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How Much Is A Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Turkey Gocek? Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeves In Gocek

Gastric Sleeve Operation In Turkey

What Is Gastric Sleeve? ( Bariatric Surgery) 

Laparoscopic techniques are used during gastric sleeve surgery to remove a significant portion of the stomach. A tube-shaped part of the stomach, measuring 100 to 150 cc, is still there. This is where the term “sleeve tube” originated. 100–150cc rather than 1.5–2lt is the new stomach volume. Laparoscopy allows for the opening of 4 abdominal holes, which are used to carry out the procedure. The healing process is, therefore, sped up as little as possible. Hunger declines when the stomach gets smaller. Every meal no longer requires as much food as it formerly did.

Best Clinics For Gastric Sleeves In Göcek

It is a great decision to check for the top clinics in Göcek when you seek treatment there, but you should be aware that this will not produce accurate results. mainly as a result of the connections’ new features. Every clinic has a distinctive feature that sets it apart. As a result, it will be impossible to refer to it as the largest clinic. On the other hand, you are in a great position if you are looking for a trustworthy clinic.

CureBooking can provide you with a successful medical procedure because of our low rates at the top hospitals in Göcek and the surrounding areas. You should choose to receive medical care at the top Göcek hospitals and clinics with a stellar reputations. You will have a more relaxing experience with the procedure as a consequence of the increased success rate. Contact us through our CureBooking website to take advantage of this chance.

Where Is Göcek And Why Do People Prefer Göcek For Gastric Sleeves?

Göcek stands out with its deep blue sea, untouched nature, unique blue cruises, and marinas; It is included in the province of Muğla. Göcek, located between Fethiye and Dalyan, is a neighborhood of Fethiye. Despite being small, Göcek has much more than most holiday resorts and has a magnificent nature and peaceful atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Göcek; It is 28 km from Fethiye, 99 km from Muğla center, 255 km from Kuşadası, 308 km from İzmir, 655 km from Ankara, and 775 km from Istanbul.

The Göcek region is one of Turkey’s most visited locations. Yet why? because the area, as well as the other districts and provinces, are home to several sizable, well-equipped, and comprehensive hospitals. Due to the town’s position, almost all of the hospitals in Göcek have a view. During their hospital stay, patients get proper treatment. On the other side, individuals often choose to stay at the best hotels that are close to medical facilities. Consequently, getting from the hotel to the hospital is an easy process. Finally, given that it is a well-liked tourist site, a vacation is also feasible. After their treatment, patients can have a little vacation in Göcek.

Patients frequently prefer Turkey to other nations for their medical care. because healthcare is 70% less expensive than in many other nations. Turkey’s high exchange rate and low cost of living are two elements that boost its buying power. Patients can be treated at very inexpensive prices as a consequence.

Surgery for a sleeve gastrectomy has a high success rate. Turkey’s medical industry makes extensive use of technology. This has a significant impact on the treatment’s efficacy.

With surgeries carried out by skilled surgeons, the success percentage of the therapy rises. In view of Turkish surgeons, this will be simple.

The patient’s needs for non-treatment do not always have to cost thousands of euros. Throughout therapy, you will have to remain in the hospital. The hotel stay before and after the surgery is the only additional need. If they account for your transportation and all of your other needs, it would be reasonable to suggest that you may return to your nation for very inexpensive rates.

You can get more information about gastric sleeves by reading our content. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our qualified crew is ready to assist you 24/7. on CureBooking Website.

Why Is Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery Done?

Stomach reduction procedures include gastric sleeve surgery. The amount of food intake is significantly limited following surgery since the stomach is shrunk by 80%. However, as the stomach portion removed during gastric sleeve surgery is important for the hormone secretion of ghrelin, which controls hunger, the hormone secretion is also reduced. It, therefore, suppresses appetite.

An absorption-limiting procedure is not the gastric sleeve procedure. Like a gastric bypass, the small intestine is not cut short. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are extremely rare in absorption and do not vary. Dumping syndrome-like effects are not seen.

Who Can Get Gastric Sleeve?

The gastric sleeve procedure has advantages for obese patients, however not all fat people are good prospects. Patients must meet the requirements below to be eligible for gastric sleeve therapy.

  • It should be in good general health.
  • Body mass index must be at least 40 to be able to maintain the drastic dietary change that will occur following the operation. Patients who don’t fit this description need to have a BMI of at least 35 and additional obesity-related illnesses.
  • Patients must be at least 18 years of age and no older than 65.
  • Everyone who satisfies these requirements is eligible for gastric sleeve therapy.

How Much Weight Do You Lose 3 Months After Gastric Sleeve?

Weight Loss Percentage Rate After Gastric Sleeve,

As a result, you can expect a quick surge in your weight loss in the first 3 months following surgery. You could lose an average of 25-35%* excess weight 

Up To What Age The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Can Be Performed?

Although the typical age range for gastric sleeve surgery is between 18 and 65, there are rare situations when age is not the main consideration. It would be advisable for patients of any age to consult with a doctor because of this.

How Long Does The Gastric Sleeve Last?

How long does gastric sleeve surgery take? A sleeve gastrectomy is relatively short and simple compared to other weight loss surgery procedures. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Your surgeon may still want you to stay in the hospital for one to two days afterward.

How Long Do You Stay In Turkey After Gastric Sleeve?

Turkey Summary

Operation Number1 sessionTime to return to work
Operation Time1- 1.5 hoursRecovery
AnesthesiaGeneral AnesthesiaPersistence of Results
Sensitivity Time3-6 daysHospital Stay

Where Can I Find the Best and Cheapest Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Turkey. The first choice for those looking for the best and cheapest weight loss surgery, Turkey is home to renowned weight loss surgery specialists working from a number of high-quality clinics. …
  • Lithuania. …
  • Poland. …
  • The Czech Republic.

How Much A Gastric Sleeve Procedure Will Cost In Göcek?

You should be aware that there are pricing variations in Turkey, just as in any other nation. Treatment expenses in Göcek vary, just as in other cities and countries. It could cost more in some places while being more popular in others. That is why it’s crucial to compare prices. Remember that we offer the best price guarantee for this. We can provide our patients with the most affordable prices because of the positive reputation of our location in Göcek.

As CureBookig, Our Gastric Sleeve Price Is: 2800 £

How Much are Gastric Sleeve Packages Price In Göcek?

Accommodations, transportation, food, and hospitalization are all necessities if you intend to receive treatment in Fethiye. You may select our package services if you don’t want to pay a lot for these. You should be aware that CureBooking provides the greatest services at competitive rates and all-inclusive packages.

  • 3 days staying in hospital
  • 3-Day Accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment and all other services

For package prices, you can contact us 24/7 live on our CureBooking website.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Covered By The Government?

Although sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed in public hospitals within the scope of SGK for those living in Turkey, it is subject to some conditions. It is performed in obese patients with a body mass index of 40 and above, in cases where excess weight is life-threatening. At CureBooking, we treat our valued patients from abroad in the best private hospitals and clinics in Turkey. You can call CureBooking at any time and benefit from our live consultancy service for information on whether your insurance covers the treatment you will receive here through your health insurance and the contracted insurance companies of the hospital you will receive treatment.

How Do You Sleep After Bariatric Surgery?

Sleep on Your Back or Side

The best way to sleep after gastric sleeve surgery is on your back or side. This will help keep the stomach and lungs clear of pressure, which can cause discomfort. If you are a side sleeper, it is best to use a pillow between your legs to keep your spine aligned.

What Foods Are Forbidden After Gastric Sleeve?

Foods to Avoid After Bariatric Surgery

  • Red meat that’s tough or dry.
  • Greasy, high-fat foods.
  • Heavily seasoned or spicy foods.
  • Sugar alcohols include erythritol, glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol.
  • Foods reheated in the microwave.

Can You Have A Baby After A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

While bariatric procedures can encourage rapid weight loss, patients shouldn’t start trying to conceive immediately after surgery. In our program, we recommend that they wait 18 to 24 months after bariatric surgery before trying to get pregnant.

When Can I Bath After The Surgery?

You can take a bath even after 1 day, provided that the laparoscopy trocar cuts are closed so that they do not get wet.

Can I Do Sports After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Exercise is forbidden for the first month after recuperation, with the except gentle walking. After that, sports can be played as long as abdominal-strengthening activities are avoided. It is advised that you follow your doctor’s orders during this time and only engage in physical activity under the guidance of a qualified professional who is aware of the procedure.

How Soon Can I Return To My Normal Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Immediately after the operation, our patients can stand up and walk for 4 hours, which is desirable for the healing process. They can do their own needs in hospital conditions. At the end of the 3rd day, they are discharged after the necessary controls are made. Patients who work at desk jobs can return to work after an average of 1 week.

For our patients who work in heavy jobs, a 4-week recovery period is required.

Heavy physical activities should be avoided within 4 weeks after surgery. We recommend sports such as light-paced walking in 4 weeks, brisk walking after 4 weeks and swimming where the whole body works. After the 6th month, depending on the request of the person, they can start heavy sports accompanied by a supervisor.

How To Get To Göcek?

Göcek is located in a location that can be easily reached by land, air, and sea. You can reach Göcek by bus services from major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Adana. It is possible to reach Göcek by taking the Göcek minibusses via Fethiye. You can reach Göcek, which is 28 km away from Fethiye, in a short time by taxi, minibus, and personal vehicle. You can also go to Göcek by passing through Muğla center and Göcek Tunnel with your private vehicle.

To reach Göcek by air, you need to arrive at Dalaman Airport. Planes departing from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Adana arrive at Dalaman Airport. It is located 17 km from Göcek Dalaman Airport. After arriving at the airport, you can choose Havaş or buses going to Göcek, taxi or rent a car.

You can also reach Göcek by sea, a frequent destination for boat enthusiasts with its 6 different marinas. By following the sea route, you can choose between Göcek Belediye Marina, Göcek Club Marina, D-Marin Göcek Marina, Göcek Village Port, Göcek Exclusive, and Göcek Skopea Marina.

Things To Know About Göcek

Göcek, one of the first places that come to mind when the blue voyage is mentioned, is a region frequented by boat and yacht enthusiasts. Göcek, a tiny and cute place in Muğla, was a region where Lycians lived and called Daidala. Göcek, which has great historical importance; It is home to many ancient historical artifacts. It is also very suitable for swimming, yacht tours, windsurfing, trekking, and diving among the ancient city wrecks.

Göcek Beaches And Bays

Göcek stands out among the numerous darks found in the combination of blue and green. This natural wonder region is like a hidden paradise in the Mediterranean. Some of the bays and beaches in Göcek are:

  • Osmanaga Bay
  • Cleopatra Cove
  • Bedri Rahmi Bay
  • Ayten Bay
  • Aquarium Cove
  • İnlice Beach
  • Blue Point Beach
  • Yassica Islands
  • Pig Island
  • Gocek Island
  • Shipyard Island

Activities To Do In Göcek

Göcek stands out with its numerous historical sites and activities. Although the first thing that comes to mind is a boat tour when Göcek is mentioned, Göcek is a wonderful region, especially for those who want to visit ancient theaters and structures. Gocek is also suitable for nature walks and water sports.

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