Advantages Of Composite Bonding In Turkey

Composite Bonding Turkey

As it is known, the most beautiful moment is when people smile, so we, as Curebooking, have collected a lot of information about the composite bonding process and prepared an article for you so that you can get a better smile in the safest places.

1-What Is Composite Bonding?

Today, many people experience a lack of self-confidence and fear of smiling due to dental problems, and the socialization problem that this brings can lead to advanced psychological problems.
When these are taken into account, having healthy teeth becomes an important factor in every aspect.

Composite bonding is a very easy process with advanced technology used to solve dental problems such as fractures, cracks, curvature, caries and bad tooth color.

2-Is It A Composite Bonding Durable Procedure? 

Composite bonding process is quite robust with the developing technology, and it makes the normal tooth more robust. As long as you continue your dental health routinely, you can live with healthy fillings for up to 20 years with this treatment.

3-Who Can Have Composite Bonding Done?

Children (15 years and older) who have completed their bone development are the minimum age, you can safely have the procedure done at any age.

However, it should not be applied to people who have habits such as teeth grinding during sleep.

4-What Is The Difference Between Composite Bonding And Composite Veneer

Both are the same material.

While veneers significantly erode the tooth enamel, ensuring that the entire surface of the tooth is covered.

Composite Bonding does not require any damage to the tooth and covers a part of the tooth.

5-Are Composite Bondings Natural Looking?

A completely natural-looking cosmetic procedure with the right doctor and product selection.
Due to the structure of the product, the material is translucent. Therefore, it provides a natural tooth appearance.
If you research the doctor well and examine his previous studies, you can make the right decision for yourself.

6-Composite Bonding Advantages

  • It is enough to visit the doctor only once
  • there is no need for doctor checks.
  • Because it looks very natural, it doesn’t look like any aesthetic procedure has been done, and people don’t notice it until you tell it.
  • Although no anesthesia is applied during the procedure, you do not feel pain because the main structure of the tooth is not damaged.

7-Composite Bonding Risks

Since the composite bonding process is a very easy procedure, it does not pose a significant risk.

8-Composite Bonding Procedure

First of all, it does not require significant preparation.

The process starts with choosing the tooth color, your skin color and lip color are important color elements for this job. You and your doctor will make a joint decision with the color guide that comes to you at the clinic.

Then, the problem areas on your teeth are intervened (tooth enamel is roughened).

For the bonding process, a liquid is applied to your teeth and then fixed with ultraviolet light.

9-How long Does The Procedure Take?

The time required for treatment is an average of 40 minutes for each tooth.

Depending on the dexterity of the doctor, there may be a change in time, but it does not last longer than 1 hour.

10-After Composite Bonding Maintenance

  • No extra maintenance required
  • Brushing twice a day is sufficient.
  • You should use dental floss.
  • You can use it for a long time without any problems by going to routine dental checks 
  • If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you should wear a mouthpiece while you sleep.
  • Excessive use of coffee and tea can cause yellowing, so be careful.

11-Why should I Have Composite Bonding?

It is a fact that everyone accepts that people with significant dental problems have problems in their social environment, cannot make friends and are ashamed to laugh.

These problems can turn into permanent psychological problems over time, so it should be preferred because it is an easy procedure that is both affordable and does not have significant risks.

12-Composite Bonding Turkey

Turkey is one of the most frequented countries by tourists.

It has very important places both with its seas and with its cultural heritage.

Same time

Turkey is a developed and successful country in terms of health tourism.

Although the composite bonding process is an easy process, problems may arise after the procedure if the right doctor is not selected. That’s why at curebooking we can help you find the best doctor.

13-Is composite Bonding A Reliable Transaction In Turkey?

Composite bonding is one of the most harmless applications among cosmetic dental procedures.

On the other hand, in Turkey or anywhere in the world, it will be very reliable to have this procedure done with the right clinic and doctor selection.

As I just mentioned, it does not have a risky aspect as the tooth enamel is not damaged or in some cases is minimally damaged. You can safely choose this procedure.

14-Composite Bonding Cost Turkey

Composite bonding prices are much more affordable in Turkey, as in other healthcare areas.

The average price of a tooth in Turkey is between £40 – £150.

15-Composite Bonding Turkey Antalya

Antalya is one of the touristic cities of Turkey, it makes many people fall in love with its waterfalls, nature and sea.

At the same time, it is a city where you can spend both instructive and enjoyable times for history lovers due to its cultural richness.

16-Composite Bonding Turkey Antalya Cost

The average price for a tooth is around £60, a little price variation will be normal depending on the clinic chosen.

17-Composite Bonding Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul, with its bridge connecting Asia and Europe, is the country’s largest and most crowded city.

It is culturally rich, but also suitable for sea, sand and sun holidays.

If you choose Istanbul for composite bonding, you will not regret it.

18-Composite Bonding Turkey Istanbul Cost

Since it is a very big city in general, the prices vary from region to region, but if you want to reach the best prices for curebooking with us, you can take advantage of this service by paying £ 40 per tooth.

19-Composite Bonding Turkey Izmir

Izmir is a city in the west of Turkey, which has a coastline. Transportation is easy and it is famous for its most beautiful seas. You can enjoy your holiday in Izmir both by having composite bonding and by the sea.

20-Composite Bonding Turkey Izmir Cost

Prices are suitable for every budget and you can have composite bonding with curebooking at a minimum price. It starts from £50 per tooth for Izmir.

21-Accommodation And Transportation In Turkey

Turkey has a wide range of places in terms of accommodation. Hotels, Pensions, Motels, rental houses (daily, weekly, monthly) therefore do not pose a problem in terms of accommodation.

Although transportation in Turkey can be provided by public transportation vehicles, there are also places where you can rent a private car.

Transportation to our clinics is provided by private vehicles from the places you stay, there is no extra cost other than your treatment.

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