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Gastric Botox In Istanbul- Cost And Faqs

For people who travel to Turkey for weight loss treatments, stomach Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical weight loss procedures. As stomach botox is a safe alternative for those who are afraid of anesthesia, it is a popular non-surgical weight loss technique. He makes the trip to Turkey for stomach botox because he gets the greatest results. Turkish Stomach Botox prices are reasonable as compared to those in other nations. It is therefore strongly favored. Of course, there are other factors as well. Also, it has the best processing.

In particular when compared to the States and England, Turkey is the most ideal alternative for Stomach Botox because the average cost is 1255 €. In Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir, we perform stomach Botox procedures; you can select the best solution for you.

What is Gastric Botox?

The protein in botox comes from bacteria. In addition to several urological disorders, it is frequently used to treat neurological diseases and excessive perspiration. On the other hand, new research has shown that patients can benefit from weight loss programs and Botox injections. A patient who receives Botox injections can permanently lose weight with a change in lifestyle.

In order to lessen the strain on the stomach muscles, the gastric Botox procedure includes injecting Botox into particular regions of the stomach. As a result, the stomach slows down the digesting process. It is therefore an easy-to-use weight-loss method that tries to lengthen the interval between hunger and fullness.

Not everyone receives the same dosage of stomach-area Botox injections. Because of this, each patient’s treatment plan and Botox dosage is different. The most frequent reasons for unsuccessful applications are ill-intentioned actions and bad procedures.

Certain stomach regions can have their nerves blocked with botox injections. This will only happen once. In order for the patient to eat a meatball or a bowl of yogurt and feel satisfied for a very long time, it is important to suppress appetite and delay stomach motility. There hasn’t been any significant stomach injury reported in the scientific literature.

How is Gastric Botox Done?

After the required exams and blood tests, patients are directed toward the laparoscopic unit. Prior to the surgery, an endoscopy is conducted to thoroughly inspect the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum. If no issues are discovered, the doctor proceeds with the procedure.

Doctors employ the endoscopic technique to directly access the stomach with the aid of an anesthesiologist. The Botulinum toxin causes the patient to experience prolonged periods of hunger, appetite control, and quick satiety. If the muscles that control stomach contractions aren’t able to complete their job, food can remain in the stomach for a very long time. Endoscopic procedures can be used to complete the process, doing away with the requirement for surgery and specialized preparation. It can also be finished in about 10 to 15 minutes. Within 1-2 hours, the individual can continue his social life.

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What are the Gastric Botox Risks?

No major stomach Botox damage has been documented in the literature because stomach Botox usage is a common endoscopic procedure. However, there are a few, albeit modest, hazards associated with gastric Botox.

  • Avoid the procedure if you have a muscular disorder or a botox allergy.
  • Sedative-related adverse effects from this procedure include nausea, fever, and vomiting. It can occasionally result in bleeding. (Rare)
  • Despite being a safe surgery, stomach botox injections can have major side effects include muscular atrophy, double vision, and breathing difficulties. (Fairly Rare)
  • Moreover, botox can migrate from the place of injection to other regions of the body, but this only occurs when working with dishonest medical professionals.
  • Only a small minority of patients (8–10%) may develop transitory, mild nausea for two to three weeks following the surgery. This negative effect, meanwhile, is considerably less severe than those experienced after stomach reduction or the gastric sleeve procedures.
  • Keep in mind that the body loses the full effects of the medicine stomach botox after 4-6 months. There is therefore no chance of long-term harm.
  • Botox for the stomach is used to block the nerves in certain stomach regions. This process is only temporary. In order to sometimes feel satisfied for a very long time with a meatball or a bowl of yogurt, the patient’s appetite is suppressed and their stomach motility is slowed. As of now, it hasn’t been demonstrated in academic studies that it seriously damages the stomach.
  • The adverse consequences of stomach botox include gastrointestinal perforation, myocardial infarction, respiratory depression, cardiac slowdown, and neurological complications. Examining the medical literature reveals that stomach botox, which is injected without surgical incisions and only affects the function of the gastric smooth muscle, has no negative effects.

How is the Gastric Botox Recovery Process?

A feeling of hunger and satiety emerges after 2 and 3 days, respectively. The patient should only consume liquid foods on the first day following the applications. See a doctor if you are concerned about anything.

Given that the effects of Botox endure for six months, patients are given unique diet programs to adhere to in order to alter their eating habits throughout this time. Every one of our patients receives dietary restrictions along with gastric Botox. In order to significantly alter dietary habits, gastric Botox is combined with diet and exercise because it is insufficient when used alone.

The effects of botox remain for 4-6 months. Our doctors can lose up to 20–25 pounds during this time if they pay attention to their nutrition and take use of these advantages. To ensure that our patients obtain proper nutritional advice and do not desire a repeat of this operation, it should only be used once. If necessary, the treatment will be repeated six months later.

Why Should Gastric Botox be Done in Turkey?

With regard to health, gastric Botox has no side effects or consequences. This makes it a reliable strategy with a high rate of success. Only a small minority of patients (8–10%) may feel nausea for the first two to three weeks following the surgery. This is less of a problem in Turkey. because of the extensive experience of our professionals.

The whole effects of cannabis on the stomach should be kept in mind. In 4-6 months, the body gets rid of Botox. There is therefore no chance of long-term damage. Even though it does, our doctors will act right away to stop it.

What are the side effects of gastric Botox?

Gastric Botox may have unwanted side effects, just like any medical therapy. Bloating, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain are a few typical adverse effects.

More severe issues like infection, muscular weakness, and swallowing difficulties can occasionally develop. It is vital to be informed of the potential risks because these issues may necessitate additional medical treatment and could be quite dangerous.

The potential advantages and disadvantages of gastric Botox should be thoroughly discussed with a weight loss specialist in order to decide if it is the best option for you.

How much Does Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey?

A sizable number of people visit Turkey each year for medical care. The reasonable costs, highly qualified medical professionals, and distinctive medical services offered in Turkey are the causes of this.

In Turkey, bariatric treatments have recently grown in popularity. Gastric Botox is one of these weight-loss uses. The price of stomach Botox varies based on how much Botox you need, the doctor’s qualifications, and the clinic’s location.

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Gastric Botox in Cost in Turkey vs UK

It’s important to keep in mind that there is a lot of misinformation online while comparing Gastric Botox prices. So you should constantly look for accurate information from dependable sources. There are many good hospitals and doctors in Turkey, but you should be wary of the false information that is spread there. In Turkey, the procedure also costs more.

Also, if the clinic employs the top medical professionals, you can anticipate lower treatment costs. A quality clinic will have knowledgeable employees and hygienic surroundings.

The best doctors in the world are in Turkey, which is also a reasonable alternative. You can save thousands of dollars by receiving your medical care in Turkey. In addition, you won’t have to worry about paying thousands of Euros for gastric botox in Turkey.

If you choose to have surgery in Turkey, you can anticipate lesser costs as well. Turkish medical tourism was worth 100% in 2021. The nation is anticipated to rank as the second-most popular location in Europe for cosmetic surgery by 2022.

Turkey not only has affordable prices, but also has extremely skilled surgeons. The technique for a gastric balloon can be carried out with the utmost safety, and it is exactly the same in Turkey and the UK. If you choose the correct surgeon, the treatment could change your life.

In comparison to the UK and the US, Turkey offers gastric botox at a substantially reduced price. Although the price of gastric botox varies from nation to country, it generally ranges from 5000 dollars. The surgery does, however, come with some hazards. Moreover, complications could result in bleeding, respiratory issues, or even an upper digestive tract rip.

Gastric Botox FAQs

What is the payment plan options for Gastric Botox?

There are numerous ways to pay for a gastric Botox surgery for those who are thinking about it. While some service providers have a set payment schedule, others have flexible schedules. Depending on the provider, the payment options can range from monthly payments to full payment.

There are several ways to pay for the procedure, including cash, credit card, and bank transfer. During their clinic visit, many patients choose to pay via bank transfer.

One of the top locations for weight loss treatments, such as gastric Botox, is Turkey. Turkey is a well-liked location for medical tourism due to its affordable living expenses, affordable treatment charges, and highly qualified medical professionals.

Does Gastric Botox come under insurance?

In Turkey, gastric Botox is not covered by insurance. Nevertheless, don’t let this deceive you; the procedure is quite reasonably priced and you won’t need your insurance.

The price of this surgery varies significantly based on the clinic’s location, the quantity of Botox needed, and the doctor’s level of training. An excellent clinic will have qualified medical staff and sanitary amenities.

Why is Gastric Botox cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey is the greatest location for receiving gastric Botox since there, patients can receive the best care at the most affordable prices. Turkish clinics provide a wide range of therapeutic therapies and excellent patient care.

Each year, tens of thousands of Europeans and Americans travel to Turkey for the treatment. In Turkey, highly skilled surgeons and medical professionals administer Botox treatments.

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Can I get finance for Gastric Botox Surgery ?

You might be asking if you can acquire financing for stomach Botox if you want to lose weight with this procedure. This method of weight loss is popular with many people. It is not, however, the only choice that exists.

Regrettably, you won’t be able to afford the operation; nevertheless, given how inexpensive it is, you’ll still be able to accomplish your aim.

Moreover, attempt to locate a medical professional with expertise in botox injections. Given that some medical experts charge more than others, this may be significant.

What is the death rate of Gastric Botox Surgery ?

It does have some negative side effects, though. Although they are uncommon, some patients have complained of nausea and intestinal blockage. It’s possible that some patients will have to stay the night at the hospital.

When we look at the history of this procedure for about 6 years, we have not encountered any death cases; if we need to give a general rate, we can evaluate it as 0.1% due to natural causes. The procedure is performed under light sedation and is safe; you won’t experience a great risk in the anesthesia part since you are not under general anesthesia.

Is There an Age Limit for this Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is the place to go if you’re looking for an economical weight-loss option. It provides an affordable technique with good quality. In truth, a number of EU citizens have chosen to have their medical care in Turkey, although this surgery requires that you be at least 18 years old.

However, not everyone should use gastric Botox. Botox allergies or serious muscle diseases should prevent someone from having the procedure. Similarly, everyone who has ever had an ulcer needs to get help right away.

What is the percent chance that surgery Gastric Botox will go wrong?

Although Gastric Botox has no known side effects, the risk is incredibly low. Your surgeon will take all essential safety measures prior to the procedure and will provide you with a list of instructions to follow both before and after the procedure.

As the patient has a cardiac issue, the rate of something going wrong spontaneously is calculated at 0.1%, which results in a small heart attack.

Don’t worry; after you’ve had a number of tests, your surgeon and anesthesiologist will confirm whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Is there any serious problem after surgery?

A botulinum toxin is injected into the stomach during gastric Botox. Acetylcholine’s neurotransmitter is blocked by this chemical. Due to improper stomach muscle contraction, the patient experiences prolonged feelings of fullness. As a result, fewer calories are consumed.

A person may have some slight pain and nausea in the first several weeks following the treatment. The majority of individuals, however, do not have any issues.

Despite the rarity of stomach Botox adverse effects, you should always speak with your doctor if you experience any discomfort following the operation. Stool softeners should be tried if you have constipation. Moreover, you should exercise caution when consuming large quantities of food and liquids.

Does prices includes flight and hotels ?

93% of patients traveling to Turkey for this procedure prefer all-inclusive packages, with the VIP transfer service being one of the main factors. With this service, patients are picked up from the airport and transported in a safe and pleasant manner to their hotels and then to their clinics.

About the package’s contents, you will receive a customized diet and fitness regimen, VIP transfer service, and post-operative consultation.

Sadly, all-inclusive packages do not include your travel and lodging expenses.

How Long After Gastric Botox Can I Swim & Do Exercise?

When should you start exercising again after gastric botox? Indeed, the solution is fairly straightforward. sooner is preferable. Following gastric botox, it will be advisable for you to support it with exercise. It will help you lose weight while also increasing your daytime productivity. The same is entirely true when swimming. After taking a day of relaxation, you can swim with ease.

What Are The Requirements For A Gastric Botox ?

The patient’s medical history will be reviewed by the doctor before the surgery. In addition, he will do a physical examination and several tests. The doctor will determine if the patient is a good candidate based on the test findings.

Not everyone should have stomach botox done. This procedure should not be used on people who have severe weight problems or Botox allergies.

Gastric Botox can be a successful weight loss procedure for people with a BMI of between 27 and 35. However, those who have a BMI of 40 or higher are ineligible.

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