What is the Most Affordable Country for Gastric Procedures?

Cost of Gastric Sleeve, Bypass and Band Abroad

It might be difficult to find the most affordable weight loss surgery abroad. While pricing is essential, other factors like waiting lists and the quality of treatment provided are also crucial. It may be tough to bring all of these factors together, especially when finding high-quality, cheap weight reduction surgery in the UK isn’t always simple. Long waiting lists and strict qualifying requirements sometimes drive patients to seek treatment at private hospitals, where the cost of therapy is just prohibitive for many.

Traveling to another country for weight loss surgery is becoming more popular for these reasons. However, with so many locations, clinics, and doctors to select from — not to mention treatment choices — it may be tough to know where to start.

We looked at some weight loss surgery costs by country to help you get started. We looked at the breadth of procedures they provide and the quality of care they give, as well as pricing, to find the best weight loss surgery choices for you.

Why Travel Abroad for Weight Loss Surgery in the UK?

Many patients may find the prospect of traveling to another country for weight reduction surgery intimidating, especially when high-quality care is available through the NHS. Unfortunately, a number of obstacles hinder patients from receiving the therapy they require at home.

One of the most serious concerns is the lack of therapeutic options. Waiting lines for weight reduction surgery are getting longer and longer due to the NHS’s ever-shrinking capacity. In fact, it was recently discovered that patients must often wait at least 18 months for therapy. Not only are waiting lists becoming longer, but the number of treatments that the NHS can do is dropping as well, with 4,500 bariatric surgery completed in 2018 against 12,000 in 2007.

Patients with high wait times have no choice but to seek private healthcare in the United Kingdom. However, even the cheapest weight loss surgery in the UK starts at approximately £4,000, making this an incredibly costly option. Gastric bypass surgery might cost anywhere between £8,000 and £15,000.

These are just two of the obstacles that many patients face after undergoing weight loss surgery in the United Kingdom. Traveling overseas, on the other hand, can provide high-quality, low-cost choices. Turkey is the top and the cheapest country for this especially.

Cost of Getting Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band Abroad 

CountryGastric Sleeve Price in EuroGastric Bypass Price in EuroGastric Band Price in Euro
Turkey€3,300  €4,000€3,500
Czech Republic€4,800€6,500€4,500
Germany€7,500€8,500 €7,700

Please note that these are the approximate prices and do not represent the actual pricing. 

As the table above shows, the cost of gastric sleeve, bypass and band overseas varies considerably depending on the procedure and the region in which it is conducted. In general, however, we can observe that treatments in the United Kingdom and the United States are more expensive than in other European countries. When therapy is too expensive in their native country, this can give patients with more inexpensive, realistic treatment options. Furthermore, NHS weight loss surgery waiting lists in the UK are notoriously long, with patients sometimes needing to wait at least 18 months for treatment. Bariatric surgery performed in a foreign country can considerably reduce these lengthy wait times.

Turkey is the top choice for individuals seeking the finest and cheapest weight reduction surgery abroad, since it is home to a variety of high-quality facilities where famous weight loss surgery specialists operate.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve, Bypass and Band Abroad
Cost of Getting Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band Abroad 

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