Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Turkey

The Importance of Choosing a Doctor in Hair Transplantation

Although there are many details that patients should pay attention to in hair transplantation treatments, the most important point is of course the choice of clinic and doctor. Hair Transplantation treatments are extremely important. You should be very careful after this procedure on your scalp. You must not be aware of the importance of doing the treatment in a sterile area. The importance of choosing a doctor is of course different. Because the grooving process in hair transplant treatments is mostly done by nurses. However, this is extremely wrong. For this reason, you can also contact us for hair transplantation treatments that you are sure of the doctor.

Who will open the channel in hair transplantation?

It is very important to open channels in hair transplantation treatments. The hair will be aligned in the direction where the channel opens. For this reason, it is extremely important for an experienced surgeon to do this job. However, many clinics leave the root canal opening to the nurse, which is a very wrong move. The opening of the canal by the nurse can bring along a risky treatment, but it can also give unnatural results.

What happens if the channel is not opened correctly in hair transplantation?

If the canal is not opened correctly, it is important that you have an unnatural appearance in hair transplantation. Therefore, regardless of the technique, it is important to have the root canal procedure done by a surgeon.

Will Hair Transplant Treatment Look Natural?

The natural appearance of the Hair Transplant treatment depends on the hair transplant doctor. If you receive treatment from a good hair transplant doctor, the results will be natural and the direction of the hair will look natural. We want you to know that we work with the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. You can also send us a message for natural hair that looks good.