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Cross Kidney Transplant in Turkey- Requirements and Costs

What is the Cost of Getting a Kidney Transplant in Turkey?

It is a method applied to patients who do not have blood group compatible donors from their relatives. Couples who want to donate kidneys to their relatives even though their blood type does not match, are prepared for cross transplantation in the organ transplant center by considering issues such as tissue compatibility, age and main diseases.

For example, a blood group A recipient’s relative with blood group B donates his kidney to another blood group B patient, while the second patient’s blood group A donor donates his kidney to the first patient. Patients with blood group A or B may be candidates for cross transplant if they do not have blood group compatible donors. The important point to know here is that patients with blood group 0 or AB have a low chance of cross-transplantation in Turkey.

It doesn’t matter if the recipient and donor are male or female. Both sexes can give and receive kidneys from each other. The closeness between the recipient and the donor must be proven by the civil registration office and through a notary public that there is no financial interest. In addition, a document describing the complications that may occur after the transplantation is obtained from the donor at his own request without being under any pressure. 

Live Donor Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

Why Do People Need Live Kidney Transplant?

A successful kidney transplant in Turkey is the best treatment method for patients with End Stage Renal Failure in terms of medical, psychological and social aspects. The number of patients on waiting lists is also increasing.

Although the aim is to use cadaver donors in organ transplants, unfortunately, this is not possible. In countries such as America, Norway and England, the rate of living donor kidney transplantation has reached from 1-2% to 30-40% in recent years. The first aim in our country is to increase cadaver donor kidney transplantation. For this, everyone needs to work on this issue and raise awareness of society.

Another important point to remember is that the long-term success of living donor kidney transplants is better than cadaveric transplants. If we look at the reasons for this, it is possible to carry out more detailed examinations of the kidney to be taken from a living donor, no matter how fast the donor with a cadaver donor is treated, the organ is taken from a person who is in the intensive care unit for a serious reason such as an accident or brain hemorrhage, who received treatment here for a while and died despite all these. Problems arising from living donor kidney transplants in Turkey are more successful in the long term.

When we look at the life expectancy of end-stage renal disease patients according to the treatment methods, we see that the best method is living donor kidney transplantation.

Another important point is that after cadaver or living donor kidney transplantation, there is a chance to survive with dialysis, but unfortunately there is no second treatment method after dialysis.

After the necessary medical examinations, a person with a living kidney donor can lead a healthy life. After one kidney is removed, other kidney functions increase slightly. It should not be forgotten that some people are born with one kidney from birth and lead a healthy life.

Cross Kidney Transplant in Turkey- Requirements and Costs
Cross Kidney Transplant in Turkey- Requirements and Costs

Who Can Be a Kidney Donor in Turkey?

Anyone who is over the age of 18, is of sound mind and wants to donate a kidney to a relative can be a kidney donor candidate.

Live transmitters:

First degree relative: mother, father, child

II. Degree: Sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild

III. Degree: aunt-aunt-uncle-uncle-nephew (brother child)

IV. Degree: Children of third-degree relatives

Spouses and spouse’s relatives to the same degree.

Who Cannot Be a Kidney Donor in Turkey?

After all family members who want to be a kidney donor apply to the organ transplant center, the candidates are examined by the center physicians. If one of the following diseases is detected medically, that person cannot be a donor.

Cancer patients

Those with HIV (AIDS) virus

Blood pressure patients

Diabetic patients

Kidney patients

Pregnant women

Those with other organ failure

Heart patients

Age Limit for Kidney Transplant Patients in Turkey 

Most transplant centers do not set a certain age limit for kidney transplant recipient candidates. Patients are considered in terms of their suitability for transplantation rather than their age. However, physicians conduct a much more serious examination in prospective buyers over the age of 70. This is not because physicians consider transplanted kidneys to patients over this age to be “wasted”. The main reason is that patients over the age of 70 usually carry the risk of not being able to tolerate the transplant surgery and the drugs given to prevent the kidney from being rejected by the body after the surgery are too heavy for this age group.

Although infectious complications are relatively more common in the elderly, the frequency and severity of acute rejection attacks are lower than in young people.

Although the life expectancy is shorter, graft lifetimes were found to be similar in older recipients with younger recipients, and 5-year patient survival rates were found to be higher than in dialysis patients in their own age group.

After advances in suppression (immunosuppression) therapy to prevent rejection of the kidney by the body, many transplant teams find it appropriate to transplant organs from elderly cadavers to elderly recipients.

Recipient age for kidney transplant is not a contraindication. The cost of a kidney transplant in Turkey starts from $18,000. We need your personal information to give you an exact price.

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Important warning

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