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Successful Hair Transplantation in Turkey, FAQ, 2022 Prices, Reviews and Before-After Photos

Hair transplantation is the most preferred cosmetic surgery treatment by men around the world. hair transplant treatments preferred by individuals who experience hair loss are life-saving for many men. However, in order for this treatment to be successful, it is necessary to receive treatment in a good country. We, too, have prepared a guide for individuals with baldness problems, focusing on Turkey, which is the best country in hair transplantation treatment, which everyone knows. By reading this guide, you can learn everything about getting Hair Transplantation In Turkey. You can review the Before After photos of previous patients.

Why Does Hair Shedding?

Hair can fall out for many reasons. For example, as a result of the use of certain drugs or genetically, a family history of baldness or stress-induced hair loss may occur. However, with the development of technology in recent years, very successful hair transplantation can be done. Thus, patients can get new hair very easily.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a hair transplantation procedure preferred by many patients. Hair Transplantation, hair loss for various reasons, causes a lack of self-confidence, especially in men. For this reason, many patients with baldness problems receive hair transplant treatment. Thus, patients can have their hair regrowth with surgical procedures in areas where they experience baldness. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the hair taken from the donor area to the area with baldness problem.

Does Hair Transplantation Work?

This question cannot always be answered yes. However, the treatments received in a successful clinic certainly work. For hair transplantation to work, the patient should not experience any complications after transplantation. These are not general complications such as itching and pain. Complications such as infection and severe pain. The probability of successful treatment is directly proportional to the hygiene of the clinic and the experience of the doctor. For this reason, patients should choose the clinic where they will receive treatment well. It is more likely to receive successful treatments from clinics that can provide you with photos of previously treated patients with transparency.

Hair Transplantation Procedure

The procedure is usually performed by transplanting hair follicles taken from the nape area to the bald area. These hair follicles taken are called grafts. The scalp is anesthetized so that the patient does not feel pain and pain during the procedure. The grafts created from the removed scalp are placed in the bald area with micro needles.

hair transplantation in Turkey

Is Hair Transplantation a Risky Procedure?

This will be a purely response based on the success of the clinic of choice. The treatments you will receive in successful clinics will usually be quite easy and risk-free. However, the treatments you will receive from unsuccessful surgeons and clinics can pose risks. These risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • swelling of the scalp
  • Bruising around the eyes
  • A crust that forms on areas of the scalp where hair has been removed or transplanted
  • Numbness or numbness in the treated areas of the scalp
  • Itching
  • Inflammation or infection of hair follicles
  • Sudden but typical loss of transplanted hair
  • unnatural hair look

What Are The Important Factors In Hair Transplantation?

There are several important factors in hair Transplantation treatment. These are the hygiene of the Hair Transplant Clinic, the fee requested for the hair transplant and the experience of the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant.

Hygienic Hair Transplantation Clinics

One of the most important factors is that the clinic is hygienic. This is an important factor not only in hair transplantation but also in all surgical procedures. Treatments performed in unhygienic environments carry a high risk of infection. Infection can cause treatment failure

Fee Requested for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant clinics can offer very high or very low prices. The patient should prefer the clinic that offers average prices. Paying more to the hair transplant clinic will not change the success rate of the treatment. It will serve the same function as a treatment you will receive at average prices. On the other hand, you should not seek treatment in clinics with very low prices. The poor quality and fakes of the products used can cause the hair transplant treatment to fail and cause a painful healing process.

hair transplantation in turkey

Surgeon’s Experience

The experience of the surgeon in the clinic you prefer for hair transplantation means that he can provide the best treatment for you. Some patients have different hair types. For this reason, certain treatment plans should be followed. Receiving treatment from an experienced doctor means that this treatment plan will be successful. Sometimes a personalized treatment plan is necessary. An inexperienced surgeon will not be able to meet this need.

What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplantation?

Quality hair transplantations have a very high success rate. An average of 90% success is possible. However, in order for this success to occur, the person needs to receive treatment from a surgeon who is an expert in his field. On the other hand, some patients say that they experience shedding in the hair transplant area. This is also quite possible. However, the only reason for this is poor quality treatment. In quality treatments, there is no shedding problem, and it is not very likely to experience any other problems. In short, the success of the treatment is directly proportional to the success of the hair transplant doctor.

What Are The Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices?

  • Size of the balding area
  • Number of grafts you need
  • Transplant method
  • Number of Operations
  • Popularity of hair transplant clinic

Why Do People Go Abroad for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair is very important for the aesthetic appearance of people. Hair loss makes individuals unhappy psychologically and sociologically. For this reason, individuals who apply for hair transplant treatment sometimes travel to other countries for better quality treatments and sometimes for affordable treatments. On the other hand, there are individuals who want to take a vacation in the country where they receive hair transplant treatment.

There are many countries that provide hair transplant treatment. But there are a few countries that offer both quality and affordable treatments. For this reason, the individual starts to make a treatment plan to be treated in that country by choosing the country that provides the most affordable price and best quality treatment for him.

What Makes Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey Different From Other Countries?

Turkey is a country with a successful health system that has made a name for itself in health tourism. For this reason, hair transplantation treatments in Turkey are much more successful than in many countries. Almost half of the patients who come to Turkey for hair transplant treatment are people who have had their hair transplant done in another country but are not satisfied. They prefer Turkey for a new treatment. This is proof of how successful Turkey is.

However, it should be known that the need for a new hair transplant is not the only result of unsuccessful treatments in another country. Health is something to be taken seriously. For this reason, it should not be left to possibilities. Successful hair transplants can turn into a deep infection and endanger life. On the other hand, Turkey provides much more affordable treatment compared to other countries. Treatments received in Turkey are advantageous up to 80% compared to many countries.

Why is Hair Transplantation Treatment Cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is the number one hair transplant treatment in the world. This is a fact everyone knows. Turkey is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation. For this reason, there are many hair transplant clinics. The abundance of these clinics causes the prices to be competitive. On the other hand, the exchange rate in Turkey is very high.

The fact that the exchange rate is so high ensures that the purchasing power of the tourists coming to the country is very high. Thus, treatments come at very affordable prices. Instead of paying thousands of euros for standard quality treatment in many countries, it allows you to get first quality treatments at a more affordable price in Turkey.

Is Hair Transplantation Quality in Turkey?

Turkey is a place that specializes in hair transplantation. It is the number one hair transplant place all over the world. It owes this success to its quality treatments. The devices used in clinics in Turkey are state-of-the-art products. Hygiene is very important in clinics. Hair transplant surgeons are very successful in their field. This greatly increases the success rate of hair transplantation in Turkey. While hair loss may occur in the treated area after hair transplantation in many countries, this is not the case in Turkey.

Another important issue in surgical procedures is hygiene. The absence of infection in the treated area is directly proportional to the success rate. Thanks to the importance Turkey attaches to hygiene, this possibility is out of the question. On the other hand, hair transplant surgeons are highly experienced. By treating many tourists coming to the country, they have gained experience in treating foreign patients. This is important for a strong relationship between the patient and the doctor. The patient and the doctor, who understand each other, can realize a successful treatment plan.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

General prices in Turkey can go up to 2000 Euros. Despite this, Turkey is the country where you can get the most economical treatment. You can contact Curebooking for detailed information to get first class quality treatment at below average prices in Turkey.
Curebooking’s new year campaign price is only 1650 Euros in a package.

Our Services Included in Package Prices:

  • 3 Day Hotel Accommodation during the treatment
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR testing
  • All tests to be done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatments

The Most Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

How long does the hair transplant process take?

The duration of Hair Transplantation varies according to the experience of the surgeon performing the hair transplant and the number of grafts to be transplanted into the hair. To give an average time, it is a process that will take 8 hours for 4000 grafts. According to the number of grafts, it can be divided into more than one session. This period is not the same for every clinic.

As Curebooking, we work with the most experienced surgeons.We ensure that you receive treatment in clinics that offer successful treatments with experienced surgeons and that can perform the fastest operation for the comfort of the patient.

What is the recovery time after hair transplantation ?

The hair transplant recovery process differs for each patient. In general, the healing process of hair transplant treatment takes a maximum of 2 weeks. However, many people recover in 7 days. The process of returning to routine life is the same as the recovery process.

Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?

No. During the hair transplant procedure, the patient is under local anesthesia. For this reason, he does not feel any pain. After the operation, when the effect of local anesthesia wears off, it is possible to have some pain. But there will be more itching. This will be relieved by the ointments and medicines prescribed by the doctor. You will not feel any side effects within 2 days.

From which area is the hair taken for hair transplantation?

The preferred area for hair transplantation is areas with strong hair roots that do not tend to fall out. These areas are generally the back of the head, the nape of the neck, and the back of the ear. The patient’s hair is taken from these areas and transferred to the area with baldness.

Does the transplanted hair fall out?

This is usually not possible. But of course there is such a possibility. Treatments taken in unhygienic environments may spill. Or unsuccessful treatments from an inexperienced surgeon will have the same results. To get treatment by minimizing this possibility, you need to get treatment from a successful surgeon. As Curebooking, we provide treatment from the most successful surgeons with the best price guarantee. It is possible to minimize this possibility by choosing us.

Does hair transplantation look natural?

This is one of the most asked questions. Many patients complain of unnatural hair appearance after treatment. This is of course possible. It is especially important in hair transplantation treatments applied to the starting line of the hair. For natural-looking hair, you should choose experienced surgeons. Otherwise, your hair will not look natural. You can choose Curebooking to avoid risk. You can be one of our other patients who have had natural and successful hair transplantation.

Before and After Hair Transplant Photos

Patients who have been treated with Curebooking return home happily. Our patients have not received any unsuccessful treatment so far. For this reason, they prefer curebooking for the treatments they will receive in the future. You can get quality and affordable treatments with the support of our family. You can examine our patients who received treatment from Curebooking in the gallery below.

Comments of Patients Receiving Hair Transplantation Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is the best country in the world for hair transplant treatments. I knew this. However, I had not experienced it. Thanks to Curebooking, I had this experience and I am very satisfied.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Curebooking is an excellent blog. They helped me have a very successful hair transplant in Turkey. And they did so at below market prices. I received treatment with a very caring and smiling team. Thanks Curebooking!

I had a very unsuccessful treatment in India. Infection occurred in the transplanted area and the transplanted hair fell out. It was a very painful process. I regret not coming to Turkey. Afterwards, Curebooking did its best for me to have a successful treatment in Turkey. It has been 1 month since I had a hair transplant in Turkey, I think I have completely recovered. My hair started to grow. I recommend you to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

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