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Dental implants are treatments that often require high costs, so it is important to get them at a Cheapest price. The cost of dental implant treatments varies from country to country. Therefore, you can continue reading our content to find out the country where you can get the most affordable treatments. At the same time, you should not forget that it is important to get dental implants at affordable prices, as well as from successful surgeons. Otherwise, the probability of experiencing many risks will increase. Do you know the country where you can get treatments at both affordable prices and extremely successful and high quality?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a dental procedure used in the treatment of missing teeth. Missing teeth are problems that reduce a person’s quality of life and their treatment is important. This condition, which can be quite challenging both while eating and talking, is very easy to treat with sojn technology. You can have new teeth that are strong and easy to use by getting dental implant treatment.

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Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

Dental implants are more troublesome than other dental treatments. There is also a specific time to do it. Although there are types that can be done on the same day, months are required for the original treatment. On the other hand, surgical screws are used in treatments. These screws are called implants. This is another reason why implants can be expensive. Good implant brands should be preferred so that successful treatments should be obtained.

Since the prices of these implants are high, they also affect the treatment prices. At the same time, the country where you will receive treatment is also important in the price of implant treatments. If you get treatment in a country with a high cost of living, prices will be higher.

Which Is The Cheapest Country For Dental Implants

For most countries, the answer to this question is Turkey. Compared to many countries in the world, Turkey provides the cheapest implant treatments. For this reason, there are many patients who come to Turkey for implant treatment.
Thanks to its low cost of living and extremely high exchange rate, Turkey is able to offer high quality dental implant treatments to foreign patients at the most affordable prices.

Although there are a few countries with prices close to Turkey, it would be best to choose Turkey among these countries.If you say why?

Getting successful treatments is as important as getting dental implant treatments at an affordable price. For this reason, cheap prices should not be the only factor you care about when choosing a country for dental implants. At the same time, there should be a country that offers quality and successful treatments. Therefore, before choosing countries with prices close to Turkey, you should make sure that they can offer successful treatments.

Countries That Provide Affordable Dental Implant Treatment

Affordable implant treatments vary from person to person. Compared to a country like Germany, for example, Mexico is solid in fairly affordable treatments. But there are also more suitable ones. Therefore, it is possible to get the most affordable implant treatments in India and Turkey. However, in implant treatments, getting successful treatments is as important as the price. For this reason, we do not recommend that you choose to receive treatment in India;
In order for the implants to be successful, treatment should be taken from successful and experienced surgeons.
Implant treatments should be taken in hygienic treatment environments.

These are the two necessary factors for you not to receive implant treatments from India.
It is difficult to find experienced surgeons in India. Because the people of the country do not receive dental implant treatment in India in order to have a high success rate of the treatments. On the other hand, India is a country that often provides treatment with its own implant brands. This is a feature that makes the treatment success rate uncertain.

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

Treatment should be taken in hygienic treatment environments. This is a feature that is not very believed in India. As you know, India is a country that pays not attention to cleanliness and hygiene in general. This of course is reflected in the Clinics. If you get a dental implant at any dental clinic in India, your chances of getting an infection will be extremely high. This will result in painful treatments and you will likely need new treatments.

CountrySingle ImplantAll on 4/6/8
Bulgaria$700$3,200 – $7,200
Cambodia$1,000$8,000 – $12,000
Colombia$700$6,300 – $11,500
Costa Rica$750$10,000 – $20,000
Hungary$790$5,200 – $9,000
India$418$4,000 – $8,000
Mexico$790$7,000 – $11,200
Philippines$1,000$7,500 – $12,000
Romania$600$4,700 – $14,000
Thailand$757$7,600 – $15,000
Turkey$230$1.700– $7,000
Vietnam$700$5,800 – $14,000

Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is a frequently preferred destination for affordable and quality dental implants. Thanks to the low cost of living and high exchange rate, foreign patients can get quality dental implants at affordable prices. It is very easy to get successful dental implant treatments in this country, which takes all kinds of care in dental implant treatments. You can contact us to get the best treatments from the best surgeons in Turkey. Thus, you can have healthy teeth for life by getting successful treatments instead of receiving uncertain quality treatments in other countries.

Hygiene is important in Turkey. Unlike India, Turkey is a country that gives importance to cleanliness and hygiene more than anything else. There are even idioms that describe it. This shows how much importance is given to hygiene in the clinics where you will receive treatment. In addition, another necessary factor for successful dental implant treatments is the use of original dental implants. You can confirm this factor by undergoing treatment in Turkey. Dental clinics in Turkey provide treatment with original certified dental implants. These treatments are a factor that greatly affects the success rate.

At the same time, Turkey is a country that is frequently preferred in dental implant treatments. This has allowed doctors to gain experience in dental implant treatments. Thus, you can guarantee your success by getting Turkey dental implant treatment.

Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

Although Turkey is generally a cheap country, there are of course countries that provide higher-priced treatment. However, you do not have to pay high prices to receive successful treatments in Turkey. For this reason, you can contact us to get treatment with the best price guarantee.

We ensure that you receive treatment at the location you want in Turkey at the best prices. Thus, you save more. At the same time, do not forget that you will receive treatment from the most successful surgeons. As Curebooking, our dental implant prices start from 199€. Pretty good price isn’t it?
You can call us for successful dental implant treatments. Our 24/7 hotline is waiting for you to answer all your questions and prepare a treatment plan.

Cheapest Price

Why is Dental Implant Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

Exchange Rate: The exchange rate in Turkey is extremely high. As of April 2022, Euro: 15.71, Dollar: 14.82 This increases the purchasing power of foreign patients considerably. Thus, patients can have dental implant treatments at a more affordable price compared to other countries.

Low Cost of Living: Cost of living is low in Turkey. Considering the earnings and expenses of the dental clinic, this ensures that its expenses are much less than in other countries. In other words, if the clinic’s monthly expenditure is 10,000 Euros in any country, this price is 1,000 Euros in Turkey. This ensures that treatments can be offered to patients at no extra cost.

Demand for Dentists: Turkey is a highly preferred country in the field of health. Patients who want to be treated in Turkey receive treatment in many locations such as Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir. The demand for patients also creates competition among dental clinics. This will allow clinics to provide treatment at more affordable prices to attract more patients.

Does Cheap Dental Implant Mean Poor Quality?

In fact, the cost of living in many countries causes the cost of dental implant treatments to be high. This leads to the assumption that the cheapness of dental implant treatments in Turkey is related to their poor quality. However, this is not true. Because in many other countries, dental implant prices on the market are extremely high. Of course, you may think that getting a cheap dental implant among these high prices can be risky.

However, the reason for the reasonable prices in Turkey is also stated above. For this reason, it is not possible for the dental implant treatments you will receive in Turkey to be of poor quality. This is only normal in the Turkish economy. But of course, you should never consider getting such affordable dental implant treatments in a different country as this can result in really poor quality dental implants. The fact that you can get cheap dental implants in Turkey is irrelevant to its quality.

Reviews of Patients with Dental Implants in Turkey

I took a dental implant in Mexico. I thought it was pretty affordable. However, my infection did not go away after the treatment. So my implants had to be removed. I decided to take this transaction with Curebooking in Turkey. Because my friends always recommend it. I finally went and was greeted in a wonderful way. My implant was removed 3 months ago and they started drug treatment. I will be in Turkey again in 3 days to get my new implants. They are a very caring team and work very hygienically. My wife will also receive implant treatment with me. We were very satisfied with the service and treatments. We also recommend it to you.
I searched so much, but the best prices were in Turkey. I’ve read dozens of comments. There is no one in Turkey who regrets having an implant. Everyone is quite satisfied. I also decided to get implants in Turkey and I received treatment in Turkey. They’re pretty good at this.