Stomach Botox Price Comparison Romania And Turkey 2022

Stomach botox, preferred by many patients with weight problems, is one of the most preferred stomach operations in Turkey. You can have detailed information by reading our Romania and Turkey comparison article.

What Is Stomach(Gastric) Botox?

Although it is a non-surgical weight loss method, it is easier and less risky than many other weight loss treatments. It is a new weight loss method applied by injecting Botulinum toxin endoscopically to certain parts of the stomach. Thus, the contraction of the stomach muscles is reduced, the gastric emptying time is delayed and the patient experiences loss of appetite, thus weight loss is achieved.

Who Can Have Stomach Botox?

Stomach botox is a suitable method for patients whose body mass index is below 40 and who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise. In patients with stomach ulcers or gastritis, these diseases are treated first and then botox is applied. Every patient who meets these criteria can have stomach botox.

How to calculate BMI?

For someone who is 100 kilos and 1.80 tall, you can do the calculation as follows.

1.8 x 1.8 = 3.24

100 / 3.24 = 30.8

BMI = 30.8

Is Gastric Botox A Safe Procedure?

Gastric botox is the safest method compared to many weight loss treatment procedures. This procedure, which does not require any surgery, works with fluid injected into the stomach. In general, there is no harm to the stomach. By working the stomach muscles less, it gives a feeling of satiety for a longer time with less food, so that the patient loses weight. However, the clinic chosen for treatment is still very important. Consideration should be given to the clinic’s previous work and previous patient satisfaction.

stomach botox

Getting Gastric Botox In Romania

In addition to not being a preferred country for gastric botox, patients undergoing treatment get results below their expectations. It cannot be said that they are very successful in the field of stomach botox. gastric botox prices in Romania are quite high compared to many countries. Although they do not provide a quality treatment, the high prices are another reason why they are not preferred.

Stomach Botox Cost In Romania

The average cost of stomach botox injection is around 7000 euros in Romania, which is not a preferred country considering its quality.

In Which Countries Outside Romania Can I Get Quality Treatment?

Stomach botox treatment can be taken in many countries other than Romania, but care should be taken as the subject is health. Citizens from many countries generally prefer Turkey for the most appropriate and quality treatments in health tourism.
Clinics in Turkey are the locations that provide the most devoted treatment to the patient and work with first class products. For this reason, Turkey can be preferred for stomach botox procedure. Patients who receive stomach botox treatment in Turkey mostly return to their countries satisfied.

Stomach Botox In Turkey

Stomach botox procedure is very successful in Turkey. It is one of the treatment methods preferred by patients who have had difficulty in losing weight in recent years and who stop losing weight after a while despite dieting and doing sports. Turkey will enable you to reach your desired weight easily with first-class treatment methods and state-of-the-art devices.

Is it risky to have stomach botox in Turkey?

Turkey is a highly developed country in the field of health. It is one of the locations where you can get the best quality treatment compared to many countries. Having stomach botox in Turkey is an extremely risk-free method, with the right application, you can lose weight quite easily, you will not have any problems, but of course, it is important to get the best treatment in Turkey. Let’s look at how you can choose the right clinic.

How Do I Choose The Right Clinic For Stomach Botox In Turkey ?

Good treatments are widely available in Turkey, but below-market or above-market prices are the first indication that it is the wrong clinic for you. At the same time, it is important that the clinics you prefer have a health tourism authorization certificate. Clinics with health tourism authorization certificate are inspected by the Turkish State and show that they get successful results with appropriate treatments. For this reason, it is a feature that you should pay attention to in your clinical preferences.
If you haven’t chosen the right clinic for yourself yet, you can contact us and get treatment in Turkey’s best clinics.

Stomach Botox Costs In Turkey

Turkey’s generally low cost of living and the high exchange rate make stomach botox prices very affordable. As curebooking, the price we offer for you is 850 euros for stomach botox only. We have a package price of only 1100 euro for stomach botox, hotel and transfer. You can call us for more information and to ask your questions.

Why Curebooking?

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