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How Much Does Shoulder Replacement Cost in Turkey?

The Best Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgeons in Turkey

Shoulder arthroplasty doctors in Turkey are known across the world for their competence and understanding in this profession. They collaborate with a team of additional experts and nurses to give their patients comprehensive and effective therapy and the best Shoulder Arthroplasty care in Turkey available. Shoulder Arthroplasty surgeons in percent location percent are highly skilled and trained, holding degrees from prestigious national and international universities. They give the greatest clinical services to each and every patient, including medical and surgical intervention based on their diagnosis. 

These surgeons are well-versed in the utilization of cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date procedures in Shoulder Arthroplasty Turkey. Many of these surgeons have additional or sub-specializations in the field of Shoulder Arthroplasty and provide exact treatment for their patients’ ailments. The experienced surgeons in percent location percent are trailblazers who are active in the development of cutting-edge techniques and seek to improve healthcare in society.

Types of Shoulder Replacements in Turkey

Total Shoulder Replacement

This procedure, also known as traditional shoulder replacement or traditional shoulder arthroplasty, replaces the original ball-and-socket surfaces of the shoulder with prostheses that are comparable in form. Total shoulder replacement is the most dependable surgical option for treating severe shoulder arthritis, but it is not recommended for those who wish to remain active or who have rotator cuff muscles that have been injured.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

The surgeon changes, or reverses, the locations of the ball and socket of the shoulder joint during reverse shoulder replacement. A socket-shaped prosthesis replaces the ball at the top of the humerus (upper arm bone), and a prosthetic ball replaces the natural socket in the shoulder. This procedure is for patients who are ineligible for conventional shoulder replacement due to injured rotator cuffs. It shifts the joint’s center of rotation, allowing other muscles to compensate for rotator cuff dysfunction.

Partial Shoulder Replacement

The humeral head of the arm is removed and replaced with a prosthetic ball during a partial shoulder replacement in Turkey, or shoulder hemiarthroplasty, but the natural socket, or glenoid bone, is preserved.

The natural socket is preserved during this type of partial shoulder replacement surgery; however, the surgeon may use special tools to smooth and contour the socket to improve shoulder joint mobility. Hemiarthroplasty with non-prosthetic glenoid arthroplasty, or “ream and run,” is the technical term for this procedure.

Costs of Shoulder Replacement Types in Turkey

Shoulder Replacement12,500 – 15,000 US$
Minimally Invasive Shoulder Replacement4,400 – 5,300 US$
Partial Shoulder Replacement4,400 – 5,300 US$
Revision Shoulder Replacement8,400 – 10,100 US$
Total Shoulder Replacement14,100 – 16,900 US$

How is the Recovery from Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Turkey?

Recovery time for shoulder replacement in Turkey varies from person to person, as it does with any major operation. Various factors, such as the type of sedation (anesthetic) and the length of time you’re sedated, might impact your rapid recovery, but you should anticipate spending some time resting on the ward before being discharged. After that, you can anticipate resting for a few more days before returning to mild activities – remember, Shoulder Surgery is a big procedure that requires time for your body to heal. In terms of aftercare, it’s critical that you follow the surgeon’s instructions and stick to the drugs. You’ll also be given advice on food, how to care for and heal wounds, and how to spot any indications of infection.

The medical staff would most likely advise you to stay in Turkey for up to two weeks after your operation to enable time for your wounds to heal and sutures to be removed, if necessary. Before allowing you to return home, the surgeon will want to see you for at least one or two postoperative consultations. Given recent improvements in medical technology and surgeon expertise, the success rate for Shoulder Surgery in Turkey is currently quite high. However, problems such as infection, hemorrhage, numbness, edema, and scar tissue are always a possibility with any operation. 

Can I Trust Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgeons in Turkey?

Patients will get board-certified Shoulder Arthroplasty doctors and surgeons in Turkey percent who have received their medical education from reputable schools. Top-tier hospitals have a staff of highly skilled and experienced doctors that deliver consistent clinical care. Other things to think about while choosing the best Shoulder Arthroplasty doctors in Turkey are:

Fellowships and specialized training

Affiliation with a reputable hospital

Years of experience in the field

Reviews and feedback from patients

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Why Get Shoulder Replacement in Turkey?

Shoulder Replacement in Turkey is performed by highly qualified physicians and surgeons at internationally certified medical institutions (such as JCI) that use cutting-edge technology.

There is no waiting period for shoulder replacement.

Shoulder Replacement in Turkey at a Reasonable Price

Staff that speak multiple languages fluently

There are several choices for a private room, as well as a translator, and a devoted staff during your stay.

Shoulder Replacement surgery can be coupled with a vacation or business trip to Turkey.

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