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How Is Nose Surgery ( Rhinoplasty ) Or ‘’Nose Job’’ in Montenegro

When you look at someone’s face, you first notice the most prominent part of the face, the nose. It is done consciously or unconsciously.

Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed on people between 18-25. Both men and women are operated on equally. Generally, this type of surgery is not recommended before the age of 18 because the nose growth has not yet finished before puberty. If your health is generally good, there is no upper age limit for this type of surgery.

Nose surgery can sometimes be performed with facelift or otfacelift procedures to correct the aging process of the nose, such as lowering the tip of the nose. While the aesthetic nose shaping is completed, breathing problems due to nasal septum deviation can also be solved.

Montenegro and Nose Surgery ‘’Rhinoplasty’’

Montenegro is a beautiful Balkan country in southeast Europe, on the Adriatic coast. Surrounded by the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Montenegro has a tiny border with Croatia at its western end. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest and Serbia to the northeast. There is Kosovo in the east and Albania in the southeast.

It is a small country in terms of geography, but a great historical and cultural heritage.

The Republic of Montenegro is one of the underdeveloped countries in terms of health services among the European Union countries. There is no high-quality health service in Montenegro. In Montenegro, many patients have generally referred abroad for treatment.

rhinoplasty, also known as Nose Job. It is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in Montenegro worldwide.

Rhinoplasty can heal, shrink or reshape the nose to increase the patient’s self-confidence and also helps to achieve facial harmony. Nose Aesthetics in Montenegro is also performed as a reconstructive procedure to correct an injury such as a nasal fracture and/or to correct birth defects if any.

Rhinoplasty in Montenegro is also performed for various functional reasons instead of cosmetic.

In Which Country Can I Get the Most Perfect Nose Surgery at the Best Price?

Turkish master surgeons who use the most widely used rhinoplasty surgery techniques are available today. Additionally, both approaches are used in Turkey’s cutting-edge medical facilities.

Excellent English language skills are a huge advantage for doctors when it comes to engaging patients in appropriate conversation.

It is difficult to say that Montenegro is in a comparable situation. There are also skilled surgeons and clinics that specialize in nose surgery. However, it is clear that Montenegro lags behind Turkey given that it is one of the few nations with a robust economy and market.

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Why Turkey Is the Best in Nose Surgery

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Turkey is one of the countries with a high success rate in rhinoplasty surgery. There are so many doctors, medical facilities, and specialists here, you won’t have to wait for weeks like in other countries. Your rhinoplasty surgery is 70% affordable in other European countries and United States. You still need to find the city in Turkey where you will be treated by having fun. In addition, you should plan a trip to Turkey, which has many tourist attractions. There are many different activities and places to see in Turkey. Natural and historical wonders have always attracted people.

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So, let’s talk about how to get your rhinoplasty treatment together with a package holiday.

What Is Nose Surgery Package Prices in Turkey?

One of the most important advantages that Turkey offers apart from operating expenses is that it is included in the prices. When you think of coming to Turkey for rhinoplasty, you will not have to pay any extra money for this kit, except for your travel expenses. This package comes with nose surgery, airport pick-up, VIP service, 4 nights of 5-star hotel accommodation, check-in and free follow-up consultation.

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Who Are Nose Surgery Candidates

Signs that show you are a candidate for rhinoplasty include:

Your nose is too big for your face, you have kyphosis, that is, you have a long or hunched nose, and your nose tip is wide or wide-nosed.

Before surgery, you need to have a clear idea of what you want your nose to look like, as well as have a realistic understanding of the limitations of the procedure. If you are interested in this type of surgery, our CureBooking consultants can provide you with more information.

How Does the Patient Prepare for Nose Surgery?

Usually, the first analysis is when the patient begins getting ready for nose surgery. Patient consent is the initial step. It is crucial to instill this feeling of trust in the patient-doctor relationship. The patient is informed of the procedure’s steps and what it will cover. You will be asked to look in the mirror during the initial examination and demonstrate precisely what kind of change you would like to make to your nose.

You will be asked about your medical history, including any surgeries or other treatments you’ve had in the past, as well as any allergies to medications, chronic infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, or anemia. You must provide your doctor with accurate information. Examining the nasal skin, its quality, size, and shape, as well as the relationship of the nose with other facial structures and the internal nasal structures, should be done after talking about the patient’s medical history.

The patient is advised to abide by the following advice: Avoid using aspirin, estrogen, or vitamins E and C two weeks before the surgery on the nose. In the middle of your menstrual cycle, avoid having surgery. Eight hours before the surgery, avoid eating and drinking.

How Long Does Nose Surgery Take

The entire rhinoplasty procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours.

Will I Feel Pain During Nose Surgery?

General endotracheal anesthesia, which is more comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon, as well as local anesthesia (which requires a special technique) and intravenous analgosedation, are all options for performing nose surgery. Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and blood oxygen levels are all monitored throughout the procedure. During the procedure, patients don’t experience any pain.

How Is the Recovery Period After Nose Surgery?

To immobilize the nasal tissue after nose surgery, a splint will be applied to the back of the nose. You will be transferred to the semi-intensive care unit following the procedure, where you will be kept under observation for a while. Depending on the surgeon’s or anesthesiologist’s decision, you might leave the hospital in a few hours or stay the night.

The first five days following surgery are usually when bruising on the cheeks and around the eyes is most obvious. To conceal the bruises, use makeup, if necessary. It can take up to a few weeks for significant swelling to subside. The tip of the nose can have small bumps that can last for several months. Other people frequently overlook it as well. This will disappear within three to seven days of surgery if immobilization is used. The surgery is finished, and stitches are removed 7–14 days later. The nasal splint can be worn for several weeks following a lateral and medial osteotomy.

What Are the Complications in Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty-related serious complications are rare. Every year, thousands of people around the world have rhinoplasty surgery, and if it is done properly, most patients are happy with the results. The risks associated with each surgery should be understood by anyone choosing to undergo this kind of procedure.

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