Getting a Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad: Turkey Weight Loss Prices

How to Get Gastric Sleeves in the Cheapest Country with High Quality?

The cost of weight reduction surgery abroad varies considerably based on the operation performed and the region in which it is performed. Surgery on the NHS in the United Kingdom is free, but only a small percentage of the country’s obese population can benefit from it, and those who can face several barriers and long wait periods. Turning to private clinics in the UK is particularly difficult since gastric sleeve surgery at British institutions costs between £9,500 and £15,000, which is out of reach for many people.

Those who are in this difficult circumstance should seek the cheapest nations for gastric sleeve surgery so that they may receive the operation they need at a price they can afford at world-class facilities like our partner hospitals in Turkey.

Although some patients are still unsure if they should seek weight loss treatment overseas, fearing unsanitary, dangerous facilities and unskilled, incompetent doctors, there is no need to be frightened these days.

If you do your research, you’ll find that many European hospitals have better conditions than NHS hospitals, and you may get the same high-quality treatment from surgeons who have far more expertise doing bariatric surgeries than their NHS colleagues.

Furthermore, the costs of gastric sleeve surgery are far cheaper than those paid by private clinics in the UK, making the treatment affordable to obese British patients.

Knowing not only which nation is the cheapest for gastric sleeve surgery, but also which are the safest and most technologically advanced, is crucial. Turkey will offer you a cost-effective treatment as well as high quality.

Getting Weight Loss Surgeries Abroad- Turkey

If you are suffering from extreme obesity (a BMI more than 30) and all other obesity therapies, such as a restricted diet or increased physical activity, have failed to help you, weight loss surgeries abroad are a viable option to explore! (Specifically Turkey-the most affordable). Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery Abroad with Cure Booking entails obtaining cutting-edge medical treatment at a reasonable price at a contemporary, pleasant facility in Poland. There are several weight reduction procedures available overseas, such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery – contact us for a free quotation and personal advice. You may save up to 70% on most weight reduction procedures in Poland compared to the UK.

What symptoms may qualify me to the weight loss surgery abroad such as a gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy?

Each case for weight reduction surgery in Poland is evaluated on its own merits, however there are certain broad principles that are used to decide whether or not a patient is a good candidate for bariatric surgery:

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has established the following major criteria:

If your BMI is 30 or more, you are overweight. What is BMI, exactly? Is a measurement of the size of a person’s body. It is calculated by combining a person’s weight and height. The results of a BMI assessment can indicate if a person’s weight is appropriate for their height. You are considered obese if your score is greater than 30. It’s usually a BMI of 30 plus an obesity-related ailment, or a BMI of 40 and above (morbidly obese).

You are between the ages of 18 and 60.

You’ve been fat for the past five years despite attempting all non-invasive methods of weight loss and management. This indicates you’ve tried a variety of diets, exercises, and weight-loss medications. You’ll have to show that you tried them but didn’t have any luck — either you didn’t lose weight or you did, but it was a yo-yo effect.

There’s a chance you’ll get an obesity-related ailment, such as diabetes or joint degeneration, now or later.

What are the benefits and results of bariatric surgery in Turkey, such as a gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy?

The most important and much anticipated outcome is, of course, weight loss. You may expect a loss of 60-70 percent, occasionally even 80 percent. It depends on the surgery and how well you followed the post-operative instructions. You will appear more natural, slimmer, and beautiful; you will feel more energetic; and moving, walking, and traveling will be easier. Obesity is a trigger that prevents us from participating in social activities, therefore you will become more socially engaged. Obesity-related disorders such as type 2 diabetes, joint degeneration, atherosclerosis, and heart disease will be less likely to occur. Your weight loss surgery abroad will almost certainly have a significant influence on your life expectancy. Your body will be healthier if you maintain a healthy weight. In general, the quality of your life will improve.

Overview of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs

Gastric sleeve surgery abroad, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical operation that involves the removal of around 80% of the stomach to reduce food consumption. Because the patient’s stomach has been reduced in size, the amount of food he or she can ingest is physically limited. This implies that food is digested and absorbed in the same way it typically does, but in considerably smaller amounts. Gastric sleeve surgery is a non-reversible treatment for individuals with a BMI of more than 40 or a BMI of more than 30, as well as another significant health issue.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery abroad varies depending on where you live, what clinic you go to, and how complicated the operation is. We’ve included a list of gastric sleeve surgery expenses in a few different nations below. These are not set in stone and can vary depending on a variety of variables.

Turkey- €4,000

Poland- €6,000

Germany- €7,500

United Kingdom- €10,000

USA- €17,500

How to Get Gastric Sleeves in the Cheapest Country with High Quality?

Overview of Gastric Bypass Costs Abroad

Gastric bypass surgery abroad works by limiting the amount of food consumed while also lowering the food’s absorption capability. The surgeon will first make a tiny pouch out of the top of the stomach to carry out the procedure. The small intestine is then separated into two halves. The pouch formed by the stomach is linked to the small intestine’s bottom section, skipping the upper portion. The surgery is finished by connecting the top and bottom portions of the small intestine. Food digestion and absorption are changed by gastric bypass surgery, resulting in considerable weight reduction by lowering stomach size and small intestine size. 

The costs of gastric bypass surgery abroad are often greater than those of the gastric sleeve operation. They can, however, vary substantially depending on where the therapy is performed, just like a gastric sleeve.

Turkey- €4,500

Poland- €5,990

Czech Republic- €6,500

Mexico- €7,000

Germany- €8,500

United Kingdom- €12,400

United States- €19,500

Overview of Gastric Band Costs Abroad

Gastric band surgery abroad is a bariatric operation in which an inflatable band is placed around the stomach to reduce its size. The sterile saline-filled inflatable band is controlled via a port inserted beneath the skin. Eating a modest quantity of food will satisfy hunger desires and produce a sensation of fullness by shrinking the size of the stomach. The size of the opening formed by the inflatable band, which adjusts over time, determines stomach fullness capacity. This type of weight reduction surgery is reversible, and while it has the lowest risk of postoperative problems, the weight loss outcomes are significantly slower.

Turkey- €4,000

Lithuania- €5,300

Mexico – €5,500

Poland- €5,500

United Kingdom- €6,800

Germany- €7,700

United States- €12,300

Contact us to get more information about bariatric- weight loss surgeries in Turkey. You will save a lot of money thanks to the most affordable country with top quality surgeons and technology.