Is it Really Safe to Travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Planning Your Trip to Turkey to Get Hair Transplant

In recent years, Turkey has experienced such a surge in medical tourism that the country’s economic growth has made it cheaper than ever to fly for a surgery. Infrastructure has also changed. This ensures that patients in Turkey have greater access to amenities and equipment than ever before. Even most importantly, traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant is now more comfortable and cheaper than ever.

Many people are concerned about traveling while recovering from a hair transplant, but hair transplant is a relatively painless operation. This ensures that as long as the aftercare instructions are followed, there can be no danger of returning home. If patients are still worried, extending a stay in Turkey during the immediate healing time is easy and inexpensive.

Yes, traveling to Turkey for hair transplantation is safe and cheap. Turkey is a secure and safe country. At this point, we can honestly tell our patients that they need not be afraid to come in for surgery. Patients from all over the world continue to come in for hair transplant treatment, and none of them have faced any security problems or restrictions. 

Patients traveling abroad for medical tourism, especially for hair transplantation in Turkey, should follow these guidelines for a smooth and safe trip:

Visas are approved by the government

Many countries, including Turkey, will need visitors to receive a visa before entering. A visa is required for anyone traveling to Turkey for medical tourism from the United Kingdom. It is a straightforward program that can be completed online. A Turkish visa will set you back around £15.

The application would also ensure that you have all the required travel documents. It is important for dual nationals to register the passport they plan to use. The visa and the holder will be disqualified if the passport displayed does not fit the visa. A visa is not a replacement for a passport. After it has been approved, the e-visa can be downloaded or copied.

Patients from other European countries will not be required to obtain a visa. Patients can search the Turkish government’s website well before their trip.

Making a Flight Reservation

The hair transplant Turkey packages generally do not contain flights. CureBooking provides modern, return airport transfers for all patients arriving for hair transplant in Turkey, as our medical and support staff ensures that all our patients are happy and well-cared for.

There are many services available to assist medical tourists in booking flights. Patients can use booking websites to find the best times and airlines. These tools can also help to keep hair transplant costs in Turkey down and open to the public. CureBooking patients also have access to a personal travel coordinator, which is included in the package price. Patients can also get help scheduling flights and making other travel plans through this process.

Transfers from the airport and hotels

Accommodation is included in the hair transplant kits. Both accommodations are deliberately selected to keep patients safe and secure during their initial rehabilitation time. Patients should be assured that they will be sleeping in comfortable conditions and all accommodations must follow a benchmark standard.

Our trusted medical centres provide quality services to all patients in Turkey, both before and after hair transplantation in Turkey. This ensures that we schedule a follow-up consultation for the day following the transplant, at which the surgeon will inspect the implantations and assess the healing process. As a result, it is safer that both patients sit together for convenience and warmth.

As previously said, we also have airport transfers for the comfort of our patients. Patients who wish to prolong their stay in Turkey should keep in mind that taxis need Turkish Lira. 

Detailed plan of hair transplant procedure in Turkey

We send an itinerary email to all who are traveling to Turkey for hair transplants. The patient will receive this from their own travel coordinator. It is important that all patients read this to ensure that all information is right.

In addition to general medical tourism statistics, tips, and a checklist of things to remember, the email will include general medical tourism information, tips, and a checklist of things to remember. We understand how important it is to make patients as safe and secure as possible. Our itinerary updates keep patients organized to ensure that their trip runs smoothly.

We also give useful hints to patients who are attempting to plan their trip to Turkey. We recommend checking the weather because sunlight and harmful UV rays are not good for hair after transplant, particularly after FUT hair transplants. This will also assist you in packing bags and weather-appropriate clothes so that the transplanted region is not irritated.

Contact CureBooking for more detail on arranging a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant. Whatever the procedure, our packages offer quality care and make medical tourism as simple as possible.

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey during Covid-19 for Hair Transplant?

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey during Covid-19 for Hair Transplant?

The pandemic has put every country’s health system to the test, and Turkey has come out on top. As a result, travellers need not be hesitant to go to Turkey for surgical treatments, such as hair repair surgery. Hair regeneration surgical operations will continue safely throughout the current pandemic. Of necessity, to reopen, hair clinics would need to implement best practices in accordance with government recommendations in order to protect their employees and patients from the infection.

Some Precautions for Covid in Turkey

COVID is detected through several measures, including temperature checks: Patients who have no signs or symptoms are allowed to keep their appointment. Many who are experiencing symptoms should try finding medical help with a virtual visit while keeping an eye on their symptoms. Individuals in the high-risk range will also benefit from online consultations, according to the clinic.

Limiting the number of visitors per patient per day to one: Physical interaction is being minimized by social distancing and other steps.

In all operating rooms, HEPA filters should be used: HEPA filters will clean the air in a room every 2-3 minutes. In this way, the operating rooms will still have fresh air. Ultraviolet C lamps that kill bacteria are turned on after each hair transplant operation. 

Medical travel to Turkey is secure and safe during COVID-19. Turkey has implemented a few protocols to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors. The use of a mask is required during the flight and at the airport, and all visitors must be screened upon arrival. Any traveller that exhibits symptoms such as a high fever, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing will be subjected to medical examinations and coronavirus tests. Many who test positive would separate themselves at their place of residence.

It is currently safe to have your hair recovered in Turkey. Patients are discovering that now is an ideal time to visit for multiple surgical treatments due to the lockout and mandatory quarantine times following travel. “Hair is in high demand, and people continue to fly for hair transplant surgery. Patients, instead of traveling in teams, are now preferring to fly alone.

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