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Turkey is a preferred location for dental care by many countries. Since dental care has many fields such as cosmetic dentistry or orthopedics, patients want to get dental care that suits their needs. In this situation, it is important to find places where they can get affordable dental care. You can learn more about getting dental care in Turkey by reading our content.

Turkey in Brief 

Turkey is a country with very successful results in the field of health. In addition to advanced health technologies, it can provide highly successful treatments with its experienced surgeons. In addition to this, it is a very preferred country in terms of tourism. This also allows patients receiving treatment in Turkey to take a vacation before or after the treatment. You too can have a holiday during Dental Care Turkey. You can have a dental holiday in Turkey by choosing Istanbul dental care, Antalya dental care and Izmir dental care.

There are many private dental clinics in Turkey. Dental clinics are constantly inspected by the state. In this way, patients receive treatment in highly supervised and successful clinics. If you want to get dental care in Turkey, you can trust Turkish dental clinics. Although not every clinic, there are many successful clinics. By sending us a message, you can guarantee to receive treatment in the best dental clinics in Turkey.

Why Visit a Dentist in Turkey?

The UK’s well-documented NHS dentistry crisis is still going strong. The British Dental Association’s most recent reports indicate that things will only grow worse. Patients do not frequently prefer NHS practices because the majority of them in England provide pricey services. Naturally, this results in the closing of dental offices. Given that many individuals are already having difficulty finding an NHS dentist, the future of oral health in the UK remains grim. While many UK residents find the cost of private dental care to be prohibitive, most individuals now understand that avoiding the dentist poses a health risk. Most individuals certainly don’t think about going to the dentist when they’re on vacation, but if this is the only way to properly maintain your dental health at the prices set by dentists in Turkey, it’s definitely worth considering.

When it comes to your oral health, of course, it is not an easy situation to get your dental treatment during the holiday. .However, it is still possible to get cheap treatments in Turkey instead of getting expensive treatments in your own country. You should know that many patients around the world travel here to get dental treatment in Turkey. This provides a great advantage in material terms. You, like many patients, are free from paying the costs in your own country by getting treatment in Turkey.

How Does the Cost of Dental Care in Turkey Compare with the UK and Ireland?

 UK Price (£)  Turkey Price (£)               Ireland Price (€)Save   
All-on-4 treatment concept16,000£4,300€17,000€73%
Root Canal1,700£312€2,000€81%
Teeth Whitening387£250€462€35%

Where to Stay in Turkey?

Wherever you want to get dental care in Turkey, you can find a hotel there. For example, there are many luxury wires in Antalya for dental care in Antalya. Or hostels. You can choose one of them. In addition, if you are planning to receive dental care in Istanbul or other cities, you can also arrange a place to stay yourself or request it from us. Depending on the request of our patients, we also provide accommodation and transfer services.

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Will I Be Safe in Turkey? 

Turkey is one of the safest places to get dental treatment. If you are planning to receive dental treatment in Turkey, you can choose us. Turkish dental clinics are under state control. The hygienic conditions and equipment of the clinlker are checked. Especially in dental clinics deviating from health tourism, supervision is more stringent. For this reason, you can get dental care in Turkey with peace of mind. You should make sure that you will not have any problems. The important point here is to choose the dental clinic. You should make sure you choose a successful dental clinic.

Is the Quality of Dental Care in Turkey Comparable to Back Home? 

Clinics serving international patients tend to be top-notch, with attentive staff providing quality as well as customer service. Of course you should always choose a reliable clinic, so booking with us is a good option. You can also contact us to get successful dental care from reliable dental clinics. Otherwise, the treatments you will receive from clinics that do not have sufficient technological equipment and experience will bother you. The problems will not end when you return to your home.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong? Is My Dental Care Guaranteed? 

Our clinics guarantee patients’ dental treatment from day one. The dental crowns you get are guaranteed for 5 years, and the dental implants are guaranteed for life. If you have any problems, you can get free retreatment. However, not every dental clinic provides this. Especially since the damage potential of the veneers is higher than the dental implants, it would be better not to work with the clinics that give you a guarantee of less than 5 years.

Do the Dentists in Turkey Speak English?

Many dental clinics in Turkey can speak English. We also provide treatment with English speaking doctors in Best dental care Antalya and Best dental Care Istanbul. You can also cry for a comfortable treatment by putting it in English. In addition to this, you should know that we also have translation services upon request.

What Payment Methods are Accepted? 

You can pay for your dental treatments in Turkey with your card. However, this will result in you paying 15% more. For this reason, cash payment is often more appropriate. You can also pay in Euro, dollar or Turkish lira.

When is the Best Time to Visit a Turkish Dentist? 

Although the summer months of July and August are the busiest for coastal resorts (and also the hottest), the south experiences warm weather all year round, even in the winter. complete beach vibe In the middle of winter, snowfall occurs in Istanbul. Because of this, summertime is the best time to receive Istanbul dental care. The best time to get dental work done in Turkey is during the summer.

Turkey is advertised as a summer holiday spot, but it’s really for the adventurous tourist who wants to explore the country’s historic sites without the oppressive heat, shop in its packed bazaars, and interact with people who may not be as busy as they are. Summer, then winter is also a great time to visit. Most of our dentists are open year-round.

best dental care in turkey

In our content, we gave information about the best times and best dental clinics for dental care in Turkey. If you are planning to receive dental care vveneers or dental implant treatment in Turkey, you can contact us. Turkey is a cheap country that is often preferred for dental treatments. For this reason, it will not be a situation that prevents you from getting both cheap and successful treatments.

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dental care turkey prices

Dental treatment prices in Turkey are quite variable. There will be huge differences between Antalya dental care prices, Istanbul dental care prices and Fethiye dental care prices. Because Istanbul is a very big city. This of course means that there are many dental clinics. This ensures competitive prices. Fethiye is a smaller city. This also affects costs.

cheap dental care turkey

If you are planning to get cheap dental treatment in Turkey, you can contact us. We are not a medical tourism company that provides treatment with the best price guarantee. We prepare treatment plans in accordance with the budgets of our patients. Thus, our patients can receive treatment at very good prices. You can also reach us for Istanbul best dental care prices or Antalya best dental care prices.

dental care turkey reviews

Thank you to all the staff at the dental…- Thankyou to all the staff at the dental clinic my teeth are superb I my treatment was done after 2 visits over a 7 month period fantastic service 2lovely holidays and about a third of the price very very pleased Frankie.
Amazing experience here at dental… -Amazing experience here at dental centre, I’m over the moon with my teeth. The centre was spotless and couldn’t fault them in anyway. Thank you so much
My Choppers – Just a great experience had a full set of implants done over 6 months 2 visits a third of the price over in the UK and the Dentist itself was like a Boutique Hotel spoke good English pick up from the hotel every day then dropped back couldn’t fault and a nice holiday at the same time 😀 👍🏻
A trustworthy journey- The personalised service and organisation of appointments and treatment is excellent. Sometimes you’re later going in than expected, but this is because the dentists go over and above to get the perfected result. Treatment can be extensive over more than 1 trip and I personally wouldn’t have done this for cosmetic reason only. However, when this is for health reasons it is more than worth it. You can put your trust in this company whatever your reason.