Rhinoplasty Prices in Bulgaria, In Which Country Can I Get The Best Rhinoplasty Surgery Bulgaria or Turkey? 2022 Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

If you want to be treated in Turkey for affordable and quality Rhinoplasty Surgery, you can get successful Rhinoplasty Surgeries by reading this guide.

What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery ?

The nose of people is the most noticeable organ in the middle of the face. Therefore, it is very important for the nose to look aesthetically beautiful. On the other hand, it is an organ that allows us to breathe. However, sometimes congenital or accidental problems may occur. For this, people prefer to have rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure applied to correct a crooked, large or problematic nose. Sometimes it is done just for aesthetic reasons and sometimes it is done to make breathing easier. The target can be both.

Is Rhinoplasty Surgery A Risky Operation?

Rhinoplasty has risks that may occur in every surgery. However, in some cases, problems arising from rhinoplasty may also occur. While these risks are not common, they are possible. However, the risk level of rhinoplasty surgery is directly proportional to the clinic and the surgeon. Operations performed by a good surgeon are usually the least risky.

Therefore, clinic and surgeon selection is important. If you want to have rhinoplasty from a good surgeon in Turkey, but need support in choosing a good doctor, you can get treatment from the best surgeons by reading our Nose Aesthetics guide.

Risks That May Occur After Rhinoplasty Surgery;

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Persistent numbness in or around the nose
  • The possibility of a crooked nose
  • Pain that may be persistent
  • Discoloration or swelling, which may be permanent
  • Scar
  • A hole in the septum
  • Need for additional surgery

Why People Travel From Bulgaria To Turkey For Rhinoplasty Surgery ?

Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation that needs to be decided very well. Patients may prefer this surgery to make their noses look more beautiful. On the other hand, a very small change in the nose results in a big change. For this reason, patients should choose the plastic surgeon they will have rhinoplasty surgery well. For this reason,

Bulgarians prefer countries with good surgeons to get good treatments. As a result, Turkey is preferred. Bulgaria has a border with Turkey. This situation causes Bulgarian citizens to prefer Turkey for many needs. Bulgarians prefer Turkey not only for rhinoplasty but also for many treatments. There are many reasons why Turkey is so preferred;

  • Affordable Treatments
  • close distance
  • Successful Plastic Surgeons

Rhinoplasty Surgery Price In Turkey

Rhinoplasty Prices are one of the biggest reasons why Bulgarians prefer Turkey. They can save money by having Rhinoplasty in Turkey. That’s why every year thousands of Bulgarians come to Turkey for rhinoplasty surgery. Of course, it is more advantageous to get rhinoplasty, which is 3000 Euros in Bulgaria, for 2000 Euros in Turkey. Bulgarians, on the other hand, prefer package services offered in Turkey.

This ensures that the necessary needs are met throughout the treatment period. It provides more savings for Bulgarian citizens. Package prices are a service prepared to meet the needs of post-surgery, hospitalization, resting at the hotel and transportation. Its price is 2350 euros. Compared to Bulgaria, the patient saves much more.

Rhinoplasty package Price : 2350 euros Our Services Included in Package Prices: 

  • Hospitalization due to treatment
  • 6 Day Hotel Accommodation during 
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast 
  • PCR test 
  • All tests to be done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

These are the Cure Booking special prices. The prices you will receive from clinics in Turkey will usually be around 2500 euros. Package services are also only curebooking’s special package. Patients who prefer Curebooking can experience a comfortable and high-quality treatment process with the best price guarantee.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic Near Me

Rhinoplasty research of Bulgarian citizens as ‘Rhinoplasty Near me’ usually results in Turkey. Turkey is the neighboring country of Bulgaria. This makes it very easy for citizens to travel to Turkey. Bulgarians may prefer car, bus or plane to travel to Turkey.

It is possible to reach Turkey in 8 hours by bus, 45 minutes by plane, and 5 hours by car. The prices are 15 euros by bus, 70 euros by plane. If you need to calculate with the highest prices, the package price is 2350 euros, the plane is 70 euros. This makes a total of 2420 euros. Since your transfers and accommodation at the airport belong to us, we make it possible for you to receive treatment without the need for extra costs.

Are Plastic Surgeons Successful In Turkey?

Yes, the success rate of the treatments you will receive from Turkish Plastic surgeons is quite high. The reason for this is the devices used during the treatment and the experience of the doctors. Clinics in Turkey serve with state-of-the-art devices. This shortens the recovery time of the patient after treatment and provides a painless process. The hygiene of the devices used for rhinoplasty in Turkey is very important.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which the whole world has been struggling with in recent years, has also ensured this hygiene to be at higher levels.Therefore, complications that may occur during and after the treatment are minimal. The experience of doctors is due to the fact that they have treated thousands of foreign patients. Anyone who knows that Turkey offers successful rhinoplasty comes to Turkey to have rhinoplasty in Turkey. Among these countries, there are not only countries close to Turkey, but also countries that are quite far away.

This allowed doctors to gain experience in treating foreign patients. Their experience in treating foreign patients is crucial to treatment planning. The lack of communication between the doctor and the patient can lead to an incorrect treatment. Therefore, getting treatment from experienced doctors will help you avoid this risk.

Is It Risky To Get Rhinoplasty Surgery In Turkey?

No. There is no risk of having a rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. However, of course, as in every country, treatment should not be taken in some clinics. However, this is the same in every country, not in only Turkey. There is no special risk in having rhinoplasty in Turkey. You can avoid these clinics by opting for Curebooking;

Curebooking clinics work with clinics and surgeons who always attach importance to patient comfort and aim to ensure that the patient is healthy in the future. Patients always return home satisfied. The surgeons and nurses working in the clinics take great care to ensure that the patient receives comfortable and successful treatment. They care a lot about hygiene. In this way, the patient does not experience any problems caused by infection.

On the other hand, if the patient has any dissatisfaction after the treatment, the clinic will offer to re-treat it free of charge. Worst case scenario, if you receive a very unsuccessful treatment and the clinic does not accept it, you can take legal action. However, we can guarantee that you will return home with a successful treatment without the need for them.

Reviews Of Rhinoplasty Surgery In Turkey

I did some research to get Rhinoplasty in Bulgaria. I found a good clinic on the Internet for 3,000 euros. When I called they said it was only the treatment fee. Consultation, hospitalization, etc. Prices are not included in this price. This seems like too much to me. That’s why I started to search for a price for rhinoplasty in Turkey. I discovered this medical health block that provides treatment for 2000 Euros. I had very caring doctors. I am very happy with the result. I recommend Turkey to everyone.

My wife previously received hair transplant treatment with Curebooking. We were very satisfied with the treatment. I was thinking about rhinoplasty too. They gave a very reasonable price and I immediately accepted. I think Curebooking is a reliable and successful health blog. I would recommend it to everyone..

As a Bulgarian, I used to go shopping in Turkey once a month. Then I said: Why am I not doing this for aesthetics? I had rhinoplasty there. It’s been over a month. My swelling and bruises are gone. I received very good treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty Surgery In Turkey

Why Is Rhinoplasty Surgery So Cheap In Turkey?

Turkey’s cost of living is cheaper than Bulgaria. On the other hand, the high exchange rate in Turkey makes the Bulgarian Lev valuable along with the Euro and Dollar. In this way, Bulgarians can receive high quality treatments at very affordable prices in Turkey.

What Happens If I Have Problems About The Rhinoplasty Surgery I Have Taken In Turkey?

As long as you choose the clinic where you will receive treatment in Turkey, it is unlikely that you will have any problems. However, in case of any problems, you can apply for legal remedies with the documents given by the clinic where you see Rhinoplasty. Presumably the clinic will offer you a new free treatment without the need for it.

Is Rhinoplasty A Simple Operation?

No. Rhinoplasty is not an easy operation. It usually involves opening the nose and straightening the bones. Small changes made to the nose result in big changes. For this reason, the doctor must be experienced. A minimal mistake can make your nose look bad.

Will I have To Stay In The Hospital In Turkey?

Being discharged after rhinoplasty surgery depends on the patient’s preference. It is usually sufficient for the patient to stay under observation for a few hours on the day of surgery. As long as there is no complication, he can be discharged.

Does Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Sometimes insurance covers rhinoplasty surgery. This may vary depending on the underlying cause of the patient with rhinoplasty. Correction of a bad-looking nose caused by an accident is usually covered by insurance. However, it does not encounter a congenital defect. On the other hand, surgeries performed for health purposes may also be covered by insurance. For more precise information, your insurance company should contact the clinic where you will have rhinoplasty surgery.

Clinics In Turkey Can I See How My Nose will look after the operation?

In some clinics this is possible. Thanks to the technological devices used in the clinics, the photos taken can be created in 3D on the computer. Thus, the patient can see how it will look after the surgery.

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