Weight Loss Surgeries Prices in Kuwait

Weight Loss Surgeries are important operations used in bariatric surgery. These operations are serious operations that make it easier for obesity patients to lose weight. For this reason, it is important to get them from successful surgeons. On the other hand, prices are often extremely high. If you are planning to get Wight loss surgery in Kuwait, you can read our content. So you can learn how to get the best treatments at the best prices.

What are Weight Loss Surgeries?

Weight loss Surgeries are a set of operations that enable obesity patients to lose weight. They include changes to the digestive system. In addition, with the reduction of the stomach, patients have less stomach volume. This also helps to lose weight. Do not forget that weight loss Surgeries, like any Surgeries, have some risks. By reading our content, you can find out whether the hospitals in Kuwait are suitable for bariatric surgery. In addition, you can learn about the types and risks of obesity surgeries.

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries

There are different types of weight loss Surgeries. These varieties changes depending on the patient’s preference and the doctor’s examination. Most of the time, the most preferred varieties are;
Gastric Sleeve and Gastric bypass.

Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Sleeve: It involves removing 80% of the patient’s stomach. Thus, the hormone that is found in the removed part of the patient’s stomach and that secretes hunger hormone is taken. This ensures that the patient does not feel hunger. At the same time, the patient, whose stomach volume is reduced, quickly reaches a feeling of fullness with fewer portions. This makes it very easy for the patient to lose weight.

Gastric Bypass: Gastric Bypass involves making changes in both the stomach and intestines of patients. Gastric bypass surgery involves reducing the stomach to the size of a walnut, shortening the duodenum and connecting it directly to the stomach. Thus, the patient both gets full quickly with fewer positions and throws the food out of the body without fully digesting it. This allows the patient to lose serious weight in a very short time.

What is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery, as written above, includes changes in both the stomach and intestines of the patient. Thus, the patient can lose weight extremely quickly. But before planning this operation, patients should think for quite a long time and be sure. Deciding on gastric bypass surgery and taking the surgery will bring serious responsibilities. Therefore, no hasty decision should be made.

Gastric bypass operation will require radical changes in the patient’s life, especially in nutrition, and it is an irreversible operation.The Gastric bypass operation is a serious and meticulous operation. For this reason, patients must receive treatment from successful and experienced surgeons. This is important for the healing process to be painless and easy and to avoid any complications during the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Treatment

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Risky?

Although gastric bypass surgeries are frequently preferred surgeries, of course, as with any surgery, this surgery also has risks. However, considering the health status of an overweight person, the risks of surgery are less than the risks of being overweight. Therefore, these risks should not worry patients if they are overweight and are planning to lose weight. But of course, you will need to seek treatment from experienced surgeons to avoid the risks.

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks in your gastrointestinal system
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Gallstones
  • Hernias
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Malnutrition
  • Stomach perforation
  • Ulcer
  • Vomiting

Gastric Bypass Surgery Price in Kuwait

First of all, you should know that the cost of living in Kuwait is extremely high. Of course, this is a situation that greatly affects the treatment costs. However, Kuwait is a country that cannot provide successful treatments that meet the treatment costs. The health infrastructure system in Kuwait is quite unsuccessful. Although public hospitals provide free treatment, many tests and radiological imaging techniques are paid.

For this reason, patients often receive treatment in private hospitals, not in public hospitals. The price you will pay for gastric bypass in a private hospital in Kuwait will be at least €6,000. This is an extremely high cost, because the success rate of treatment is extremely uncertain. The lack of a professional surgical team required for treatments also increases the risks of treatment.

What is Gastric Sleeve?

It can be said that gastric sleeve is the process of reducing the stomach of patients. It involves dividing the stomach into two by aligning it through a tube placed in the stomach. Patients should think a lot when making decisions about these treatments as well. As with gastric bypass surgery, Gastric sleeve operation is an extremely important operation. It requires patients to live in accordance with a lifelong nutritional plan.

However, Gastric sleeve surgeries should also be performed by experienced and successful surgeons in bariatric surgery. Otherwise, the patient’s recovery process may be difficult and some complications may develop during the operation. In order not to risk all these, patients must be sure that they receive treatment from experienced surgeons.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky?

The Risk of Leakage in the Stapler Line: New stomach formations, which are only sized to 15% of the old stomach, are subjected to both air and methylene liquid tests during the operation. These tests refer to effective methods in detecting whether there is a leak or not. The risks of leakage that are not noticed in the tests are minimized. If any leakage is observed during the operation, it can be removed by techniques such as suturing.

Stomach Injury Risks: Although very rarely, undetected stomach injuries may occur due to the instruments used from the parts of the stapler line. Since the structure of the stomach wall is quite thick, injuries on the upper walls do not pose a problem. However, if there is any perforation in the inner layers of the stomach, called the mucous membrane, and it is not noticed, leakage is possible.

Obstruction of Operation Vision: The livers of patients who will undergo gastric sleeve surgery should be examined in detail and ultrasounds should be taken. A large liver or fatty and large liver that will affect the surgeon’s vision is a major problem. It constitutes the most common vision limitation condition. For this reason, the patient should undergo an intense diet for two weeks before the operation. With this application, called the preop diet, vision restriction can be greatly reduced.

Spleen Injury: In particular, it represents an observable risk in patients with very large body mass index. In patients with large BMI values, the rate of fat in the intra-abdominal tissues is also high. This causes insufficient imaging of my surgery during the operation. As a result, spleen injuries may occur due to the limitation of appearance. Such minor injuries are easily treated. However, if uncontrolled injuries and bleeding resulting from injuries are too large to be stopped, removal of the spleen during the operation may become essential. Such risks are very rare in sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed by a specialist and experienced surgeon.

Bleeding Risks: There is a risk of bleeding at every surgical step. The risks of uncontrollable bleeding are virtually zero. However, in the operations performed by inexperienced surgeons, great vessel injury and uncontrollable bleeding in addition to this injury and loss of the patient may occur as a result. It is a very rare condition. Such risks have not been observed in experienced surgeons.

Anesthesia Risks: It is a rare risk. It refers to severe allergic reactions that develop due to anesthesia components.

Cardiovascular Risk: It may develop in cases such as the patient hiding his or her health history, missing information, insufficient examination, examination, analysis by the physician, and insufficient examination of the results obtained. Such problems refer to problems arising from an additional disease that could not be detected before the operation.

Liver Injuries: Body mass index can be observed in very large patients. Small liver fat may occur in patients with advanced abdominal fat, liver fat and their size. Such injuries can be controlled. However, if there is a liver injury that is missed – that cannot be observed – it is essential to intervene quickly. Otherwise, it may cause additional bleeding and, as a result, great blood loss. In addition, the development of infection may even lead to the death of the patient.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country with a high cost of living. Due to the inadequate health system, treatment prices are quite high. Patients who want to be treated in public hospitals have to pay for even the smallest examinations, so patients generally prefer private hospitals. It is possible to get successful surgeries, albeit very well, in private hospitals. However, this requires serious research and choosing the best hospital. Because weight loss Surgeries are serious operations. Therefore, it should not be risked.
The prices you will get at Hospitals start from at least 5.200€.

gastric by pass surgery

Is Kuwait Successful in Bariatric Surgery ?

Bariatric surgery involves major operations. A radical change in the digestive systems of patients is the main reason for surgery. Therefore, the place where you will receive treatment is very important. Considering Kuwait’s healthcare system, unfortunately, hospitals provide commercial treatment rather than medical treatment. Even public hospitals in Kuwait charge hundreds of euros for registration and testing, excluding treatment. With these in mind, you can decide how right it is to seek treatment in Kuwait.

Although Kuwait is a successful country in terms of tourism, unfortunately it is a country that should be avoided in the field of health. The insufficient number of doctors in the country also requires patients to wait for a long time. The patient must enter the waiting list months in advance in order to have the surgery on the desired date. This shows that it is a country that has failed in emergency treatments.

Which Country Is Best For Weight Loss Surgeries?

When choosing a country for weight loss Surgeries, you should first consider their success in the field of health. Kuwait’s failure in health tourism shows the lack of treatment in Kuwait. In addition, patients should consider the distance of this country when choosing a good country for treatment. If we look at the countries close to Kuwait, which are successful in health tourism, the best country will be Turkey. Because Turkey has proven its success in the field of plastic surgery to the whole world. It is also a country that provides treatment at very good prices. With its health infrastructure system, patients can be treated without waiting and receive treatment at the most affordable prices.

If you need to look at the achievements of surgeons, you will see that Turkish surgeons have successes that are known to the whole world. What would it be like to be treated in a country where there are surgeons who have achieved many firsts in the field of medicine?
Turkish surgeons provide their profession to give the best treatment to their patients. They provide meticulous treatment. Thus, the possibility of patients experiencing complications during the operation is minimized. If you are considering getting treatment in Turkey, you can continue reading our content.

Advantages of Getting Weight Loss Surgeries in Turkey

There can be many advantages of choosing Turkey for Weight Loss Surgeries. You can have your treatments done with savings of up to 80%. The success of your treatments will be more assured than in many other countries. Because surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in bariatric surgery.
Weight loss surgeries require attention and you must be under control. Therefore, you will need to stay in Turkey for a few days and meet your basic needs. Thanks to the low cost of living in Turkey, you spend less money for your non-treatment needs compared to other countries.

Gastric Bypass

Besides, you should not forget that you can get the best treatments. Since it is a country where technological devices that are not yet used in many countries are used, depending on your preference, you may prefer robotic surgery in your treatments. This will minimize the risks of the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgeries Prices in Turkey

The prices of weight loss Surgeries in Turkey are extremely affordable. Both the extremely high exchange rate and the competition between hospitals are to optimize prices. However, there are also package services. If patients plan to receive treatment with Curebooking, they can opt for package services, thus saving more. The packages include the total prices that meet all the needs of the patients in accommodation, transportation and hospital.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Price in Turkey

Gastric bypass surgery price : 2850€
Gastric bypass surgery package price: 3600 euro

Package Price include:

  • 3 days staying hospital
  • 6 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR test
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve surgery price : 2250€
Gastric Sleeve surgery package price: 2700€

Package Price include:

  • Gastric sleeve surgery 2750 euro
  • 3 days staying hospital
  • 3 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers  
  • PCR test
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment