Shoulder Replacement in Turkey- Best Price

Shoulder replacement surgeries are special operations that require extreme care. For this reason, it is important to receive treatment from successful surgeons. In addition, you should plan to get these operations, which are often quite expensive, at more affordable prices. For this, you can choose Turkey. Turkey is a country that will allow you to get the best treatments at affordable prices due to the extremely high exchange rate.

What is Shoulder Replacement?

Shoulder replacement surgeries, also known as shoulder arthroplasty, are used to treat shoulder injuries that can develop due to many reasons. Shoulder Replacement operations are often performed due to damage to the shoulder joints caused by aging. If the patient has complaints such as pain, swelling, and discoloration in the shoulder region, he or she is examined. Shoulder replacement is used in cases where it is not possible to treat with other treatment methods. It can often be said that it is a last resort. It is important to treat these pains, which can also cause limitation of movement and sleep problems due to pain.

Why Shoulder Replacement Is Done?

As mentioned above, it may need to be done for many reasons. While shoulder replacement surgery may be needed even as a result of any accident, patients often have to undergo shoulder replacement surgery for the following reasons;

Calcification: Known as wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis damages the cartilage that covers the ends of bones and causes limited range of motion of the joints. This definitely requires treatment as it causes pain and limitation of movement, which significantly reduces the quality of life of the patients.

Rotator cuff injuries:The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injuries can sometimes damage cartilage and bone in the shoulder joint. These pains are often excruciating and require treatment.

Fractures: Fractures at the upper end of the humerus may need to be replaced, either as a result of injury or when previous fracture fixation surgery has failed.

Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders: The inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis caused by an overactive immune system can damage the cartilage and sometimes the underlying bone in the joint.

Shoulder Replacement Risks

Shoulder Replacement surgeries are very important. It requires patients to receive treatment from highly accomplished surgeons. For this reason, a quick decision should not be made and the best doctor should be chosen. The risks that the surgery may cause can be serious. In addition, it is possible to experience risks that are painful and require new surgery. In the operation that the patient will receive from a successful surgeon, the probability of experiencing risks will be lower.

Dislocation: This risk, which may also depend on the success of the procedure, is slightly higher than the others. Patients are likely to have their shoulder dislocated immediately after treatment or after a long time. Therefore, doctors will tell patients to take some precautions if this risk is likely to occur. This is directly dependent on the success and experience of the doctor.

Fracture: The humerus, scapula, or glenoid bone can be broken during or after surgery. This may be a situation dependent on the success of the surgery. If the doctor treats the patient with quality materials, the probability of experiencing this risk will be lower. this may depend on the quality of the prosthesis and the success of the doctor.

Implant loosening: While this is not a very common risk, it is still possible. This risk, which may also develop depending on the movements of the patients, may cause wear and loosening of the prosthesis. This will also be painful. Therefore, the patient may need a new surgery.

Rotator cuff failure: Most of the time, the patient may need a shoulder replacement in case of a Rotor Cuff injury, while this injury may occur after shoulder replacement. For this reason, it is important that the patient’s movements are calm and slow. The careful use of the shoulder and the success of the surgery are important for the patient not to experience this risk.

Nerve damage: This risk, which is directly related to the success of the surgery, may cause injury to the nerves in the patient’s prosthesis area. This is a condition that can be quite painful. For this reason, it also explains the importance of choosing a doctor.

Blood clots: Clots can form in the leg or arm veins after surgery. This can be dangerous because a piece of a clot can break off and travel to the lungs, heart or, rarely, the brain. This is one of the most dangerous risks. Therefore, it is important to use the drugs given after the surgery. Your doctor will often prescribe blood thinners. This is important both to avoid pain and to prevent blood clots from forming after the surgery.

Infection: Infection can be prevented with hygienic treatments. For this reason, patients should receive treatment from successful doctors in hygienic environments. Otherwise, infection may be risky and painful. Even in cases where it cannot be treated with drugs, new surgeries may be required.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Preparation

Shoulder replacement surgeries are serious operations that may cause patients to have limited range of motion and experience a painful process. Therefore, preparing for the healing process is as important as surgery. For this reason, there are some situations that you need to prepare before the surgery;

  • After the surgery, your movements will continue to be limited. It is important to have a relative with you and help you during your recovery process. For this reason, you should ask a relative for help on the day of surgery and for the recovery process.
  • After surgery, it will be difficult to prepare meals and take care of your toilet needs. Therefore, prepare for your toilet needs, put a few toilet papers in a place that you can reach on the tubvalette without waiting for the napkin to run out, and prefer canned food to avoid preparing food. This is important so that you do not make a wrong move.
  • You won’t be well enough to drive for at least 6 weeks after surgery. You will therefore need someone to assist you with your transportation. There may be someone who will drive the car for you.
  • Change the location of your favorite items. Instead of storing it high or low, it is important that it is somewhere at a height where you can get it without difficulty.
  • You should avoid heavy lifting. It is important to avoid any problems after the surgery. In particular, it is important to avoid heavy lifting so that you do not run the risk of dislocation.
  • You should pay attention to details such as rugs, objects found on the ground, in the position you will be in during the healing process. If you trip over something on the ground during the healing process, it will damage your prosthesis.

Shoulder Replacement Procedure Step by Step

  • First of all, the arm of the patients to be operated is marked. This is important so that the correct shoulder can be treated during the surgery. This is done to avoid any confusion.
  • Before starting the surgery, the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and oxygenation levels are checked in the operating room.
  • If the patient is suitable for surgery, anesthesia is applied. This is most of the time under general anesthesia and the patient is asleep during the procedure and does not feel anything.
  • The surgeon makes an incision about 6 inches long, starting at the top and front of the shoulder and curving along the deltoid muscle.
  • The surgeon then cuts deeper tissue, including one of the rotator cuff tendons, to enter the shoulder joint.
  • The top of the upper arm bone, called the humeral head, emerges from the scapula, or glenoid socket.
  • The surgeon will examine the neck of the humerus, which is the area just below the round head of the humerus.
  • The surgeon uses an instrument called an osteotome to remove any bone spurs that may have formed in the humeral neck as a result of arthritis.
  • The surgeon removes the humeral head.
  • The surgeon prepares the humeral bone for the prosthetic humeral stem.
  • The humeral stem is a narrow, tapered metal shaft that fits several inches into the humerus.
  • The upper part of this body is designed to hold a prosthetic ball to replace the natural humeral head.
  • The patient’s damaged joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis.
  • Before the prosthesis is fixed, its movements are checked.
  • If all is well, the prosthesis is fixed and the procedure is completed.

After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

After the surgery, you will wait in the recovery area for a while. It is important that you not act until you are told. You will continue to take medicine here. Most patients can be discharged on the day of surgery. In some cases, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for a few days. After the patient is discharged, he/she should go to the recovery area where the above-mentioned preparations were made and start the recovery process. He should not forget the things he should pay attention to, and he should avoid sudden movements and stay away from violent movements.

Are Shoulder Replacement Surgery Successful in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that hosts many patients with its success in health tourism. You should know that you can get many treatments together with orthopedic treatments very successfully in Turkey. Turkey provides world-class treatment. In addition, thanks to its medical technologies, the success rate of the treatments is extremely high. To give an example, robotic surgery, which is not yet used in many countries, is a technique that you can easily find in many hospitals in Turkey. At the same time, the reason for the extremely high number of patients receiving treatment in Turkey is that the treatments are extremely cheap compared to many other countries.

At the same time, another situation that patients should pay attention to is;
Orthopedic treatments are treatments that require extreme hygiene and meticulousness. For this reason, the country where you will be treated is extremely important. Although there are a few countries that provide cheap treatment like Turkey, you should know that it is not healthy to receive treatment in every country that provides cheap treatment.

You should not forget that orthopedic treatments require hygiene and experience. Therefore, it would be risky to seek treatment in inexpensive countries that have not proven successful.
Instead, you can receive treatment in Turkey and get economical treatments with guaranteed success.

Orthopedic Surgeons in Turkey

You know that Orotpedic treatments are important for patients’ freedom of movement. For this reason, it is important to have successful surgeons in the country where you will receive treatment. Evaluating surgeons in Turkey;

Surgeons in Turkey pass many exams to specialize in their fields. Therefore, it is not easy to be a specialist surgeon. You should know that doctors who are specialist orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced. In addition, the frequent treatment of foreign patients in Turkey did not enable surgeons to gain experience in treating foreign patients. This is important for strong patient-doctor communication. For this reason, there is no communication gap between the doctor and the patient and the treatment plan can be easily created.

Shoulder Surgery Types in Turkey and Rotator Cuff Repair

Shoulder Replacement Prices in Turkey

The low cost of living and the extremely high exchange rate in Turkey ensure that foreign patients receive the best treatments at the most affordable price. Although the prices in Turkey are extremely cheap compared to many other countries, the hospital location preferred by the patients, the hospital equipment and the surgeon’s experience will affect the prices. In addition, the shoulder replacement surgery that the patient needs is one of the most important factors that change the price. If you examine the prices throughout Turkey, you will see that it is extremely affordable compared to many other countries. But do you want to save even more?

You can reach us to get treatment from the best surgeons with the best prices in Turkey. With our years of reputation as Us Curebooking, we ensure that patients receive the best treatments at the most affordable prices. You can also get detailed information by calling us. With Curebooking, you can save up to 70%. Our professional consulting team is at your service 24/7.

Advantages of Receiving Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Turkey

Affordable Treatment: Thanks to the extremely high exchange rate, patients can receive extremely cost-effective treatments for the best treatments.
Treatment without Queuing: Thanks to the advanced healthcare system, patients can receive treatment without a waiting list. Due to the insufficient number of Doctors in many countries, harvests have to wait for weeks before receiving treatment.

Treatment with a High Success Rate: The success rate of treatments is very important. This is directly proportional to hygienic and experienced surgeons. Therefore, it will be extremely healthy to receive treatment in Turkey.

Treatment in Equipped Hospitals: As in many countries, you can increase your chance of success by being treated in hospitals with well-equipped equipment, as well as shorten your recovery period. At the same time, a painful healing process will be possible in this way.

Cost-effective non-treatment service: Your basic needs such as transportation between hospital and hotel, hospitalization and coagulation after and before treatments will also be extremely affordable. This limits the amount of money you can spend extra.

About Getting the Shoulder Tendon Repair-Rotator Cuff in Turkey

Best Hospitals to Get Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Turkey

After choosing the country to get the best treatments, it is quite natural for patients to search for the best hospitals. But you should know that many hospitals in Turkey are extremely successful. If you receive treatment in well-known branded hospitals, your success rate may be higher. However, prices can be high. For this reason, you can choose us to get treatment in highly successful hospitals at better prices. You can get treatment in the best hospitals at much better prices.

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Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Turkey

It is not possible to give an answer to this in any country in the world. There are no criteria for doctors to be the best. Because;

  • An orthopedic surgeon may be writing the best scientific articles.
  • An orthopedic surgeon may be providing the best surgery.
  • An orthopedic surgeon may be making the best diagnosis and choosing treatment.
  • An orthopedic surgeon can be highly experienced.

Although it is often not possible to have all of them in a surgeon, you should not forget that the surgeons in Turkey are the best in their field. It would not be correct to name a single doctor for this.

While a doctor can provide you with the best surgery. Another doctor will be able to decide on the best treatment for you. This explains that naming a single doctor is not the right thing to do. In order to get treatment from the best surgeons, you can do a comprehensive research or contact us. You should not forget that we provide treatments with the most experienced and successful doctors in the field.