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What is the Cost of a Liver Transplant in Turkey? Is It Affordable?

Is Turkey the Cheapest and Best Quality Country for a Liver Transplant?

In the last two decades, the area of liver transplantation has seen tremendous advancements. It’s now considered standard treatment for end-stage liver disease, acute liver failure, and several metabolic disorders. The survival rates of liver transplantation are steadily improving due to variables such as effective use of immunosuppressive medications, advancement of surgical methods, improvement of intensive care settings, and growing expertise. After the 1980s, the number of cadaveric liver transplants has progressively grown over time. The number of those awaiting a liver transplant has also grown.

Limited organ availability has been one of the key issues in liver transplantation in recent years. Cadaveric donors alone will not be able to fulfill the growing demand for organs. As a result, several nations have turned to live donor liver transplantation (LDLT) to satisfy their organ requirements. Cadaveric donors are not utilized for liver transplantation in various countries for a variety of reasons. As a result, just LDLT is used. In Western nations, the rate of dead donor liver transplantation is high. LDLT rates, on the other hand, are greater in several Asian nations.

Religious factors and a lack of understanding about organ donation are the main causes for the higher incidence of LDLT in Asian nations. In nations like Turkey, the rate of organ donation is woefully inadequate. As a result, the LDLT accounts for around two-thirds of all liver transplants in Turkey. Although our country’s and the world’s experience with the LDLT is expanding, the primary goal is to raise organ donor awareness.

In 1963, Thomas Starzl completed the world’s first liver transplant, but the patient died. In 1967, the same team performed the first successful liver transplantation.

So, in Turkey, liver transplantation has made significant progress during the last two decades. The amount of time spent using LDLT has dramatically risen. Many facilities in Turkey have successfully completed the live donor liver transplant and deceased donor liver transplant. In terms of affordable liver transplant in Europe, Turkey has emerged as a significant player in recent years.

What is the Cost of a Liver Transplant in Turkey?

The cost of a liver transplant in Turkey varies between USD 50,000 and USD 80,000, based on a number of criteria like the kind of transplant, donor availability, hospital quality, room category, and surgeon expertise, to mention a few.

The entire cost of a liver transplant in Turkey (full package) is significantly cheaper (almost one-third) than in other nations, notably the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. If a foreign patient chooses to have treatment in Turkey, they can save a significant amount of money. Share your reports by contacting Cure Booking to get exact prices from the finest Turkey hospitals.

Why would I want to undergo a liver transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular location for complicated medical operations such as organ transplantation. Top hospitals in Turkey are famous medical centers that provide patients from all over the world with world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology. International organizations such as Joint Commission International (JCI) accredit these hospitals for their competence in patient quality services and clinical care.

Every year, a large number of international patients go to Turkey to take advantage of the greatest healthcare services at a relatively low cost. 

Turkey’s liver transplant surgeons are highly skilled and trained professionals who have performed sophisticated surgical operations with great success rates.

What occurs during a liver transplant in Turkey?

The surgeon replaces the patient’s damaged or diseased liver with a healthy liver from a donor during a liver transplant operation. A piece of a living donor’s healthy liver is taken and transplanted into the recipient. As they develop in the patient’s body, liver cells have the remarkable capacity to regenerate and create the entire organ. An entire liver from a dead donor might be used to replace the patient’s damaged liver. Before the liver transplant in Turkey, the donor’s blood type, tissue type, and body size are compared to those of the transplant recipient. Depending on the complexity of the situation, surgery might take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

Is Turkey the Cheapest and Best Quality Country for a Liver Transplant?

How long does it take for a liver transplant to work?

Liver transplantation has a good track record, especially when done by experienced and trained surgeons in well-equipped institutions. The 5-year liver transplant survival rate is said to be between 60% and 70%. Recipients have been reported to survive for more than 30 years after surgery.

What kind of person is a good candidate for a liver transplant?

This operation is only for patients who have chronic liver illness or irreparable damage. The doctor looks at the MELD score to assess the severity of the liver disease and, as a result, who should be considered for a liver transplant in Turkey. The patient’s general health and surgical tolerance are also assessed. If the patient has any of the following conditions, surgery is not indicated.

Outside of the liver, cancer has spread.

For at least 6 months, excessive alcohol consumption Abuse of drugs and alcohol

Active infections (disabling) psychiatric illness, such as hepatitis A

Additional illnesses or conditions that may heighten the dangers of surgery

Who is eligible to donate their liver?

A healthy individual who is willing to give a part of his or her liver to the patient qualifies as a liver donor. To avoid organ rejection in the recipient following the transplant, the donor is screened for blood type and tissue compatibility.

The following qualities must be present in a healthy liver donor:

18 to 55 years old

Physical and emotional well-being

A BMI of equal to 32 or less

Are not currently abusing any drugs or substances

How long would I be required to stay in Turkey following my liver transplant?

Following liver transplant surgery, patients are advised to stay in Turkey for at least a month. You will be in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks following the procedure. The length of stay will depend on how quickly the patient heals and recovers after the liver transplant in Turkey. There are numerous alternatives for lodging near Turkey’s finest hospitals. Depending on one’s budget, accommodation in various cities around the country may be easily arranged. The majority of hotels in Turkey are affordable, with a wide range of alternatives and facilities.

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