Dental Centers Turkey Price List

Dental Centers Turkey

Turkey dental centers are places that foreign patients often prefer to receive dental treatment. If you examine the UK dental treatment prices or Germany dental treatment prices, it is possible to see how affordable the dental treatment prices in Turkey. In many countries of the world, many dental treatments have extremely high prices. This, of course, causes the patients to want to save money by getting treatment in different countries.

In this case, the first country that comes to mind is Turkey. Because Turkey shem is a country that provides services with highly sophisticated equipment and can provide these treatments at the best prices. You can continue to read our content to get detailed information about the treatment prices of dental clinics in Turkey.

Dental Centers Turkey Which Treatments Can Be Taken?

If you have seen or heard of the treatment prices of Turkey dental centers, are implants that cheap too? It is perfectly normal to ask questions such as whether full mouth dental veneers are made. Yes. In Turkey dental centers, it is possible to get all the treatments you can get from UK dental clinics. Turkey dental clinics provide treatments at world health standards. In addition, you should know that it has clinics that are not yet available in many countries and dental clinics, but are equipped to make same day dental implants . Therefore, whatever you expect from dental treatments, you should know that you can get all treatments in dental centers in Turkey.

Antalya Dental Clinics

Are Turkey Dental Centers Reliable?

Turkey dental centers have all kinds of equipment. For this reason, they can provide the treatment that patients want in the best way. In addition, most of the dental centers in Turkey have health tourism authorization certificates. This of course means that there are clinics inspected and approved by the Turkish Government. In short, Turkey dental centers are inspected twice a year, once every 6 months. If any illegal or harmful products are found during this examination, this dental center will be closed. This, of course, enables foreign patients to be treated safely in Turkey.

In addition, foreign national patients are considered health tourists if they are being treated at Turkey dental centers or if they are in Turkey for another treatment. In this case, thanks to the laws to protect health tourists, they can defend all their legal rights in any case. However, you can be sure that you will be treated without any problems at the dental centers in Turkey. Even if there are problems, they will be fixed by the clinic without the need for legal action. So you don’t have to worry.

Antalya Dental Centres

Antalya Dental Centers is one of the most preferred dental centers by patients. Antalya is a city that turns into a very active and fun holiday destination in the summer months. Of course, this is a very unique opportunity for patients who want to both take a vacation and receive dental treatment. Antalya dental centers, as in all of Turkey, are highly equipped and provide treatment to patients with great comfort and hygiene.

In addition, the fact that most of the best dental clinics are located in the same location as Antalya Hotels allows patients to reach the clinic without long journeys between the hotel and the clinic. You can also contact us for treatment at Antalya Dental Centers.

Turkey Dental Clinics

Istanbul Dental Center

Istanbul is the first stop for most tourists who come to Turkey on vacation. Tourists coming to Istanbul airport continue their holidays in other cities after spending their holidays in Istanbul. Istanbul is also Turkey’s largest and most populous city. Therefore, it is of course easy to find many dental centers for patients. Istanbul Dental Centers are generally successful dental centers with technological equipment. You can also contact us for treatment at Istanbul dental centers. At the same time, you should know that Istanbul Dental Centers have the most affordable treatment prices.

Turkey Dental Centers Starting Prices

Treatment Types£GBP€EURO $USD
Dental Implant£170€199$210
Metal Porcelain Veneers£70€85$90
Zirconium Crowns / Veneers£110€130$140
Monolithic Crowns /
Full Veneers
E-Max Crowns Full Veneers£245€290$300
E-Max Laminate Veneers£190€225$240
Composite Veneers£115€135$140
Tooth Extraction£30€35$40
Surgical Tooth Extraction£70€80$85
White Filling£40€50$55
Dental Post£50€55$65
Root Canal Treatment
For Single-Rooted Tooth
Root Canal Treatment
For Double-Rooted Tooth
Teeth Cleaning£45€55$60
Deep Cleaning£70€80$85
Laser Gum Treatment£235€280$300
Mould Guard£50€55$60
Laser Teeth Whitening
– Full Mouth
Full Mouth Treatments
E-Max Crowns
20 Unit Fees
E-Max Crowns
16 Unit Fees
Zirconium Veneers
16 Unit Fees
Zirconium Veneers
20 Unit Fees
All on 4 Treatment
4 Implants / 14 Crowns
All on 6 Treatment
6 Implants / 14 Crowns

No Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are tricks many dental centers use to attract patients. Dental centers post prices that are too low to be true and let patients call them. Then, some additional costs are requested from the patients at the end of the treatment. In this case, of course, the patient has to pay the money. Whereas with Curebooking we have never had any hidden costs. We share with our patients that the starting prices above may vary from person to person.

At the next dental consultation, we present what treatments the patient needs and wait for the patient’s decision, and this is how the actual price comes out. Otherwise, other clinics unfortunately say a dental implant is €250 and in the middle of treatment they charge €240 for a dental prosthesis and €80 for an abuntment. This, of course, causes patients to have to pay these costs. But you should know that there are no hidden costs for us. The price given to you before the treatment will be the same at the end of the treatment.

Free Accommodation

Although not all dental clinics, dental clinics or medical tourism companies contracted with some agencies offer free accommodation to patients with affordable dental treatments. We, as Curebooking, have accommodation options for patients who want package service. If patients prefer package services, they pay full price for accommodation in high standard hotels, VIP transportation and all treatment expenses.

Thus, it does not pay any additional cost and can finish dental treatments at much more affordable prices. In addition, patients should know that if they want to have dental treatment in a different clinic, with accommodation and transportation costs, you will pay much more than the requested price for package services.

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