Is It Risky To Have A Dental Implant In Turkey?

You can read our article to get accurate and more detailed information about getting dental implant in Turkey. Turkey is a very popular country for dental treatments in recent years. It receives visitors from all over the world, especially European countries, for treatment. Turkey continues to provide a high quality service not only in dental treatments but also in many treatments.

Turkey’s success in this regard is found to be disturbing by many European clinics and dentists. For this reason, unfounded news has been shared about the problematic dental treatments applied in Turkey in recent years. Many websites claim that dental treatments applied in Turkey are unsuccessful.

Is It Really Risky To Have A Dental Implant In Turkey?

The risk of getting a dental implant in Turkey is no higher than having dental treatment in the UK. If you search on Google, you can find news about many wrong treatments in the UK. If the number of treatments applied in Turkey and the United Kingdom is considered in a year, Turkey will be much higher than the United Kingdom in terms of success rate in these treatments.

Why There Are So Many Negative Articles About Dental Treatments In Turkey?

The United Kingdom is losing patients, especially due to the high prices of dental treatments. The vast majority of these patients prefer doctors and clinics in Turkey. That’s why those who don’t like this situation try to spread a few hundred negative news about Turkey. The number of patients returning from Turkey happy every year is hundreds of thousands.

It is very unfair to Turkey that a few unsuccessful treatments are portrayed as if all treatments are problematic. Turkey is an extremely beautiful country with affordable prices and the chance to have a holiday with treatment.

Why is Dental Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

Salaries in Turkey are currently quite cheap. In October 2021, 1 pound is 12 TL. The minimum wage in Turkey is around 280 pounds. In this case, a clinic with 4 employees in the UK pays a minimum salary of £8,000. In Turkey, this figure will be around 1200 pounds.

The rent differences between Turkey and the United Kingdom are extremely high. You can rent a luxury clinic in Turkey for the money you can rent a room in the United Kingdom.

Why should your dental implant pay the doctor’s salary?

A dentist’s salary in the UK can be more than the total salary of everyone working in a clinic in Turkey.

Are Dentists Good in Turkey?

Dentist in Turkey receive training in European standards. Due to the free healthcare system in Turkey, doctors are highly experienced. Turkish doctors attach great importance to the patient. They listen to them and try to solve their problems with the least cost and pain.

Are Dental Implants Poor Quality in Turkey?

This is a very common lie. Many brands and high quality implant models are used in Turkey. There are price differences according to the models. All the same brands used in Europe and America are also used in Turkey. These brands have certificates and warranties.

Is Turkey a Safe Country?

Turkey is an extremely safe country for both vacation and treatment. Turkey is visited by millions of tourists every year. Turkey is famous for its food and hospitality.

How Should I Choose a Clinic or Doctor?

We can help you with this. We, as Turkey Dental, have agreements with many clinics. We never charge commission from you. Our special prices are much more affordable than the prices you can get. Clinics give us very good prices because we bring thousands of patients every year. Among our contracted clinics, we choose the most suitable one for you and present it to you.

How Do You Make Money?

The Turkish State pays us a commission per patient in order to provide foreign currency inflow. This payment is made by the Turkish state. It is not reflected in you in any way.

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