Dental Implants Prices In Ireland , Dental Veneers Prices In Ireland, Dental Treatments Prices In Turkey And Comments

Turkey’s place in health tourism is known. For this reason, many nationalities prefer Turkey to get dental treatments. In this article, we have discussed how people living in Ireland can save more on dental implant treatments in Turkey. You can save more money by reading the article, and you can examine the comments of patients who received dental treatments.

Dental Implant Treatments Overview

Dental health is very important in human life. The most striking part of our face is the teeth. Any problem in the teeth causes the patient to feel bad psychologically and sociologically. Sometimes broken or yellow-colored anterior teeth affect the aesthetic appearance of the patient, while sometimes a broken posterior tooth causes pain to the patient. For this reason, the only remedy for patients is to go to a dentist.

However, as it is known, Ireland is not very good in the field of health. For this reason, Irish citizens are looking for a different country for many treatments. In our article today, we will examine the advantages, risks, costs and frequently asked questions by taking the country most preferred by Irish citizens to get dental treatments.

Ireland’s Health System

When we look at Ireland’s health system, the results are worse than many other countries. There are two different types of hospitals in Ireland, public and private. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get good treatment in public hospitals. So much so that even if the Irish people, who have a serious dental problem, want to take advantage of the emergency service, this will not be possible. Because the health system of Ireland is inadequate. The number of beds in hospitals and the number of working doctors are quite low. For this reason, patients have to wait even in an emergency. This causes Irish people to receive treatments in another country for dental and other diseases.

Is It Risky To Get Dental Treatment In Ireland?

As a matter of fact, there are no big risks in getting dental treatment in Ireland. But the problem is long waiting times rather than receiving failed dental treatments. Priority is given to patients with private health insurance. This situation creates quite a problem for patients who do not have private health insurance. Getting treatmenta in private clinics is very expensive.

Patients who want to receive successful treatments at a good dentist should either wait for a long time or be treated in another country. This allows patients to prefer to be treated in another country instead of waiting.

Why Should I Not Get Dental Treatment in Ireland?

There is more than one reason not to seek treatments in Ireland. Primarily for patients without private health insurance. Because of the long waiting times in public hospitals, it is very expensive for them to prefer private clinics. However, it is possible to save up to 80% by receiving treatment in another country. On the other hand, when you can afford to pay for treatment in a private clinic, you should also do your research to find a good clinic. Not every clinic will offer you a comfortable treatment. This is also an important point. For this reason, patients who want to receive treatments in another country prefer it because of the variety of options.

Why is Turkey Preferred for Treatments?

There are many reasons why Turkey is preferred for dental treatments. However, the biggest reason is that they can get quality treatments at an affordable price. Compared to Ireland, patients who can receive more successful treatments in Turkey return to their countries with an advantageous treatment, also benefiting from the advantage of affordable prices.

Turkey is a highly developed country in the field of health. On the other hand, it is a country that is very successful not only in dental treatments, but also in every treatment in the field of health. Considering the ease of access to a specialist doctor, it is not possible to choose another country.

Reasons for Preferring Turkey;

  • The distance between Ireland and Turkey is close
  • Turkey’s very successful treatment service
  • Treatment of Turkey with no waiting period
  • Affordable service advantage
  • A chance to combine both vacation and treatment.
  • Technology used by Turkey in the field of medicine
Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Antalya:

How Many Hours Between Turkey and Ireland?

It takes an average of 4 and a half hours between Turkey and Ireland. Transportation to the location you want to receive treatment in Turkey can vary up to 1 hour by plane within the country. However, patients usually end their journey from Ireland by landing at Istanbul Airport and receive treatment in Istanbul. This ensures that there is sufficient time for the patients to arrive in Turkey and settle in the accommodation area in 5 hours.

Is Turkey Successful in Dental Treatments?

Yes, Turkey is a very successful country in dental treatments as in other treatments. The fact that the doctors are experts and experienced in their field enables them to offer the most accurate treatment for their patients. On the other hand, Turkey is a country that hosts many foreign patients for dental treatments. This allows doctors to gain experience in treating foreign patients.

The failure of the communication between the doctor and the patient, of course, is reflected in the treatment. The patient can indicate to the doctor what they want, communicate with the doctor and spend a successful treatment plan.

Is There a Waiting Period for Dental Treatments in Turkey?

No. There is no waiting period in Turkey. In an emergency, the dentist will treat you immediately. Even if it is not an emergency, they will be able to treat you within 1 hour when you call the clinic. For this reason, it is sufficient for the patient coming from Ireland to make an appointment with the clinic before departure. There are many specialist physicians in Turkey. For this reason, you do not need to search for successful treatments.

However, we cannot say that every doctor is successful. If you want to receive treatment in a successful clinic and do not want to receive high-priced treatments in a country you do not know, you can contact us. You can be treated at the best clinics in Turkey with the best price guarantee.

Why Is Dental Treatment So Cheap in Turkey?

The cheapness of dental treatments in Turkey is due to the low cost of living and the high exchange rate. In Turkey, 1 euro is 18 TL. This ensures that patients can take their treatment very quickly. You can also choose Turkey to get successful treatments in the best clinics at a very affordable price.

Which Technological Devices Are Used for Dental Treatments in Turkey?

Many technologies such as cad cam technology, 3d measurement and 3d design, intraoral scanner are used in dental treatments. These ensure that patients experience the least pain during the procedure and receive the best treatment. Cad cam technology is the technology that allows the prosthesis or coating to be made on the implant to be designed in the most suitable way for your natural teeth.

In this way, the treatment you will receive will be extremely compatible with your teeth. 3D measurement and 3D design ensure that examinations, which are very important in implant treatments, are performed in the healthiest way.

Thanks to this device, your teeth, gums and jaw can be displayed in 3D. Thanks to this device for intraoral scanning, it is ensured that the most suitable veneer sizes are created for the patient’s teeth. The use of these devices is combined with the experience of the doctor, and the patient returns to his country with the best treatment.

Dental Implants In Turkey

Which Months Are Suitable for Dental Holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that offers holiday opportunities for 12 months. You can make perfect holiday plans in Turkey both in summer and winter. While you can be treated by vacationing in thermal hotels and ski resorts in winter. In summer, it makes it possible to get treatment while sunbathing on the sand. You don’t have to wait to get treatment in Turkey!

How Much Does It Save To Get Dental Treatment In Turkey?

Let’s calculate the implant prices; Transportation and accommodation costs to Turkey, 300 euro. 290 euro for a dental implant. It makes a total of 590 euros. Compared to treatments in Ireland, you save 1900 euros. If you have more than one tooth missing, this savings is even greater.

Dental Implant Prices in Ireland

Implant Prices in Ireland are very high. An even more difficult situation arises for patients with more than one missing tooth. To get a successful treatment, you should be willing to pay 2,500 Euros for a tooth. At the same time, this is only the price of the implant. The fee for prosthesis and other procedures will probably be much higher.

Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

It is possible to get a dental implant in Ireland for less than you would pay for a single veneer. At the same time, there are many successful dentists in Turkey. This makes it easy for the patient to reach the doctor. The fact that it is easy to reach the doctor ensures that there is no waiting time. Thus, the patient can get more affordable treatments by making an appointment on any date. Implant price for a single tooth in Turkey is only 290 euros.

Dental Veneers Prices in Ireland

Dental Veneers Prices in Ireland are quite high, as are implants. Moreover, it is a treatment that many dentists can easily do. It is not a difficult treatment method like implants. But the price required for almost a tooth is still too high. So much so that dental veneers are often required for more than one tooth. This means that patients will have to pay more. The fee for a single dental veneer in Ireland is 300 euro.

Dental Veneers Prices in Turkey

Prices for a dental veneer in Turkey start from 95 euros. When you want treatment for more than one tooth, doctors can usually offer some discounts. In addition, prices vary according to the type of implant the patient wants. On the other hand, if you have a problem with the implants you bought in Turkey, if you share this problem with the Clinic, the Clinic will probably offer to treat this problem free of charge. In other words, implant treatments are guaranteed in Turkey.

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

Types Of treatmentsPrices in Euro
Zirconium Crown165 Euro
E- max Veneers290 Euro
Porcelain Crown95 Euro
Laminate veneers225 Euro
Hollywood Smile2.275 – 4.550 Euro
Composite Bonding135 Euro
Teeth whitening115 Euro

Turkish doctors are very caring and successful. We went to Turkey for my wife, her teeth turned yellow and did not pass. One female was also missing. We received implants and full mouth veneers in Turkey. My wife is very happy with her teeth now. I would recommend it to anyone considering dental treatment in Turkey.
I wanted to have my teeth done in a private clinic in my country (Ireland), I needed 4 dental implants in total. However, they gave such a high price that I could only have one tooth done. I went home and researched how to get a dental implant cheap. Then I realized how cheap it is in Turkey. I took a week off work and went to Turkey. I bought 3 dental implants. I bought 3 implants much cheaper than they wanted in my country and I am very satisfied.

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