in choosing a clinic in Turkey, too. First of all, the first question you should ask when choosing a clinic is whether it has a health tourism authorization certificate. Clinics with this certificate are checked by the Turkish government every 6 months. Thus, they offer more hygienic and better quality treatments.

Second, the clinic’s social media accounts. Almost every patient comments on the clinic they receive treatment and writes down their positive or negative experiences. In this way, you will understand how good the clinic and doctor are and it will be easier for you to choose. Another tip that should not be forgotten is whether the clinic where you will receive the dental implant treatment can provide certificates about whether the they is original or not. If it can provide you with the certificate of the product after the treatment, it means that it is a reliable clinic.

I Got A Bad Dental Implant In Turkey!

Of course, it is normal to have a bad treatment history in Turkey as much as possible anywhere in the world. This is due to your wrong clinic choice. All over the world, poor treatments will be inevitable unless you do it with enough research. However, there is one point that makes Turkey different. The treatments you receive in Turkey are invoiced. You can seek your legal right by proving the ill-treatment you have received. In fact, often without the need for this, the clinic you have been treated will offer to treat you again for free.

Is It Safe To Get A Dental Implant In Turkey?

Getting dental treatment in Turkey is quite safe. As long as you pay attention to the tips I mentioned above, perhaps the best choice would be Turkey. Physicians in Turkey work very devotedly and make long-lasting dental implants that the patient can use more comfortably in his future life. In addition, since they provide you with the certificates and treatment invoices of the implants, they will contact you if there is a problem after the treatment and re-apply the necessary new treatment.

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