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Hair Transplant Turkey 4000 Grafts Before and After Results

Before and After Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

There are many locations where you can have the best hair transplant in Turkey, but Turkish hospitals have the best surgeons and the most affordable costs. Our trusted medical centres provide high-quality care, excellent thinning hair treatment, inexpensive costs, and a free consultation.

This clinic’s most common hair transplant procedure is FUE. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a process that involves removing hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting them into thinning or balding areas.

The transplanted hair will fall out within the first few weeks after the surgery, but there is nothing to be concerned with. Within a few months, new hair will begin to develop. Since the hair loss treatment’s transplant outcome is lasting, it will continue to do so for years to come.

What are the Criteria for Getting the Best Hair Transplant Results in Turkey?

There are several conditions that must be met to achieve the best 4000 grafts hair transplant results:

Hair Style

Hair transplant outcomes in Turkey can be improved if your hairline is meticulously planned by your surgeon. It will assist you in achieving a natural appearance as well as the youthful appearance you desire. If you do not prepare your hairline carefully, you can end up with unsatisfactory outcomes and the need for a second operation to correct it.

Density of Hair

Hair density has a major impact on the outcomes of a hair transplant in Turkey. If your donor area has a lower hair density, your surgeon will not be able to transplant enough healthy hair into your recipient areas. Your surgeon will have more follicular units to deal with if you have a high donor area density.

The Technique that is Used

Hair transplant outcomes are highly influenced by the procedure used by your preferred surgeon to transplant hair into your thinning or balding areas. The DHI procedure, sapphire hair transplant, and hair transplant without shaving, to name a few, are all alternatives to the FUE technique. Your surgeon will prescribe the right technique for you based on the cause for your hair loss and the condition of your hair.

Informal Consultation

The trick to achieving the best outcomes is proper preparation, which is why an in-depth consultation with your surgeon is essential. Your doctor will go over all about the surgery with you at the appointment, from arrangements to the operation to post-op recovery and follow-ups. You will also talk about what kind of outcomes you can expect from a hair transplant.

The Surgeon

Finally, the surgeon you select would have a major impact on the outcome of your hair transplant. You need someone with exceptional talents, knowledge, and integrity who will assist you in achieving the precise outcomes you want.

What are the Results of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

If performed correctly, a hair transplant will give you long-term success. This means you will have fresh hair growth in no time, and you will be able to admire your youthful look once again. However, you should be aware that the findings will not be visible right away. It takes time for your donor and recipient areas to heal and for your new hair to grow.

When are the Results of Hair Transplant in Turkey Expected?

Your hair will begin to fall out between 2 and 8 weeks after the treatment. That is perfectly natural because the new hair is working its way into the transplanted hair. Your hair would be thinner after a few months than it was before the hair transplant, which is completely natural. Your hair will begin to grow between 6 and 9 months, or even a year, and will continue to grow indefinitely.

Our medical centres help you regain your youthful look with a hair transplant before and after 4000 grafts in Turkey. To book your appointment, please contact us today.

Hair Transplant Turkey 4000 Grafts Before and After Results

Everything You Need to Know about Grafts Before and After

Since no two circumstances are alike, the reaction to what is the right time for a hair transplant can differ. For example, contrary to popular belief, age is not a deciding factor in whether to undergo hair transplantation. The lack of pathologies, as well as the need for a donor region of a certain density, are, however, requirements.

While there is no set age for receiving a hair transplant, many surgeons tend to operate on patients in their thirties to allow for a clearer assessment of potential hair loss.

Patients under the age of 25 may have the procedure, but they are not the ideal candidates for it because hair loss frequently does not stabilize until this age. This will preclude doctors from foreseeing the progression of hair loss.

After the patient has completed the sequence of tests, the correct method for treating their hair loss has been decided, and the patient has undergone surgery, the patient’s questions are far from resolved. This condition is perfectly understandable, given the fact that each case is special.

The genetic material of the grafted follicles plays a deciding role. The follicles develop quickly for some people and slowly for others. Since the follicles have the same genetic material as the donor follicles and are immune to alopecia, they may behave similarly in the recipient field.

When Would You be Able to See the Actual Outcome of a Capillary Graft?

The reaction of how long you must wait before you can understand the final results varies, due to the fact that the results do not arrive on the same day every time. During the anagen process, which is medically known as the third month, we will not be able to see this new solid hair sprout from the grafts. When we see new hair growing, we will begin to appreciate a sense of normalcy on the scalp and the result.

Coming of those new solid hairs that have sprouted from the grafts in what is medically known as the anagen process will not begin until the third month. When you begin to experience new hair growth, we will be able to appreciate a sense of normalcy on the scalp and the results of hair transplant in Turkey we will achieve. The growth rate accelerates between six and nine months after surgery, and after a year, we can finally see the graft’s outcome, as all the grafted hair has sprouted correctly.

Are Hair Grafts Permanent or Temporary?

What are the Criteria for Getting the Best Hair Transplant Results in Turkey?

It should be considered that the grafted follicles are hair that should last a lifetime, regardless of whether the hair graft is irreversible or has to be renewed gradually with further interventions. It means that much like any other hair; it can fall out and regrow according to the normal hair cycle. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the hair will age in tandem with the person who carries it. As a result, certain follicles may be lost, but this has little to do with alopecia or the loss that prompted the woman to seek help with grafts. 

Finally, the solution to the issue of which parts of the human body are good candidates for hair transplant surgery. The FUE transplant technique can be used in places other than the scalp, with beard, eyebrow, and body hair transplants being common. As a result of the constant cosmetic improvements, it is becoming more widespread in hair grafting centres.

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