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The Best Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey for Female and Male

What is Special about Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Since African hair has a unique, curly style of hair root that is vulnerable to injury, transplantation requires extreme caution and expertise. In terms of feasibility and success, though, there would be little distinction between the reconstruction of African hair follicles and the restoration of other hair styles where a professional and trained medical staff is involved, as well as specialized surgical techniques such as FUE or DHI hair transplant in Turkey.

In reality, the dense and curly quality of afro hair may be an additional advantage during the transplantation process. Despite the fact that the donor site usually has a low density of follicular units, the thickness of afro hair supports coverage over straightening hair styles, enabling the surgeon to work with a small number of hair follicles.

Female Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids and chemical relaxing) in black women is a successful candidate for Afro hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Hair transplantation for women in Turkey (African women) can take on a variety of forms. Traction alopecia is the most common disease that affects African women, and it can be caused by rigid braiding, extensions, or chemical relaxers.

Before doing a black hair transplant in Turkey, our hair transplant doctors evaluate the hair loss problem and look at the causes.

There are some common hair loss problems in women and those who have thinning hair are looking for a solution for female hair transplant in Turkey

Male Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

When it comes to hair loss, Black Afro males differ from their Caucasian or Asian counterparts in a number of ways, making it critical for hair transplant specialists to have the necessary knowledge and comprehension of these nuanced differences.

However, an Afro hair transplant in Turkey is carried out using the same hair regeneration procedures as a Caucasian hair transplant, with a few minor differences. 

Because of the curliness of black male hair follicles, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a difficult procedure to use. It may lead to the use of the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) process if fue hair transplant in Turkey is too difficult to remove the hair follicles.

Keloid shape, an issue with healing that affects some patients with Afro hair, causes large, deep scars to develop even after small skin wounds. This issue may arise in Black patients who have undergone FUT hair transplantation in Turkey. 

The Best Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey for Female and Male

How is the Procedure for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Our experts will follow the hair’s natural angle and change the degree at various locations during an Afro hair transplant in Istanbul, enabling patients to style their hair as they choose.

In a black hair transplant procedure in Turkey, the standard follicular unit fue hair transplant process is used to satisfy the various special specifications of African hair form. In a black hair transplant operation, the follicular unit transplant (FUT) approach is commonly used to resolve the unique curliness of Afro hair that exists above and beneath the skin.

Cost of Hair Transplant Turkey

Overall cost of hair transplant for females and males in Turkey is very low compared to other European countries such as the UK or Germany. Because of lower cost of living, strong exchange rate of Pounds and Turkish Lira, patients abroad can save %70 of their money thanks to low cost hair transplant in Turkey. Our all inclusive hair transplant packages Turkey include everything you need. Accommodation, private transfer services, stay in the hospital and hotel as well as treatment procedure. 

The Best Hair Transplant Turkey Doctors

Our specialists with comprehensive experience can perform the best hair transplant procedures in Turkey with all necessary techniques. They have the ability to overcome difficulties of hair transplant operation by incorporating certain unique modifications that resulted in excellent hair growth.