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Rhinoplasty is extremely important surgery. It includes medical and aesthetic changes made in the nose. However, considering the structure of the nose, you should know that these are extremely difficult operations. It is quite complex due to its structure. The smallest change made has a big impact on the appearance of the Nose. For this reason, people should definitely get treatment from experienced surgeons.

You can reach a clearer decision by reading our content we have prepared for those who want to have Rhinoplasty surgery in Kuwait. In addition, you can review the before and after photos of Rhinoplasty surgeries, which we have provided as Curebooking, throughout the content.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty includes operations on the nose. Rhinopalsti surgeries can be performed for more than one reason;
The first preference reason is that the patient cannot breathe due to the problem in his nose. Patients prefer to have these operations in order to breathe more easily. This will make it easier for them to breathe.

The Second Choice reason is to change the appearance of the nose. People may prefer rhinoplasty when they want their noses to look better.
The third reason for preference is both. People may prefer these operations because they are not satisfied with their nose but also have difficulty in breathing.
Whatever the reason for preference, Rhinoplasty is an operation that includes changes to the nose. For this reason, considering that it is located in the middle of our face and that it is an organ that draws attention, a good decision should be made.


How Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

  1. After the preliminary preparations for the surgery are completed, the person is taken to the operating room. After the general preparations are made, he is put to sleep with general anesthesia. All vital functions are carefully monitored and monitored during the operation.
  2. The operation is started by making an incision on the skin in the lower part of the nose. Then, the nose skin is lifted upwards in order to reveal the cartilage and bone structure of the nose. If there is a curvature of cartilage in the nose, the folds are opened from the back of the nose and the curved cartilage and bone parts are corrected. Excessively curved parts are removed. These parts can be used for support inside or outside the nose when necessary.
  3. If there is an arched nose, the nose belt is removed with the help of special tools. If the ridge of the nose still maintains its irregularity with this procedure, the irregularities are corrected by filing it with a rasp. When the belt is removed, an opening is formed in the upper part of the nose. In order to close this opening, the nasal bone is broken from the sides and released and this opening is closed by bringing them closer together.
  4. In patients with nasal tip problems, partial cartilage is removed from the cartilage structures at the tip of the nose without disturbing the support function of the cartilage structures. Sometimes the tip of the nose is reshaped using sutures and providing cartilage support to the anterior part. In the meantime, the final touches are made by rechecking the harmony between the tip and the upper part of the nose.
  5. Making sure that the nasal stability is properly ensured and adequate symmetry is created, the closure process is started. If there are cartilage curvatures called deviations, adequate support and stability are provided with mutually melting threads through the nose. If the normal nasal structure (inferior concha), called the nasal concha, is large and has been determined beforehand to cause air passage problems, they are reduced by the Radiofrequency method.
  6. The incision at the tip of the nose made at the beginning is closed aesthetically with a thin surgical thread. These stitches are removed after a week and are almost invisible within 1 month. Pads made of special silicone with an air passage hole in the middle are placed in the nose and fixed. While these pads are present, the patient can breathe through the pad holes. Tampons are put inside the nose for about 3-4 days. the outer part of the nose is taped and a shaped thermal plaster is placed.

Is Rhinoplasty a Risky Operation?

Rinmopalsti surgeries are very complex operations. It includes the opening and repositioning of skin, bone and cartilage. Therefore, there are of course possible complications. However, the possible risks of these complications will vary according to the experience and success of the surgeon you prefer. In short, you must be careful when choosing a surgeon before deciding on the operation. While most of the risks listed below are temporary or treatable, some can cause permanent problems and cannot be cured. Because of this, your life can completely change. This explains the importance of surgeon selection. To avoid these risks, you can continue reading our content.

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Skin numbness
  • Ache
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Infection
  • A hole in the nasal septum
  • Poor wound healing
  • Scar
  • Possibility of revisional surgery
  • Skin discoloration and swelling
  • Unsatisfactory nose appearance

Who Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Suitable For?

The purpose of these operations is very important. While it is sufficient for people who need surgery for medical reasons to be at least 6 months old, women who will have aesthetic surgery should be at least 16 years old and men at least 18 years old. The bone development of the patients who will have nose surgery for aesthetic purposes should be completed. It is sufficient to have a perforated body in subsequent tests and analyzes. In short, there is no important criterion for having a nose surgery. Anyone who is old and healthy enough is suitable for this surgery.

Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After plastic surgery, there are more or less swellings in all noses and around the eyes. Applying cold ice around the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes an hour for the first three days after rhinoplasty reduces swelling. Swelling around the nose peaks in the first three days and starts to decrease after the third day. 5 to 7 days after the nose intervention, there is no significant edema and the swelling will be reduced to a large extent.

While it takes 6 to 12 months for the edema in the nose to go down completely and the nose to take its final shape, this period is longer in individuals with thick nasal skin and can take up to 1 to 2 years. In terms of the reduction of nasal swelling, the eye area heals first. Then the middle of the nose, the middle of the nose and then the part of the nose close to the eyebrows, and finally the nasal tip edema.


Recovery after rhinoplasty takes time and requires patience. Your first control after rhinoplasty will be on the 10th day, and at the end of this period, you will have recovered to a large extent. In this control, the soft silicone tubes in the nose and the thermoplastic splint on it are removed. You may not get used to your first look due to swelling and you may not even like it.

Swelling on your face will be greatly reduced in 3 to 5 days. If bruises occur, they will go away on their own within two weeks. You should not wear glasses for the first 2 months. It will take a year for your nose to take its final shape. Healing is a long process that cannot be accelerated and requires patience and time. Please give yourself time to get used to your new face.

Human bodies respond differently to injury and healing. Each body cell organization creates a unique and special structure unlike any other. That’s why each body reacts differently to the same or similar events. Although people’s faces consist of the same structures, they have a unique richness that is never alike. Since no two faces and noses are alike, the results will be different.

Are Rhinoplasty Treatments Successful in Kuwait?

You know that rhinoplasty operations are complex and difficult operations. Before taking these operations, you should definitely do detailed research. You should also know that Kuwait is not successful for Rhinoplasty Surgeries. Kuwait is a country whose health infrastructure system is completely dependent on trade. Because there are not enough surgeons, you have to wait months before surgery in private and public hospitals in Kuwait. In addition, the treatment prices are not good enough to be worth the treatments of this quality.

Therefore, patients prefer to get better treatments from different countries, saving up to 70%. This would be a very good decision. Because there are countries that are very close to Kuwait and have a very successful health infrastructure system. Since these countries provide treatment at much more affordable prices than Kuwait, patients prefer these countries instead of Kuwait. On the other hand, you should not forget that in these countries, you can receive treatment without waiting.


Best Plastic Surgeon in Kuwait

Before you decide to have rhinoplasty in Kuwait, you should have information about Kuwait’s healthcare system. When you examine Kuwait’s health system, you will see that even state hospitals provide treatment for commercial purposes, not for health purposes. Even if you are in an emergency in public hospitals, you will be asked for hundreds of euros for registration and testing.

At the same time, you should not forget that there will be more for treatment. Since you know these, you should also know how much it will cost to be treated in private hospitals. You should know that the best plastic surgeons working in Kuwait also work in private. You should also know that the best surgeons will offer you rhinoplasty surgery by paying many times more than you. But if you still want to learn the best surgeons;

  • Prof. Dr. Wael Ayyad
  • Dr. Mohammad Al Eisa
  • Dr Peter Christian Hirsch
  • Dr. Muneera Bin Nakhi

Although these surgeons perform the most successful rhinoplasty surgeries in Kuwait, they will demand thousands of euros. For this reason, most patients prefer different countries instead of receiving treatment in Kuwait. Because there are many countries that have a very successful health infrastructure system and provide treatment at more affordable prices. Thus, as a health tourist, it is possible to pay much more affordable prices by getting better treatments in a different country.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Kuwait

You should know that the cost of living in Kuwait is quite high. However, the fact that health institutions also provide treatment for commercial purposes causes the prices to be extremely high.
Although prices vary in Kuwait, they are usually priced close to each other. You can also find out the prices of the cities listed below. However, you should know that you should not choose a clinic without fully reading the content. The price environments in Kuwait are; Starting prices, 7,000€ for treatment only. This price does not include hospital stay and tests.

Nose Job in Turkey

Rhinoplasty Prices in Al Ahmadi

Al Ahmadi, as the Capital, is a very crowded and comprehensive city. However, here too, rhinoplasty prices will vary. If you’re looking for the best price, you’ll probably be able to find it starting at €6.500, but when care services such as hospitalization and tests are included in the price, you’ll be able to pay €8,000 and more.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Hawalli

As the second most populous city in Kuwait, Hawalli is against us, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up for this city either. It is not much different from other cities. Unfortunately, the prices will be slightly higher here. It is possible to receive treatment with prices starting from 8.000 €. You should know that this price does not include maintenance services.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Al Farwaniyah

Although Al Farwaniyah is from other cities with high treatment costs, it is often not possible to give an exact price. On average, it is possible to receive treatment with prices starting from 7.500 €. However, you should know that maintenance services are not included in this price.

Best Country for Rhinoplasty Surgery

You have seen that the prices in many of the cities above are quite high. How do you think it will result in receiving treatments with uncertain success at these prices?
Since Kuwait is a country with a failing healthcare system, patients often prefer different countries. This will be a very correct decision. Because in Kuwait, it is possible to get treatment almost 3 times in a different country for the cost you would pay for one treatment! Isn’t that a pretty big difference? Therefore, it is perfectly normal for you to be looking for the best country.

Nose Job in Turkey

Among these countries, Turkey will be the first country to appear before us among the countries that are close to Kuwait and have successful treatments. Turkey is a country that hosts patients from many countries of the world. A successful health system, successful surgeons, and very affordable treatment costs make choosing a different country other than Turkey extremely wrong. You can learn how advantageous this will be by continuing to read the content.

Advantages of Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Although it will not be enough to read about the advantages of receiving treatment in Turkey, we can consider the first ones that stand out.

  • Being close to Kuwait is an advantage: It is possible to reach Turkey in a short time as if you were traveling within Kuwait. It will take you about 3 hours.
  • Its prices are much more affordable than in Kuwait: You can get treatment in Turkey by paying less than half of the price you would receive treatment in Kuwait.
  • Treatment Success Rate Is Higher: Comparing Kuwait and Turkey, it is possible to say that surgeons have much more experience, considering Turkey’s place in health tourism. This enables patients to receive more successful treatments.
  • Non-Therapeutic needs are more convenient: in Turkey, you wouldn’t even pay 100€, assuming they are also asked for in the hospital asking price for most things. In addition, we pay very reasonable prices for your needs such as accommodation, transportation and nutrition. Because the cost of living in Turkey is very, very cheap. Considering the exchange rate, it is very difficult to pay extra high costs in Turkey.

What Makes Turkey Different in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

To put it in a single sentence that makes Turkey different from other countries, we can say that it is a country where you can get the best quality treatments at the most affordable prices. The health infrastructure system it has makes it very successful to be treated in Turkey. Patients can make a treatment plan just before they start their journey and have a rhinoplasty without waiting. This is pretty easy. Availability of a sufficient number of plastic surgeons prevents patients from waiting for treatment.

On the other hand, the excessively high exchange rate in Turkey is a situation that greatly increases the purchasing power of foreign patients. This makes Turkey stand out as a country where foreigners can receive treatment at almost the most affordable prices.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

Prices for Rhinoplasty vary in Turkey. The city where you will receive treatment, the equipment of the hospital where you will receive treatment, the success of the surgeon and the scope of the operation are the features that make the prices extremely variable. Therefore, it is not possible to give a clear answer. However, you should know that the prices are extremely affordable throughout Turkey. We, as Curebooking, provide you with treatment with the special prices we have in hospitals, with our years of experience and reputation.

Would you like to get the most successful rhinoplasty treatments in Turkey at the best prices? For this, it is enough to reach us, you can talk to our surgeons to ask questions in your mind, and you can call us for a treatment plan. Thus, you can guarantee to receive treatment at the best price in Turkey. Our prices have two different prices as treatment price and package price. While the treatment price covers only the treatment of the patient, the package price covers all his needs;

Rhinoplasty price :2000€
Rhinoplasty package price :2350 €

  • Hospitalization due to treatment
  • 6 Day Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR testing
  • All tests to be done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment
Nose Job in Turkey