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Hair Transplant Procedure Cost Comparison: Turkey vs. Greece

What are the Differences Between Turkey and Greece for Hair Transplant?

Turkey is one of the countries that has received the most interest in the transplantation industry in recent years. Health tourism is subsidized by the government in this region, which places a high value on it. As a result, advances in the field are carefully monitored, and the most cutting-edge technology can be implemented in Turkey.

You can find any of the treatments offered using the most up-to-date hair transplantation techniques. In Turkey, there are many physicians and health officers who are qualified and skilled in both techniques and equipment. That is why, every year, many tourists come to Turkey for health tourism and hair transplant. 

Greece, on the other hand, is a popular destination due to its location in Europe. Which of these two neighbouring countries do you think you should choose?

Turkey and Greece for hair transplantation are the two most important countries. For you, we compared the costs and growth rates of these two nations.

Which Country is Favoured the Most? Turkey vs Greece Comparison

People from all over the world flock to Turkey for hair transplant surgery. Many people, especially from the Balkans and Eastern European countries, as well as Middle Eastern countries, Europe, and America, want to set up shop here because of Turkey’s success in this market. As a result, the number of people seeking hair transplants in Turkey is growing last year. As a result, the physicians and paramedics here are very knowledgeable about nearly all styles of hair, eyes, and physical characteristics.

Doctors in Turkey, in particular, have the expertise and resources to devise a variety of remedies for the complications and issues that can arise during the procedure. Turkey is favoured over Greece because the service time is shorter.

In the field of hair transplantation, Greece is also a developing region. About the fact that the doctors and medical facilities are not as advanced as those in Turkey, it is one of the best countries to visit.

Which country is more technologically advanced and has more experience?

Turkey has doctors who are skilled in FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques, which have been the most common in recent years. Furthermore, both techniques are used in well-equipped health centres.

The doctors’ excellent command of the English language is a significant asset in establishing a proper dialogue with their patients.

Greece can be said to be in a similar situation. Hair transplantation specialists and competent hair transplantation centres are also available. However, we may argue that Greece is lagging behind Turkey because Turkey is one of the few countries that excels in the Turkish economy.

What are the Differences Between Turkey and Greece for Hair Transplant?

Which country is the most cost-effective? Turkey or Greece?

If you are deciding between Turkey and Greece for hair transplant surgery, another factor to weigh is the cost. In terms of costs, we might assume that Turkey is more favourable. Since the approximate cost of a transplant in Greece is between €2200 and €4600, the cost in Turkey is between €2000 and €3000.

Another benefit to Turkey is that it has bundled pricing (package price). As a result, there will be no additional costs. In Greece, you will have to pay for lodging, airport pick-up, and occasionally an interpreter, in addition to the expense of hair transplantation. 

Turkey Hair Transplant Package Prices

As previously said, one of the most significant benefits provided by Turkey is what is included in the rates, apart from the operation costs. Except for your travel fares, you will not incur any additional expenses for this kit. This package includes hair transplant surgery, airport pick-up, hotel accommodations, inspection, and free consultation services for one year after the procedure.

When comparing prices in Turkey and Greece for hair transplant, you should keep in mind that Turkey is much preferable. You will cover all your costs with a single kit price.

Summary of Comparing Prices of Hair Transplant in Turkey vs Greece

Once you have opted to get hair transplantation and have decided on Turkey or Greece, bear in mind that you will have to factor in hotel costs and other travel expenses in addition to the transplantation costs. Prices only cover the costs of the hair transplantation procedure in Greece. Any other expenses are your responsibility. Turkey is much more advantageous in this regard, both in terms of price and in many other ways.

Turkey, in fact, is one of the countries with high hair transplantation surgery success rates. You will not have to wait weeks as you would in other countries because there are so many doctors, hospitals, and experts. You should still find a way to have fun. You should also book a holiday in Turkey, which is home to a variety of tourist attractions. Turkey offers a diverse range of activities and sights to see. Historical and natural wonders have always piqued people’s interest.

When all these factors are taken into account, Turkey emerges as a much more appealing choice, particularly since it is both inexpensive and has a high success rate.

Before traveling to Turkey for hair transplant, you can meet with our specialist doctor and request more details from us. You will be thoroughly informed of the things you can do using the free consultation form, and your doctor will supply you with all the information.