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How Much Is a Nose Job in Turkey in Pounds

How Much Is The Price of Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty operation + 1 day hospital stay all tests + PCR test 6 days 1st class hotel accommodation + 1800 Pounds including breakfast + all transfers.

Why is Rhinoplasty Cheap in Turkey?

In Turkey, the reason why treatments are cheap is the cheap cost of living. Besides the low cost of living, the exchange rates are also quite high. 1 pound is 17 TL in Turkey. This enables tourists to receive treatment at a very affordable price in Turkey. At the same time, the low cost of living in the country allows the tourists to meet their needs such as accommodation, transportation and food cheaply. In fact, these cheap prices also make it attractive for patients to take a vacation in this holiday lotion.

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Does Being Cheap Mean It Is Poor Quality?

Health Tourism in Turkey is quite developed. This is proof that Turkjiye offers very high-quality treatments. Successful and quality treatments carry Turkey to a higher level in the field of health day by day. Dentists working in clinics in Turkey are successful and highly experienced in their field. The devices used during treatment in clinics are first-class, best devices. This makes the treatments very high quality and successful.

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