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What are the Same Day Teeth Implant Advantages in Turkey?

Fast & Fixed Same Day Implants

Same Day Teeth Implants is a comprehensive method focused on immediate implant placement in a toothless jaw.

It makes tooth extraction, implant insertion, and immediate dental repair all on the same day. Patients are able to eat right after surgery and engage in social activity on the same day.

The local bone can be used to its full capacity and the reconstruction can obtain optimal biomechanical assistance due to the angular positioning of the implants. In accordance with the bridge connection, rapid restoration loading is possible. The perfectly matched materials allow the temporary repair to be completed in less than 2 hours.

Same Day Implant and New Tooth in a Day

Three-dimensional impressions and electronic systems make up the framework of digital dentistry, which makes for same-day or one-day implants. Possible impressions or measuring errors are eliminated in this way; materials are prepared according to the mouth impression; and the patient will get an understanding of the picture that would emerge during treatment by designing a tooth shape in the digital world.

In this respect, digital dentistry helps our patients to mimic the look of their teeth, equivalent to putting on a costume. As a result, digital dentistry not only constructs the technological framework of the Same Day teeth implant operation and it also presents our patients with a pleasant smile in the same day or one day.

One of our contracted same day dental clinics in Turkey and proud to provide you the best implant brands in the world.

Same Day teeth implants in Turkey

Same Day Teeth Implants Advantages 

Fast Dental Implants

We know that everyone’s time is very precious. We want to make you have same day implant teeth in a fixed, quality and affordable way in the shortest time under intense living conditions.

Quality Dental Implants

As a result of long-term research, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief with this system, which was developed with the latest innovations and started to be used in many countries in Europe.

Economical Dental Implants

Compared to conventional implants, it is much more affordable because it does not require bone addition, sinus augmentation, second operations. It also solves your toothlessness problem in a permanent and high quality way. It is also much more economical to have dental implants in Turkey because the living costs and expenses are lower. 

Before you make a decision on having same day teeth implants, you can get more information about the whole procedure of implants, costs of implants and a dental holiday in Turkey.