Tummy Tuck Turkey Reviews

What Is Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, often known as a tummy tuck in Turkey, is a significant plastic surgery procedure used to remove extra skin and belly fat. Additionally, it aids in regaining the strength of the abdominal wall muscles, which are notably divided during childbirth. The only solution is belly fat removal surgery when people try their hardest to exercise and eat right but still can’t get a flat tummy.

In Turkey, liposuction and stomach tuck procedures work swiftly and effectively to deliver the desired results. Tummy tuck surgery is done under general anesthesia, and the physician makes the appropriate incisions through which to complete the procedure. Depending on each patient’s health, the treatment lasts between two and four hours. However, if belly liposuction is also performed in Turkey, it should take an additional hour or so.

Abdominoplasty In Turkey

One of the most prevalent complaints involves the abdominal area because it can be challenging to reduce belly fat or tighten sagging skin in this area. People who want to have a thinner waist and flat stomach first choose belly fat removal surgery, specifically tummy liposuction, when exercise or diets do not work. This procedure may remove a significant quantity of body fat, but in some circumstances particularly when the candidate needs skin reduction in addition to fat tissue—belly fat removal should be paired with a tummy tuck.

In Turkey, an abdominal plasty entails the removal of extra skin, stomach muscles, and belly fat. Istanbul has long been a favorite location for travelers looking for inexpensive belly fat removal overseas. Talented plastic surgeons in Turkey combine belly liposuction and tummy tuck surgery to produce amazing results. In addition to the excellent operational services we provide to our clients, we also provide extra services that raise patient satisfaction and pleasure levels.

Panniculectomy Cost Turkey

What is the price of having a stomach tuck abroad? is the biggest concern of individuals considering the procedure. Many people like plastic surgery in Turkey, not just for the fascinating surgical outcomes but also for the low cost of procedures like liposuction and stomach tucks.

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most popular operations in Turkey as well as throughout the world because abdominal abnormalities are one of the most prevalent disorders throughout time. On the other hand, we feel that by offering high levels of client satisfaction and incredibly low stomach tuck prices in Turkey, we have contributed to the success of surgeries.

Panniculectomy costs in the UK can be concerning. We guarantee to provide you with the greatest stomach tuck procedure in Turkey with an all-inclusive package that includes nearly everything you may require, such as lodging and airport transfers, as we are funded by the government.

Simply get in touch with us to learn more about the average cost of belly liposuction, loose skin surgery, and tummy tucks in Turkey.

Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons In Turkey

We provide our patients with high-quality plastic procedures because of our experts, who are certified and known internationally. Our surgeons are carefully chosen, taking into account their professional backgrounds and extensive international experience. As a consequence of their training, experience, and specialization in their disciplines, our doctors are the greatest plastic surgeons in Turkey.

Depending on what you want from your Turkey tummy tuck procedure, our skilled and experienced surgeons will design your tailored treatment plan prior to the procedure and work with you to achieve the finest results possible.

Tummy Tuck Clinic

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to realize that a tummy tuck in Istanbul is possible and would help you to get the flat stomach of your dreams when deciding to have tummy tuck surgery? Of course, undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad is a growing trend.

Turkey has, nevertheless, proven to be the greatest location for tummy tucks. Thousands of foreign patients visit cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey each year, and both belly liposuction and tummy tuck procedures, which are carried out by qualified plastic surgeons at reasonable Turkish stomach tuck costs, make extensive use of the most recent techniques and technologies.

The most popular aesthetic procedures worldwide are stomach tucks, and Turkey has emerged as one of the top destinations due to its skilled surgeons, effective treatments, and incredibly reasonable prices.

How much is a Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Our patients do not need to be concerned about the cost of the Tummy Tuck in Istanbul. Comparatively speaking to other countries, Turkey is a more affordable nation. The quality of the procedure is unaffected by the price of stomach tucks in Turkey. We can assure you that your stomach tuck will be performed expertly and affordably. Average prices start at 2600€.

Why Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

  • Cosmetic doctors that specialize in complete and minor stomach tucks.
  • Hospitals that have received international accreditation.
  • Scars are minimal and almost undetectable.
  • Recovery time is short.
  • Latest Tummy Tuck techniques
  • Affordable Tummy Tuck cost in Turkey
  • Favorable Tummy Tuck reviews from past clients in Turkey
  • Tummy Tuck post-operative care is very supportive in Turkey
  • You can combine Tummy Tuck with Tourism in Turkey

Top surgeons in Turkey do Tummy Tucks, which is one of Turkey’s best known cosmetic surgery procedures. Turkey Hospitals are aware of how crucial it is to offer customers high-quality goods at fair prices. Because patient happiness is our main priority, they provide complete and mini-stomach tucks in Turkey with the best tummy tuck surgeons in top recognized facilities.

Is tummy tuck safe in Turkey?

Turkey is among the top cities in the world for cosmetic surgery due to a number of factors. There are several top-notch medical facilities in Turkey that are outfitted with the most up-to-date tools and equipment for cosmetic surgery, and they rely on highly skilled medical personnel. Around 99.5% of stomach surgeries in Turkey are successful. So, having a belly tuck in Turkey is safe.

Tummy Tuck Technologies in Turkey

The best cosmetic surgery facilities in the world use the most recent tummy tuck surgery techniques, and Turkey is reliant on modern methods and models for cosmetic procedures, particularly tummy tuck surgery. Turkey also keeps up with technological advancements and all the latest in the field of plastic surgery. In Turkey, there are two different types of belly tucks:

  • A minor abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a partial tummy tuck, is carried out on patients who have a trace amount of sub-abdominal fat. The operation can be completed in as little as two hours after the physician trims the belly button and eliminates the extra fat.
  • Full abdominoplasty, which entails cutting the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and reshaping the skin and muscle, is equivalent to a complete tummy tuck. This procedure involves dissolving fat beneath the skin, followed by suctioning. It is done on those who have large deposits of fat around their waist and abdomen.

General anaesthetic is used for tummy tuck surgery in Turkey, allowing the patient to doze off throughout the process. Depending on the patient’s condition and the quantity of extra fat, the procedure may take an hour to five hours, and the patient may need to spend the night in the hospital.

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Tummy Tuck Turkey Reviews

Whole experience was amazing from the initial contact, trough full event organization and recovery process. Everything is done on very high level and very professional. The outcome of the surgery is exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. I felt safe and well taken care off and would highly recommend it to everyone who is considering something simular.

From start to finish, I was amazed over how amazing and transparent everything was. The doctor and nurses were amazing and the same for the assistants who provided info every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I’m well under way on my journey now and can’t wait to see how well the results will be.

I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I had my surgeries in this clinic ( tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast reduction and lifting) performed by experts who are very friendly and kind.

I’m super happy with my results, especially my tummy because that’s why I decided to do the surgery in the first place. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Tummy Tuck Turkey Bad Reviews

Tried to get a quote for surgery. I was told that I need to send pictures but after explaining the surgery hadn’t been completed yet so no pictures could be sent they say they couldn’t hive me a price. After explaining that I was just needing a price to save up for the company said they weren’t able to give me a maximum that it could cost. Very unhelpful and rude WhatsApp handler. Better companies out there especially after reading some reviews and the companies replies

Hello my name is Songul I had a tummy tuck operation with Avrupamed in February 2022 and straight after my tummy tuck when I first saw my stomach I realised that something wasn’t right. They had not done a full tummy tuck like I had requested them to, my belly button was still the same. I was very confused and while there I complained about this and they assured me that my belly would look perfect once it’s all healed and the swelling is all down, I had no choice but to trust them because it was done. 6 months and all I can see is loose skin all over my stomach still, I paid £2100 for a full tummy tuck to get a tight belly and new belly button but I came out look pretty much the same. I have been in contact with them for the past 6 months and all I’ve been getting is disrespectful and false responses. They have blamed me for the type of horrible job that they have done, they refuse to fix the mistake that they have made and take responsibility for it. They have done nothing but mentally put me in a very bad place and keep doing so till this day, I’ve been explaining to them and I’ve sent them numerous amount of pictures to prove the ridiculous job that the doctor has done and they had the nerve to say it’s been done fine. When I say there is hardly any difference in the appearance of my belly I mean there is hardly any difference the only thing that the doctor had done is get rid of the loose skin at the bottom of my belly but the rest of my belly is full of loose skin and it looks worse then before. Under no circumstances do I ever recommend anyone to go and get any sort of surgery done with Avrupamed. I have took so many clients to them and they made money and this is how they treated me In return and still are.

As you can see above, it is possible to see many good and bad comments. Choosing the hospital or clinic where you will receive treatment is extremely important, as seen in the comments. If you are planning to have tummy tuck treatment in Silzer in Turkey, you should definitely contact us. Otherwise, some health agencies or hospitals may provide treatments that you will not be satisfied with. This, of course, can end with a painful healing process. We, on the other hand, provide the best treatment costs for you, thanks to our experienced team.