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Barbie Rhinoplasty ( Barbie Nose Job) In Turkey and Before- After Photo

What is barbie rhinoplasty?

Barbie nose surgery is a rhinoplasty operation that has been trending in recent years, usually using implants. It sharpens the drooping tip and gives height to the nose with a straight bridge. When applied successfully, it gives an extremely natural and elegant result.

Who Can Have Barbie Nose Aesthetics?

Barbie nose surgery is suitable for everyone after the age of 18. However, it includes a significant reduction of the nose. For this reason, the facial features of the person who wants to have this operation are important. Thus, a golden ratio nose suitable for the face can be designed.

Barbie Nose Procedure

The nose is the most important organ on a person’s face. The nose is located in the middle of the face. For this reason, it is important to have an aesthetic appearance. Barbie nose application can not be done only for aesthetic purposes. It also allows the person to breathe better.
Before the operation, the doctor takes the patient’s face measurements and draws them digitally. By transferring the drawing instead of the patient’s nose, it is checked whether it suits the patient. This stage is very important. The right procedure for the patient is decided at this stage.
Barbie rhinoplasty can be done with open or closed operation. The most used method is the open operation. It includes the opening of the nose and the reorganization of bone and cartilage. When the nose reaches the desired smallness and fold, the process is completed by suturing the nose back into place.

Barbie Nose Healing Process

Post-operative recovery time can take an average of 1 month. 2 days after the operation, the patient will have bruising, swelling and bleeding. This is a fairly common complication after nose surgeries. Generally, patients are advised to press with an ice pack. This will help reduce edema. One week after the operation, the patient visits the hospital again and the stitches are removed. Thus, the points that need attention, such as sleeping positions, are explained to the patient. The patient will be able to see the final state of his nose approximately 1 year later. It takes about 16-12 months for the nose to heal and take its full shape.

Benefits of Getting a Barbie Nose

  • The size of the nose is reduced.
  • The nose is aligned with the facial features.
  • The shape and size of the nose bridge is changed.
  • The shape and size of the tip of your nose is changed.
  • It improves breathing, treats problems such as sinus.

Is the Barbie nose a trend or a permanent perception of beauty?

Although it has been a trend lately, it is actually a kind of permanent perception of beauty. While the noses of the princes and princesses told in fairy tales are smaller, the noses of gargamel, pinocchio and witches are longer and larger. This means that a small nose looks more aesthetic and beautiful than a big nose, and there is a permanent perception of beauty.

In Which Countries Can I Get Barbie Nose Aesthetics?

In fact, in many countries, rhinoplasty can be done, but barbi rhinoplasty cannot. This is not because it is forbidden or harmful. Many doctors do not want to make a uniform nose. There are two reasons for this;
No matter how compatible it is to the face, it will definitely look artificial.
Although it looks better in younger individuals, it will appear completely out of proportion in older individuals.
Although many doctors think this way, there are successful doctors who care about the patient’s wishes. You can find these doctors in any country, as well as in Turkey. In many countries they will charge a very high price for this operation. This is because it is a rare operation.

Barbie rhinoplasty

Do Doctors Perform Barbie Nose Aesthetics in Turkey?

Yes, although not every clinic and doctor does it, some doctors do this. You can contact us to get treatment. You can get this rare rhinoplasty at the most affordable prices. You should definitely compare the prices of doctors who perform barbie rhinoplasty in Turkey with Curebooking and make your decision accordingly. With the most affordable price guarantee, you can get the most successful treatments.

Advantages of Getting Barbie Nose Aesthetics in Turkey

Appropriate treatment guarantee

It makes it possible to receive treatment at a much more affordable price compared to the prices of other countries. The low cost of living and high exchange rate allow patients to receive treatment at a very affordable price.

Successful Treatments

Treatments in Turkey are very successful. All of the devices used in the clinics have the latest technology. For this reason, patients will be able to see the best results before the operation. Doctors are experienced and successful doctors in their field. Successful treatments emerge with the combination of good and successful doctors and quality devices.

Non-treatment costs are cheaper

In other countries, you will have to spend thousands of Euros for your accommodation, nutrition and transportation needs other than treatment. In Turkey, these needs will cost much less. It offers accommodation in a luxury hotel in Turkey (1 euro, 16 TL) for 60 euros, all inclusive.

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