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Hair Transplant Clinics in Kuwait – Best Prices

Hair transplant treatments are procedures that are frequently used as a treatment for hair loss. There are different types of hair transplant treatments. The person’s budget and the area to be transplanted determine the procedure. If you are planning to have a hair transplant in Kuwait, you can read our content. Thus, it will be easy to get hair transplantation at the best prices at Best Clinic.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair may tend to fall out over time, seasonally, due to stress or genetically. Although this is an issue that mostly concerns men more, women can also get hair transplant treatments. Hair transplantation treatments are the process of transplanting hair follicles that do not have a tendency to shed, to the area where hair loss is experienced.

Hair follicles that do not tend to shed are collected and transferred to the section where hair loss is experienced. Rotating hair is the hair that is mostly found in the nape area. Hair loss, in addition to causing an aesthetically bad appearance, often causes psychological problems because it makes the person look older compared to their peers. Therefore, it is very important to get hair transplant treatments. People may experience effects such as wearing a hat or staying away from their peers. Sowing treatment must be taken before these start to happen. Otherwise, psychological treatments that become difficult to treat may be required.

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Who is Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Although there are often no special conditions for getting hair transplant treatment, you can understand whether you are suitable or not;

  • If you have completed your physical development,
  • If you do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation,
  • If there are enough and suitable hair follicles in the donor area on your head,
  • If there is a suitable space in the area to be transplanted, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.
  • Hair transplant operation is not only for male pattern hair loss; It is also successfully applied to local cavities that may occur as a result of various diseases, scars, burn scars, surgical sutures.
  • Hair transplantation is also successfully applied in women. Considering the size of the bald area, especially in women, unshaven transplantation is also performed.
  • You can have a preliminary interview with our doctor as soon as possible and have a hair analysis.
  • Your doctor will tell you what you should pay attention to after hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Risk?

Hair transplant treatments are extremely successful treatments if they are taken from specialists in hygienic clinics. Most of the time, the probability of experiencing a risk is very low. But of course, the clinic you choose will greatly change the likelihood of experiencing these risks. Therefore, patients should receive treatment in reliable clinics. Otherwise, the risks that may occur;

  • Operations performed by non-specialists cause serious allergic disorders in the patient.
  • Edema may occur in the hair transplantation area or in the part designated as a donor.
  • Since hair transplantation is an operation performed with anesthesia, permanent damage and discomfort may occur as a result of an unconscious mistake.
  • The patient may experience pain after hair transplantation.
  • There may be bleeding in the operated areas. Bleeding from open wounds can be a serious problem.
  • Hair follicles should be planted at a right angle during transplantation. Otherwise, an uneven hair structure may occur.
  • Failure to follow expert advice after hair transplantation may pose serious problems.
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Hair Transplant Types

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In the FUT method, the hair follicles are removed from the donor area as strips, and the grafts in these strips are separated and transplanted into the channels opened in the recipient area.

  • An average of 15-30 cm in length and 1-1.5 cm in width, a rectangular piece of skin is cut from the nape and lateral parts of the head, which is anesthetized with local anesthesia. The amount of strip to be removed depends on the amount of hair follicles to be collected.
  • After the harvesting process is completed, the area where the incision is made is closed with an aesthetic suture and wrapped with a bandage.
  • The hair follicles (grafts) in the strips taken by cutting are separated from the skin pieces and kept in the solution.
  • After the area to be planted is anesthetized with local anesthesia, needle-head-sized channels are opened as much as the number of grafts extracted with very small micro blades or fine needles.
  • Hair follicles are placed in the channels and the process is completed.

(Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE

In the FUE method, the hair is collected one by one from the donor area and transplanted into the channels opened in the recipient area.

  • Usually the entire head is shaved.
  • A special pen-like piercing tool called a punch is used under local anesthesia to directly extract the hair grafts one by one. In the classical FUE method, the punch is used manually and the grafts are collected with tweezers.
  • Grafts are placed in small channels opened on the scalp with the lateral slit technique. The lateral slit technique is the process of guiding the channels according to the size and shape of the graft.
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DHI hair transplant

This technique is also known as ductless planting technique. For this, a sharp-edged tool, which looks like a pen and is known as the Choi needle, is used. The hair follicles collected from the donor area are placed in the chamber inside the device and transplanted directly into the area where the hair will be transplanted, with special tips without drilling any holes. Thus, the time that the grafts are outside is minimized and they remain stronger.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Kuwait

Before you decide to get hair transplant treatment in Kuwait, you should learn about Kuwait’s health system. First of all, even though Kuwait is a developing country, unfortunately the health infrastructure is extremely inadequate. Since adequate treatment cannot be provided in public hospitals, people prefer private hospitals for many treatments. Besides, For the smallest example, in Kuwait, in many hospitals, you have to pay separate fees for all of the Tests as well as hospital registration.

This causes the treatment costs to be extremely high. In short, hospitals provide services for commercial purposes, not for the purpose of providing treatment. Finally, you should also know that waiting times in Kuwait are extremely long. To get hair transplant treatment in Kuwait, you cannot choose public hospitals anyway. Public institutions do not provide this treatment. Private hospitals will not only take your money of thousands of euros, but also tell you to wait for a long time. For this reason, Kuwaitis often prefer different countries for hair transplant treatments, like many other treatments.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in the Kuwait

Considering the failure of Kuwait’s Healthcare system, it is quite normal for patients seeking treatment to seek the best clinic. However, you should not forget that hair transplant treatments can be taken in countries other than Kuwait. Because the prices that the best hospitals you will find in Kuwait will ask you will be tens of thousands of euros. Do you think it will be worth it? While there are affordable countries that are extremely successful in hair transplant treatments, getting treatment in Kuwait can be both risky and expensive. However, if you still want to hear a clinic name, the most preferred clinics are

  • Baday Hair Center
  • Padra Clinic
  • Gulf Gate Hair Fixing
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Hair Transplantation Treatment Prices in Kuwait

In Kuwait, the cost of hair transplant treatments is quite high. Therefore, before you get an overview of prices, you should know that the cost of living in Kuwait is high. The inadequacy of the crap infrastructure system, unfortunately, together with the insufficient number of doctors, prevent the patients from receiving successful treatments, and in addition to this, the prices are extremely high. If you want to receive treatment in a successful clinic in Kuwait, the minimum price you will pay is 8.000€

Although this price is for the best, it is the price that is sufficient for the treatments you can take without risking life. If you want it to look completely natural and healthy, it can cost as high as 12.000 €.

Is Kuwait Successful in Hair Transplantation?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say that Kuwait is successful in hair transplant treatments. Kuwait, Considering the inadequacy of the health system and the waiting times, the patients will have to wait for a long time and will pay very high costs. However, they will not have any guarantee of success about the success of the treatments. Because hair transplant treatments in Kuwait are not frequently preferred treatments.

This has caused doctors to be more inexperienced in this branch. Since hair transplant treatments also require many years of experience, getting hair transplant treatment in Kuwait can be quite unsuccessful. Due to all these reasons, Kuwaitis prefer different countries not only for hair transplant treatments, but also for many diagnoses and treatments. In addition to failing health infrastructure, its high costs make it inaccessible for people to receive treatment in hospitals in their countries.

Best Country to Get Hair Transplant Treatment

In addition to detailed information about hair transplant treatments, we gave information about Kuwait’s health system and its success in hair transplant treatments. All of this may have caused patients to consider looking for another country. So, which countries should be decided?

First of all, you already know the existence of a leading country in hair transplant treatments. Turkey. Patients from many countries of the world visit Turkey for hair transplant treatments by offering the most successful hair transplant treatments at the most affordable prices.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has been accepted as the capital of the world in hair transplant treatments for many years. In this country, where highly successful treatments are used, surgeons are highly experienced in hair transplant treatments. This experience is also the first secret of my success. In addition, the fact that treatments are extremely cheap compared to many countries ensures that it is a country that is frequently preferred for treatments. But you should know. Of course, there are countries that provide affordable treatments almost as much as Turkey in hair transplant treatments.

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But why is Turkey the capital? Because hair transplant treatments are extremely important and require meticulousness. Unfortunately, in other countries that provide treatment at affordable prices as Turkey, adequate hygiene and care cannot be provided for treatments. This leads to unsuccessful treatments. For this reason, patients are satisfied by receiving treatments in good countries with proven success. Otherwise, it is possible to get treatment cheaply in India, but if you pay the price with your health.

Hair Transplant Treatment Price in Turkey

First of all, you should know that the cost of hair loss treatments is variable. Not only in Turkey, but also in many parts of the world, there are differences that cause hair transplant treatments to change;

  • The size of the area to be planted
  • Hair Transplantation Surgeon’s Experience
  • Location of the Hair Transplantation Clinic
  • Number of grafts to be transplanted

With all these factors in mind, prices can often be extremely high.
We ensure that you get the best treatments from the most successful surgeons, with our many years of experience, so that you can avoid all this and get treatment at the best prices. At the same time, we provide treatment with a single price, without considering all these factors. Unlimited number of grafts, One price!
At the same time, with the package prices we have for accommodation, transportation and many tests required in the hospital, we provide services to keep your extra expenses to a minimum;

Our Treatment Price is 1,350€
Our Treatment Package Price is 1.650€
Services included in the package;

  • Full day transplant treatment in hospital
  • prp treatment
  • Medications
  • Shampoo set
  • 2 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR testing
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Advantages of Getting Hair Transplantation Treatment in Turkey

There can be many advantages of choosing Turkey for hair transplantation. You can get your treatments with up to 80% savings. The success of your treatments will be more assured than in many other countries. Because surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in hair transplantation. However, the plantings to be made especially in the area where the front hairline starts, will look very natural.

Hair transplant treatments will consist of sessions of several days. For this reason, you will need to stay in Turkey for a few days and meet your basic needs. Thanks to the low cost of living in Turkey, you spend less money for your non-therapeutic needs compared to other countries.

Finally, if you want to turn your treatments into a holiday, this is possible in Turkey for 12 months. Thanks to its climate, it is a preferred destination for both summer and winter holidays. This makes it possible for patients to both take a vacation and receive treatment in Turkey at any time.

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