Face Lift 2022 Prices in Turkey,Face Lift Faqs, Before and After Face Lift Photos

We have prepared an article for you where you can find the answers to all the questions asked about the face lift procedure, which is preferred by many individuals who experience sagging on the face or neck area. You can find all the information about the face lift procedure by reading the advantages and FAQs of getting a face lift in Turkey.

What Is Facelift (Rhytidectomy)?

Over time, our face loses its power to resist gravity. This can cause sagging in the face or neck area. Or, due to frequent weight gain and loss, the skin may sag. In such situations, the person may prefer a face lift to get rid of this appearance. It aims to improve the signs of aging on the face and neck by repositioning or removing the skin, facial fat or muscles.

What Are The Different Types Of Face Lifts?

Face lift can be named with different names according to the area where the lift procedure is targeted.


Traditional face lift

The operation called traditional face lift. It is the most preferred face lift procedure. The procedure is performed with incisions made around the ear, hairline and under the chin. It may involve removing excess oil as needed. Skin stretching is positioned for a natural look. This is how the process is completed.

SMAS face Lift (SMAS rhytidectomy)

This procedure involves tightening your facial muscles. It involves stretching the skin on the lower face of the cheek. It is a variation of the traditional face lift procedure.

Deep plane face Lift

This operation includes the combination of SMAS face lift and traditional face lift operation. The face is fully stretched without separating the tissue and skin.

Mid-face Lift

Mid-face lift operation involves lifting the cheek area. In some cases, it involves removing fat from the cheek area.

Mini face Lift

Mini face lift operation usually aims to lift the lower face and neck area. It is a more invasive operation compared to other face lift procedures. It is generally applied to people who are young but have sagging in the neck area.

Skin face Lift

In other procedures, it also includes stretching the muscles as needed. However, this operation only involves stretching the skin.

Other Treatments Taken with a Face Lift

Generally, patients also receive some procedures on their face after face lift. Along with the stretching of the face, patients prefer the following when some areas are required to be treated;

  • Eyelid lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial implants
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Liquid face lift with injectable dermal fillers.
  • Chin rejuvenation
  • Chemical peeling
  • Laser skin resurfacing

Why Should You Get a Face Lift?

The fact that the facial appearance of individuals is good in terms of aesthetics affects their social life. Individuals who experience more facial sagging in their peers may experience some social problems in this question. In some cases, individuals may have sagging problems even though they are quite young. In such cases, face lift operations are a savior for the patient’s psychological and social health.

Who Can Get a Face Lift?

  • If you are physically healthy but have sagging on your face due to more than one reason, you are a good candidate.
  • Usually this means that patients aged 40-60 are a good candidate if they have time-related facial sagging.
  • If you are younger than the stated ages but still have sagging, you are a good candidate.

Face Lift Procedure

The procedure is performed with incisions made behind the ear and in the upper part of the ear. The incisions are widened and the skin is lifted. A part of the fat layer under the skin is removed and sutured. The skin with the extracted fat is pulled towards the ear. Excess skin is cut off. It is put in place. Thus, the excess skin that causes sagging on the face is removed and stretched. The process terminates.

Is Face Lift a Risky Procedure?

Face lift surgery is generally quite risk-free. However, patients are likely to experience some complications in a failed operation. In order not to experience these complications, the patient should receive treatment from a successful doctor. Thus, the risk of possible complications is considerably reduced.
Complications that may occur as a result of unsuccessful treatment;

Hematoma: It is one of the most common complications. It includes the condition of blood collection that causes swelling and pressure under the skin. It usually occurs within 1 day after the operation. With a new surgery, damage to other tissues is prevented.

Scarring: A face lift is an operation that includes incisions and stitches. Usually scars are permanent. However, since the hair is in the same place as the starting line, it does not attract attention. The natural curves of the body hide these scars.

Nerve injury: It is a very important risk. The probability of experiencing this complication is very low. But it is not 0. For this reason, the preferred clinic is very important. Nerve injuries can cause temporary or permanent loss of sensation.

Hair loss: Cuts made at the beginning of the hair can cause hair loss. This can be covered with the hair on top. However, according to the patient’s request, hair transplantation can be performed with skin transplantation.

Skin loss: A face lift can interfere with blood flow to your facial tissues. This can cause skin loss. It is a rare complication. With the treatments received in a successful clinic, the risk of complications can be minimized.

How Should I Prepare for Face Lift?

Skin stretching operation is performed by a plastic surgeon. In order to understand whether it is suitable for skin stretching and to perform the necessary preliminary tests, you should have an interview with the plastic surgeon. This interview includes:

Medical history: You will need to provide detailed information about your health history. This information may include; surgeries, plastic surgeries, complications from previous operations, drug or alcohol use …
Your surgeon will perform a physical exam, request new records from your doctor, or seek a consultation with a specialist if you have any concerns about your surgery.

Medication review: You should share with your doctor the medications you regularly use in your past or during the interview.

Facial examination: For treatment planning, multiple photos will be taken of your face from close and distant. to examine your bone structure, the shape of your face, your fat distribution and the quality of your skin.

After the examination, the treatment plan will be determined. Your doctor will tell you about some of the things you should and shouldn’t do before the operation. If you are taking certain medications, in some cases you need to stop.

After Face Lift

In the first few days after surgery:

  • Rest with your head high
  • Take pain medication prescribed by your doctor
  • Apply cold compresses to the face to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

The complications that are normal after the operation and that every individual can experience are as follows;

  • Mild to moderate pain after surgery
  • A drain to prevent fluid build-up
  • Post-procedure swelling
  • Post-procedure bruising
  • Numbness after the procedure

Rare complications requiring intervention;

  • Severe pain in the face or neck within 24 hours after the operation
  • Shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • irregular heartbeats

Why Do People Prefer Abroad for Face Lift Procedure?

There is more than one reason for this. It can be for a better quality treatment, for affordable treatments, and for both a vacation and a face lift operation. It is often very advantageous to travel to another country for face lift operations. However, there are certain points to be noted. By continuing to read our article, you can learn how to choose a good country.

Being treated in countries known in Health Tourism generally allows you to receive successful treatments. When you write ”Which Country is Best for Face Lift” on the Internet, Turkey will probably be among the top 3 countries. And this is a pretty accurate result. We continue the article by preparing a table of the best countries for face lift surgery, including other countries. By looking at the countries and factors in this table, you can choose the country where you can get the best treatment.

Brazil JapanMexicoIndiaTurkey
Treatment GuaranteeXXXX
Affordable treatmentXXX
Successful Health SystemXX
Experienced SurgeonsX
Successful clinicsXXX

Face lift Surgery Price in Brazil

Brazil is a highly preferred country for plastic surgery. But there is one very bad thing that the prices are very high! Despite offering world-class treatments, the high prices are reducing the number of people choosing Brazil. In addition to the fact that the treatment standards are not high and normal, it is not known whether it is worth paying such high fees. However, Brazilians are not satisfied with these prices. For this reason, many Brazilians also get face lifts in different countries. On the other hand, as it is known, Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries.

It is not known how accurate it is to receive treatment in this country where criminals roam the streets. In this country where you are more likely to be stabbed while walking on the road. You should take care to be treated in a legally established clinic. Because there may be many clinics opened illegally. You must also be willing to spend at least 6000 Euros.

Face lift Surgery Price in Japan

Japan is one of the preferred countries for cosmetic treatments. It also gives very good treatments. It is a preferred country for successful treatments. However, it does not meet the advantages of choosing another country for a face lift procedure. They want 6000 euros for a face lift.

Face lift Surgery Price in India

India is a name that stands out with its cheap prices. Of course, the cheap prices cause it to attract a lot of attention. However, as it is known, India is a very polluted country. It is a well-known fact that the people of the country live in unhygienic environments.
This increases the risk of infection in operations. For this reason, it should not be preferred just because it is cheap. However, for those who want to receive treatment in India, the price starts from 3000 euros.

Face lift Surgery Price in Mexico

Mexico is a country preferred by health tourists. But it is not a country that can afford the reasons to travel. Instead, people look for countries where they can save more. It is one of the countries that provides world-class treatment. It does not offer higher quality treatments. An average face lift in Mexico costs around 7,000 Euros.

Face lift Surgery Price in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has all the requirements of health tourism. It offers quality, guaranteed, affordable and high-success treatment services. Every year, thousands of health tourists travel to Turkey to receive treatment. In addition to being a highly developed country in the field of plastic surgery, it has tens of thousands of successful plastic surgery experiences.

Why Should I Get a Face Lift in Turkey?

Because it is the best country compared to other countries.
It would not be a lie if we say that it is not possible to find the quality treatments offered by Turkey at such an affordable price in another country. The treatments you will receive in Turkey provide you with up to 80% advantages compared to other countries.

This makes it very attractive for patients who do not want to spend thousands of euros for a standard treatment. On the other hand, it offers high quality treatments besides being cheap. Compared to many other countries, the success rate of the treatments you receive in Turkey is higher. There are multiple reasons for this;

The latest technology devices are used in the clinics: The devices used in clinics in Turkey have the latest technology. After face lift surgery, it is operated with technologies that minimize the development of complications. This provides patients with a more comfortable treatment. The fact that there are no side effects after the face lift procedure increases the patient satisfaction and the success rate of the face lift procedure.

Doctors are Experienced: Face lift is performed by plastic surgeons. Considering Turkey’s position in health tourism, it is inevitable for plastic surgeons to be experienced in their field. Getting treatment from experienced doctors who have treated many foreign patients prevents you from having communication problems during the face lift procedure. This is an important factor for treatments with a high success rate.

Saves up to 80%: Getting treatment in Turkey is quite cheap. While the face lift procedure costs more than 6,000 euros in many countries, this price is much cheaper in Turkey.

Treatments Guaranteed: After the treatment, if the patient has a problem about the treatment, the clinic will probably treat this problem free of charge. In many countries, it is said that the problem is caused by the patient and the patient is left as a victim. Things don’t work that way in Turkey. Clinics strive to provide the best treatment for the patient. Therefore, if you have a problem with the treatments you receive in Turkey, you will be offered a new treatment free of charge.

Opportunity to Get Treatment for 12 Months: Turkey offers both vacation and treatment services for 12 months of the year. It provides you with successful treatment services along with an excellent holiday service with sea-sand-sun holiday in summer, thermal hotels and ski resorts in summer. You can get treatment while sunbathing on the beach in the summer or skiing in the winter.

How Much Does a Face Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Face lifts in Turkey are performed at a very affordable price. As we wrote at the beginning of the article, the cost of facelift surgery in Turkey provides almost 80% savings compared to countries abroad. As Curebooking, we provide service with the best price guarantee. You can contact us to have a facelift in a successful clinic for 2500 Euros.


How much time off does face Lift surgery require from work or school?

It may take up to 2 weeks to get back to your completely normal routine, including work and school. This varies according to how careful you are during the recovery period. You may be able to reduce this period to 1 week by talking to your doctor.

How to Take Personal Care After Face Lift?

  • After the face lift, you should not wear make-up for at least 1 week. If you have an open wound on your face, you should clean it with tendirtiote and use the ointments recommended by the doctor.
  • You should not be exposed to direct sun. Sun rays can prolong the healing time, as well as cause dark spots.

Can a Face Lift Improve My Eyelids, Too?

It can affect a little, if not completely. Since the hairline above the ear is the target point in face lift, it also affects the eyelids. However, many patients do not have an eyelid lift along with a face lift procedure.

What Will Face Lift Results Look Like in the Long Term?

The face lift procedure includes removing excess fat as well as stretching the muscles. In such cases, it is possible to achieve a long-term appearance as your muscles will be tense.

What Kind of Anesthesia is The Face Lift Procedure Performed With?

Generally, general anesthesia is applied, although it varies according to the scope of the face lift procedure. In some cases, local anesthesia may be preferred.

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